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viore-tvWith more than a half-century of consumer electronics experience, Viore might be the least-known generic television manufacturer in the United States. The company has largely flown under the radar, but occasionally pops up when a discount retailer is having a big sale on HDTV units. While there are often amazing prices on these television sets, consumers have a large number of questions about the brand’ quality, reliability, and longevity. Are these low prices a mirage? Are there lots of catches? Or, like so many other generic consumer electronic brands, is Viore simply a hidden gem of a company that a savvy consumer can benefit from?

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Overall Viore Brand Review

Viore is one of the rarely-seen generic television manufacturers, and that’s for good reason: the company has relatively limited product manufacturing facilities and its small capacity means that it offer great deals to consumers only periodically. Its low profile means that the company is exceedingly small and compact, and does a far small amount of business than even the nearest low-end consumer electronics competitor.

The company’s televisions are often sold exclusively to major discount retailers, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Sam’s Club. These stores are already hotbeds of discounts, and so the Viore brand naturally blends in and saves most consumers from asking the tough questions. This would be a mistake, however, as Viore is one of the most disliked television manufacturers among consumers who have purchased the company’s products. The brand’s name is almost universally associated with poor quality and a short lifespan, and consumers should take note.

Viore Product Quality

2.5/5 stars

There’s not much to say about Viore’s product quality other than it seems to be exceptionally bad. The company rarely offers its television to he mass market and yet, when it does, most customers end up returning the product in exchange for something that costs a bit more, but won’t break or completely malfunction as easily or as quickly. Consumers have reported that Viore’s displays are notoriously short-lived, with a good number of them dying within the first six months of television ownership. Most buyers aren’t very impressed with the quality of these display panels, either, and they often end up returning the set because the picture is simply not watchable for long periods of time.

Compounding the problem is the fact that Viore’s high definition television sets are often constructed with thin, brittle, and very cheap plastic. It’s prone to easy splintering and cracking, and it can make for an unsightly mess in the living room — and an embarrassing sight for guests. Viore buyers have been complaining about this shoddy quality for years, but the company seems either blissfully unaware or too stubborn to make a change to the way to constructs and controls the quality of its televisions.

Viore Pricing & Value

2.5/5 stars

If there’s one thing Viore wins on, it is price. The company’s television sets are easily the cheapest ones on the market. That having been said, however, it’s also worth noting that the company’s sets don’t seem to hold up once consumers get them home and take them out of the box. Low prices are a great starting point for any consumer electronics device, but if that low price isn’t backed up by high quality and a long-lasting product, consumers will quickly go elsewhere for their home entertainment needs.

Given the wide array of quality problems and the deepening discontent among consumers who have purchased a Viore product, it’s safe to say that the low price of these high definition televisions simply does not yield to a much higher value one time. Unfortunately, it seems safe to say that Viore is simply a poor investment on the part of most consumers, and a good number of them will be sending the set back to stores almost as impulsively as they purchased it.

Viore Customer Service

2.5/5 stars

Naturally, one would assume that a company that has had a questionable quality record might establish a robust customer service operation to help assuage consumer fears and doubts, and keep them as long-term customers. At Viore, that assumption would be wrong. The company does not operate a robust customer support line, and the website for the company’s products has jut four pages — none of which offer much product support at all.

It’s a really unfortunate situation for customers who choose to buy these television sets. It’s almost as if the company simply walks away after the deal has been made — and consumers are left to fend for themselves.

Viore Overall Rating

2.5/5 stars

For consumers looking for the lowest price on a high definition television set, Viore is the brand of choice. Its prices simply cannot be touched by any other manufacturer. But quality is a real problem with these sets, and customer support is almost nonexistent. The serious home entertainer would be well-advised to look into other brands for their needs.

Most Recent Viore TV Reviews

7 Customer Reviews for “Viore TV Reviews”

  1. Kenneth Johnson's reviewApril 27, 2012

    I purchased a Viore 42″ LCD with LED backlight LED42VF80 about a month ago from Sam’s. So far the tv is perfect, however, the one of the four screws used to support hanging is unable to be removed, so it’s sitting on the stand. I want to hang it for a better view. The service department has been giving me the run-around, saying that they will send a service person to loosen the screw so that the tv can be hung. No-one ever calls me back as promised. It’s still under warranty, so I’m taking it back to buy a better product. By the way, this is the second Viore that I purchased. I took the other one back too.

