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Vizio is a moderately-priced flat panel manufacturer that is making some serious waves in the HDTV world. It’s quickly become one of the top selling LCD HDTV manufacturers in America. With MSRP prices well below most of its competition, many people wonder about Vizio’s quality. But with very favorable reviews from many HDTV experts, Vizio HDTV’s are a very interesting option for the budget-minded HDTV shopper. Keep reading to view our Vizio HDTV reviews and find the right one for you.

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Vizio TV Brand Review

Many people are curious how Vizio is perceived as an overall brand. They’ve done a great job advertising on some big platforms like the Superbowl, ESPN and other major networks. However, many people are suspicious of a new electronics brand when many of the big players (like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.) have been around for dozens of years. We’ll provide a breakdown and rating of each important area. Remember to check the rating for each individual TV though as not all TV’s (even from the same brand) are created equal.

Vizio Product Quality

vizio product quality - 3.5 stars
The majority of new brands are luring people in with extremely low prices but the picture quality and general quality of the HDTV really suffers.  However, Vizio became the #1 LCD TV manufacturer by creating a good quality HDTV at a reasonable price.  Vizio’s higher-end TV’s can compete with the well-known manufacturers but they also create some lower-end TV’s that compete price-wise with some of the budget brands.  Vizio truly has a wide range of products with an overall “better than average” product quality.

We have also seen that Vizio is continuing to improve in this area.  Complaints about Vizio TV’s seem to be come more infrequent where they used to be pretty hit-and-miss on specific models.  We would find some TV owners that loved a specific model and had zero problems whereas another person with the same Vizio model had a horrible experience.  As Vizio is improving, we recommend sticking with their new TV models to avoid any past problems.

Vizio Pricing & Value

Vizio made a name for themselves by beating the pricing of the big brands with a similar level of quality TV.  Vizio TV’s are generally in the mid-range area between the expensive brands and the newer, cheaper brands some of which you probably have never heard of.

The true selling point for Vizio is the VALUE.  Everyone wants a high quality HDTV but doesn’t want to spend $3,000+.  Specific Vizio TV models have topped the charts in past years for the Best HDTV of the Year.  It’s undeniable that Vizio makes a great quality TV at a great price.

Vizio’s unbelievable value is what makes it one of our Editor’s Picks.  Make sure you check out a comparable Vizio TV if you are shopping any other brands.

Vizio Customer Service

In most cases, you’ll never have to deal with a TV manufacturer’s customer service team.  But in the event you run into an issue where you need setup assistance or have to go through the warranty process, you may have to call those dreadful 1-800 numbers, go through their phone trees and try to get in touch with an actual human being.

Based on user reports submitted through this website, we’ve heard numerous complaints that Vizio’s customer service was lacking.  Keep in mind that a customer service team can’t fix all of your problems.  If you’re out of warranty, there isn’t much they can do for you.

We encourage you to take the customer service rating with a grain of salt.  We have not personally called the Vizio support line (we do own Vizio’s but have had no problems) and we recognize that we are more likely to hear complaints than praise.  If you are concerned about a company’s customer service abilities, we recommend calling and testing them prior to purchasing your next HDTV.

Vizio Overall Rating

Overall, we’re very happy with Vizio and personally own Vizio TV’s.  We understand people are curious about the brand being an up and comer but we feel that you don’t have much to worry about.  The quality on certain sets are on par with the big brands and the pricing/value is probably the best in the market at this point.  If you’re looking for an LCD or LCD/LED TV, don’t hesitate to purchase a Vizio HDTV!

Most Recent Vizio TV Reviews

28 Customer Reviews for “Vizio TV Reviews”

  1. k. turbeville's reviewApril 16, 2012

    We have had our vizio for 7 weeks and it went out! I will never buy another one. The remote control is cheaply made. The picture quality was good but not great. The only reason we bought it was because the Sony we wanted was out of stock.

  2. Howard C. Holland's reviewApril 16, 2012

    i hate to say this but your tv unit E470VA has driven me over the edge the picture is great but the sound keeps going out and the picture freeze’s up and you have to turn the set off and then back on to correct the problem..Comcast has changed all the cables and replaced the hd box five times…still have the same problem…please send this to the big boss..maybe he will do some thing…it’s all in the sound ..thank you

    • Mark Widmaier's reviewApril 21, 2012

      > I have been having the same problem with comcast internet service. It may not be your TV.

  3. K. Bowden's reviewApril 17, 2012

    My Vizio stopped working exactly 3 months from the day I bought it. I called their Customer Service line and got a real person immediately. He sent a technician to my house and this gentleman fixed the tv no charge. In this day and age, I’m very impressed with this level of customer service.

  4. Mike's reviewApril 25, 2012

    We have had our Vizio 42″ (E421VL) for about a year and have not had a problem with it. It was simple to install, simple to setup and it works very well with our FiOS DVR, our Sony BluRay Player (both with HDMI), and our Wii (using component inputs). We like the picture and the sound. We will looking at other Vizio flatscreens for other rooms in the house.

