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Toshiba TV Reviews

Toshiba is an electronics manufacturer with a core focus on televisions, computers and tablets. Having been in business for more than 70 years, the Toshiba name is one that many consumers are familiar with. They faded in and out of prominence during the last twenty years, but have done an excellent job of getting their brand back to the forefront of consumers’ minds. They are a generally popular company, but how do their television sets stack up? Read on to find out.

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Toshiba Overall Brand Review

As we previously mentioned, Toshiba has done a strong job of pushing its brand and expanding consumer awareness over the last several years. The company has enjoyed this success primarily through its “The Ramifications of Yes” ad campaign. As a company that already had a strong foothold in the television market, their commitment to extending their brand and staying in the minds of potential customers is impressive. Still, strong branding doesn’t necessarily make Toshiba a safe bet for customers. After all, a brand is nothing if it the product behind it isn’t up to par.

Toshiba Product Quality

Quality is an interesting aspect to consider when discussing televisions. Some people define quality in a TV set strictly on the picture and sound it generates, while others look at quality as a combination of core function and design. Toshiba sets certainly satisfy the first part of this criteria. Whether you purchase an LED, LCD or 3D television from them, the picture and sound on Toshiba sets is top-notch for a consumer set. Still, some of their displays aren’t as thin as some from competing companies.

One thing that’s important to note about Toshiba is that their products are built with a certain amount of durability. This applies not just to their TVs, but to their laptop computers and tablets as well. While the consumer electronics space has seen products get slimmer and built from more lightweight materials, Toshiba hasn’t been as aggressive in this trend. Their products are still becoming thinner, but they’re not doing it at a rate that forces them to sacrifice quality. Toshiba televisions are built to last, and have a great picture and sound as well.

Toshiba Pricing & Value

3.5/5 stars

Toshiba televisions aren’t a budget model. It’s true that you usually get a quality product when you purchase a Toshiba, but their pricing structure can leave a little to be desired. A 46″ non-3D set from the company can cost over $1,000, despite competing models from similar brands costing as little as $900 or even $800.

Part of the reason for their prices being a little bit higher stems from the fact that when it comes to new technology, they tend to lead rather than follow. This much was evident at their CES show this year as they showed off a new type of glasses-free 3D that didn’t require viewers to sit in a “sweet spot” to feel the effect. The funding for these innovations has to come from somewhere.

If you’re buying a normal big-screen HDTV, there’s not as much of a selling point to picking a Toshiba unless you find one on sale or really believe that spending a few hundred extra dollars is worth the durability. However, you will get a lot of value for your purchase if you’re buying a television for a relatively new technology. For example, they’ve been making 3D televisions for some time now. Therefore, the 3D experience with their sets is likely going to give you a better experience than the 3D in some brands that have just entered the 3D arena.

Toshiba Customer Service

Like nearly every other popular television manufacturers, Toshiba has plenty of negative reviews regarding its customer service. This being the Internet, that’s to be expected. As far as firsthand experience, their customer service has never let us down on a personal set. They provide a special website just for customer service at, and provide both technical and online customer service. Reps are generally knowledgeable, although some of their customer support has been outsourced and can be more difficult to communicate with.

Toshiba Overall Rating

There are few truly negative things that can be said about Toshiba. The only real complaint regarding Toshiba televisions is their pricing structure. Again, though, they’re often one of the first companies to bring a new television technology to market. Their sets are generally of the highest quality, and their unwillingness to compromise on minor details helps ensure that you won’t buy a set from them that’s missing features. With their improvements in glasses-free 3D technology, Toshiba looks positioned to be a leader in the TV market in 2012 and beyond.

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  1. Toshiba sucks's reviewApril 30, 2012

    Don’t buy toshiba. Spent $2000 on mine posted just past warranty. Called them and they pretty much said it sucks tobe you and that the parts are not available any more. I will never buy a toshiba product again. Fuck them.

  2. Kip's reviewMay 01, 2012

    Puchased a 42″ Toshiba LCD tv and a few days in it started popping, crackling, whether the volume was up or down. Customer service wanted to start a file on the problem, we were like, “forget that!” we immediately returned he tv within the 30 day no hassle warranty from the retailer. Bought a Sony for another $80 and no problems at all.

  3. Anila's reviewMay 15, 2012

    please don’t buy Toshiba. they don’t value their customers. I bought a Toshiba on feb20th and it is not working from april 10th. I called toshiba then they told that a technician will come. till may 10th nobody came. then we called toshiba again asked to replace TV. they offered refurbished one instead of new one, or refund without taxes. till now they didn’t resolved the issues. they don’t answer our questions properly. totally very very bad customer service. never go for toshiba. you will be in trouble

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