  2. Michael A Cedeno's reviewMay 13, 2012

    I was one of the unfortunate ones who purchased the Viero 7-inch screen for the price of $75, a price that now seems too high for this piece if garbage. It boasts having its own tuner yet it is only capable of picking up one station, and that is while attached to the cable! With a digital antenna the device is useless, however picture quality is beautiful when hooked up to a DVD player.

    Since it is useless as a television I thought I could use it as a monitor for my digital camera. Lo and behold, the A/V connections are Viero’s own concoctions, and cables are not available anywhere! Supposedly it is capable of playing avi movies via SD card. Again — NOT! The unit is so useless that I threw it in the garbage and took out my old 5-inch black-and-white portable with the rabbit ears, which still receives 13 VHF and 30 UHF channels with no problem.

  3. Suz's reviewMay 21, 2012

    Do not buy this brand television, it sucks, plain and simple. You know the saying you get what you pay for? Well this is exactly what this television brand is (cheap).
    I only had it for less then a year and it keeps shutting off on me. Then sometimes it will come back on by its self when I turn it off. This brand is nothing but garbage, buy American and pay a little extra.

  4. Ashley's reviewMay 26, 2012

    I have had this Viore 42 in LED TV for a little over 90 day and it have completely broke down it simply wont turn on …..i purchased it for Sams club they wont take it back so i called the manufacture after getting the run around for a week (customer service sucks they send you to a third party then they send out a repair man that has to order and wait for parts a mess!!!!) they finally sent someone to come look at the tv now parts have to be ordered and im with out a TV until its fixed they are paying for the repairs but its not fair that i have to deal with this issue on a TV that’s not even 6 months old. avoid this TV brand at all cost go with Sony or one of the big name brands !!!!

  5. Mark's reviewMay 27, 2012

    I’ve used the viore plcd10v59 (10.2″ portable) for two years and have had no problems to date. This unit is with me when I travel and I run it about 15 hours /day 10-12 days /month. No problems. The DVD/USB on-screen interface is a bit ‘clunky’, but the machine continues with no bad pixels, no DVD skips, no anything! I don’t understand the terrible rating here, but I know I’m happy with mine. Maybe it’s as the story of the guy who fell off the roof of a 30 story building-on the way down people on the lower floors could here him say-“So far so good”… “So far so good”…

  6. Kelly's reviewJune 14, 2012

    I purchased a VIORE May 1, 2011 & received it May 14th. As of June 9/10th 2012 the picture completely blacks out like it is shut off. When I first received it I had to switch the HDMI cable back & forth from 1 to 3 & 3 to 1 each time I would streamline from my laptop…but I thought…well I really don’t wanna pay for shipping just for that…I can deal with changing it. But now I can’t even watch TV so I contacted VIORE & they said they could not help since it was just over a year & the warranty is out!!
    F#$%*&G FIGURES! I told them it is literally 4 weeks over from when I received it…so now I am arguing & still waiting to hear if they actually care about their customers!! The first time I was waiting to hear…they didn’t even call me back like they said they would! What happened to caring about your customers!!!!!!?????? VIORE SUX!!! VIORE is S&%T…& so are the manufacturers!!! DO NOT BUY VIORE…spend a little extra & get a Samsung!!!

  7. Kimberlee Vancelette's reviewJuly 12, 2012

    I am totaly disatified with the service. Granted Pauls TV is trying ,yet not hard enough. I bought the 42 inch size while in Michigan and was moving to California. I paid extra due to tax difference in California so I could save myself the trouble of moving it and also purchased one in Michigan (paying for both therein Michigan) for my 21 year old (birthday) hoping that I was doing great I also purchased the extra coverage that they (Pauls TV) would come to our house for repairs if needed for 5 years. Now I have not had a TV for over a week now due to that its still under warranty I had to mail the TV to the manufacture. Pauls TV Manager offered to help on this yet not loan a tv to replace in the meantime and now I have to wait 10 more days for them to get the tv then mail me one back. Crazy right now if I had just waited to claim the smoking out the back tv til the 22 of July the extended waranty would be in effect. Stupid me. So try entertaining a 12 year old and a senior mother who watches tv 24/7 or she emails me all day. Please don’t buy this brand and ask more ?s about extended warrenties. Still not sure how I feel about Pauls TV.

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