  5. Jeff Turner's reviewApril 26, 2012

    Think TWICE about a Vizio. I bought in mid-February and started having problems at the beginning of April. After TWO weeks of phone call, they are now telling me it will take ANOTHER TWO weeks to replace the TV. MANY phone calls that included take a picture of the screen freezing. Think about that… A picture of the TV screen freezing. Really? No, it’s not the cable/Comcast. Two different DVD players and Cable… All same. I must add, I have three other Vizio TVs that I have never had a problem and are several years old each. This might be a sign for future problems. The “endless” customer support calls are terrible. They finially sent a Tech to my home, replaced some parts and STILL has the same problem. Confirmed by their Tech and with her DVD player. It’s BROKEN… It’s less then 3 months old. Don’t tell me it’s going to take two weeks to replace. When I purchased it. It was at my door in two days. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with Visio support.

  6. Dan's reviewApril 26, 2012

    I got my 47″ Vizio from Costco exactly 2 years and 2 months ago. I’ve had good luck with it to that date… great picture, great sound, no problems whatsoever. Then one evening the system just stopped completely. After troubleshooting, and using the power reset, it came back, but the HDMI input was fried (the component inputs did work so I could switch to that), and the remote no longer worked. I got a repairman to check it out and he confirmed the system board was bad. Fortunately, AMEX is covering the 3rd year after the Costco warrantee period. So… I’m considering a more expensive LG, with a more limited warrantee from Fry’s, or lots more money to get their extended warrantee, or another Vizio from Costco, and buying their $59 5 year on-site plan. For the $250 savings, I think I’ll be getting another Vizio from Costco.

  7. MARIANNE VISHNO's reviewApril 27, 2012


  8. SAM's reviewMay 01, 2012

    My girlfriend purchased a Vizio on 1/14/12. Exactly 91 days later the television would not turn on. She purchased a 2nd identical set while the first was sent back for repairs. After a few days the 2nd set developed a multi colored line across the bottom of the screen. She was able to return the 2nd set to the store for a refund since it had been less than 90 days.

  9. affi's reviewMay 09, 2012

    Vizio TV is just trash. I bought this 37″ Vizio TV in August 2010, and it went out two weeks ago. When I turned in on, it showed the Vizio logo and then turned off. I called the customers service and after waiting for ever, they could not help me because I moved and could not find the receipt even when I had bought service warranty and registered it. They refused to help. I took it to two local TV repair shops but they could not fix the problem. So I took it to the trash where it belongs. I had to look for another quality TV to buy. I guess you get what you pay for! Think twice before wasting your money on Vizio TV. I still have an old Panasonic that is 13 years old but works perfectly.

    • Rjhay's reviewJune 17, 2012

      Log on to ebay and they have a calculator for your item to see the value beorfe you try to sell.It’s hard to sell things today in this economy, the tv is probably worth that much but people still want a bargain. Try the ebay cal. or list it for $ 400. Just my 2 cents.

  10. curt robinson's reviewMay 10, 2012

    I have 4 Vizio TV’s and they are the best I’ve ever had. I have owned all of the major brands(remember curtiss mathas?) in my life and all of the different technologies (yes I made the DLP mistake too). My latest purchase was for their 65″ class LED and for the price you can’t beat it. I have an extensive electronics background and one thing I can say is that every manufacture has problems with their products new and old. You just have to get what you want and if your one of the mInority (statisticlly speaking) that has a issue you have to deal with it and move on.

  11. Richard Sanders's reviewMay 11, 2012

    I wanted Netflix wi-fi and purchased a Vizio E552VLE HDTV. After a ton of trouble getting it to work because it would freeze and switch off while watching a movie. I went through all levels of tech support with the internet carrier, Netflix, and Vizio. I’m convinced the TV had the problems and Vizio said they would exchange it. I returned it and found another at a Walmart 50 miles away. I picked it up. SAME TROUBLE -again I went through all tech services to be sure the wi-fi router was operating correctly. I’m 100% satiisfied it’s still the TV. Vizio said tough! I did learn after hours of phone help, I come across only ONE Vizio tech that knew what they were doing. I’m returning it and going to purchase a different brand of LCD HDTV while I’m in the 30-day return policy!!!! By the way, be sure to push one for English when you call Vizio in America……

  12. ray's reviewMay 14, 2012

    Vizio is GARBAGE save ur money n get an LG

  13. Bill's reviewMay 14, 2012

    Got a 28 inch for Christmas and have had nothing but sound problems since. The station come in spanish and the commercials come in english. Some of the channels have NO sound at all. With the upper channels, the picture breaks up on several of them. As for the cable company, how comes it works on my old TV but not the newer flat screen. I think it’s the TV and not the cable . Will never buy another Vizio, and going on facebook to let all of my friends and family about Vizio TV’s, along with all of the people I know at work.

  14. Mark's reviewMay 17, 2012

    I bought my Vizio LCD more than 4 years ago and have been very happy untill recently.
    I use my TV antenna for picture reception, thus I use the GUIDE button for information about the channel and what is playing. Vizio has stopped supporting this feature, so all I get is the channel and the small picture without the description.
    I called and they said this feature is no longer supported on any of their TV’s using the antenna for reception. I am sorry, but I will not buy another one of their TV’s

  15. SEL BASAR's reviewMay 21, 2012


  16. SEL BASAR's reviewMay 21, 2012


  17. PheTy's reviewMay 23, 2012

    My sister purchased a Vizio in, I think, December from Target. Apparently it was around $250. I think the TV is okay, the only problem I have with it is the audio. Not too long after it was purchased I noticed that it would adjust its audio on its on. I would have the sound to a level of where I wanted it, then it would randomly get loud out of nowhere, then the audio would get really low. It’s like playing a game, when it gets loud I have to turn it down, then it gets extra low then I have turn it up, then it gets extra loud again, and etc. I think it’s a pretty good TV, I have no complaints about it except for the audio.

  18. Nosgoth1979's reviewJune 06, 2012

    Thanks for all these reviews. Since I’m getting a Hopper whole-home DVR installed soon and it will send all my HD channels to every room, I want to upgrade the last of my TVs to high definition. So I’m trying to find the best TVs that I can, and a coworker at Dish recommended I look into Vizios. But I really want the best quality I can afford, but with the Hopper having Pandora (and how much I expect I’m going to love having my playlists in every room), and seeing all the sound problems this one seems to have, I think I’d be better off looking elsewhere. Thanks for the heads-up.

  19. Omar R.'s reviewJune 07, 2012

    DO NOT BUY A VIZIO!!!! I’m not one to make a big deal out of things but after what I just went through I am making it a priority to find as many places I can speak up so that others do not go through what I just went through. DO NOT BUY A VIZIO!!!! First all my TV has been hanging on the same wall since I bought it plugged into a high quality surge protector and other then NOT WORKING it’s in mint condition. I just got off of the phone with a customer service rep from Vizio where I was just told that my TV is out of warranty and I had to go through a 3rd party to get it fixed, the third parties ITI repairs and HD repair charging $220 and $199 respectively (the guy from HD out right said I’m better off buying a new TV for what 32″ are going for now). It is a model E320VL 32″ LCD HDTV purchased in September 29th, 2010 and it didn’t even last me to the 2 year mark. At that time I paid in the area of $400 for the TV, they market the TV’s having these incredible life spans and not even two years after I buy the TV I have to fork out another $200 to fix it!!! NO THANK YOU, I WILL NEVER BUY A VIZIO AGAIN!! Trust me spend the few extra dollars and buy a better quality TV that at least last 5-10+ years to get your monies worth, I will from now on.

  20. Pat's reviewJune 08, 2012

    I bought my 37″ Vizio approx. 1 year ago and the screen burned out. Vizio will not help me at all. They are not a customer-friendly company. They wanted to sell me an overstock tv for another $350.00. Bad TV and bad customer service.

  21. Texjoeb's reviewJune 17, 2012

    I own 3 Vizio TV’s that I have bought over the last 5 years and I can say I have never had any problems with them. The only comment was when I bought the last one a 26″ and the remote looked like the case was from the 70’s.

  22. M. Witzel's reviewJune 26, 2012

    This TV sucks. I cannot get the thing to even turn on. All of the channels are widescreen so it looks funny, and the instant I turn it off I have problems turning it back on. Terrible TV. Don’t buy it.

  23. Rob Davis's reviewJune 28, 2012

    I bought a VIZIO E422VL LCD TV because I wanted the built in internet apps.
    I signed up with Netflix and it worked great for a while. I have high speed cable internet service so no problem there.
    After 2 weeks of owning the TV the problems started. The TV had downloaded the new filmware update.
    When I first started using Netflix the menu would show up with small pictures of the movies with description below each one, and when I clicked on another movie I would get the description under that movie and so on.
    Within 2 weeks of owning the TV the movie description would take longer and longer to show up under the movies.
    I called VIZIO and talked with the Tech support rep but they would never say the TV has a problem but instead would blame it on my Internet service provider. Other times the Tech support rep would say “I will send you a email on how to fix the problem” The fix it in the email never worked.
    I have called many times since and I get the same thing from Tech support “I will send you a email on how to fix the problem” All the emails have the same thing in it. “Cut the TV off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on” My goodness Is this the best they can do after I payed $600.00 for this TV.
    The TV still has the same problem. I wish I had bought the LG TV instead.

  24. John Albers's reviewJuly 01, 2012

    I purchased an E220 TV for my son for Christmas. It is now July and it won’t turn on. I have not contacted Vizio yet, but wanted to put this on line for the record. Hopefully Vizio will be some help in getting this resolved.

  25. J Gallegos's reviewJuly 09, 2012

    I purchased a 32″ Hd Vizio about 3 years ago at Costco. With a very minor gripe I can recommend it and in fact in the near future I plan to buy a new second set for a bedroom.

  26. Scott's reviewJuly 23, 2012

    I have owned a Vizo 47″ Tv for less than 2 years. I first had a problem within my 1 year warranty and they fixed ( the TV went out and they replaced the board ). Now 6 months out of warranty I am having screen issues. Talked with Vizo manager Erica # 400976 and Vizo is not willing to do anything ( but provide me with someone who I can pay to fix it )…


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