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TCLThere is a good deal of uncertainty surrounding the TCL brand of consumer electronics, which has only emerged in North American markets within the past decade. Commonly considered a discount brand, or a generic offering, TCL televisions are imported to the United States from China, making TCL one of the first mainstream Chinese consumer electronics companies to penetrate the North American market. So far, reviews of the company’s products — which range from mobile phones to televisions and air conditioners — have been mostly positive. And that’s no surprise, as China’s commitment to quality almost directly mirrors that of similar manufacturers throughout Asia.

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TCL Overall Brand Review

While most consumers are new to the TCL brand in North America, there’s a hidden secret behind these Chinese television sets: even before they were sold in the Untied States under the TCL name their technology was actually sold to RCA for use in their consumer electronics equipment. So, in essence, American consumers have been using TCL technology and television sets since roughly 2000 in North America. Given RCA’s sterling reputation in that time, it goes without saying that Americans have taken pretty well to China’s take on home entertainment.

TCL positions itself as a discount brand, and its televisions are often offered at some of the lowest prices on the market. This is a typical business strategy for Chinese companies: inject a product into the market that offers superior technology at a discounted price, hooking consumers and increasing the value of the company’s exports. It works for China, and it works for American consumers who get top-notch tech for bargain basement prices.

TCL Product Quality

As noted earlier, TCL televisions were formerly sold as RCA models until the company stuck a deal with a different American manufacturer and parted ways with the legendary RCA brand. There have been no major issues of quality with either RCA or TCL television in that span of time, largely because Chinese brands are committed to thorough quality checks and high standards — much like Sony and Panasonic in neighboring Japan. The company’s televisions are known to be of a high quality, and they typically last just as long as the higher-priced models sold by competing generic and big-name competitors.

In customer reviews of TCL televisions, almost everyone who purchased one of the company’s HDTVs was impressed with both picture quality and responsiveness, and was satisfied with the modern but basic design of the company’s models. Unlike competing brands which are notoriously defective and short-lived, TCL has suffered no major rash of premature television malfunctions or end-of-life scenarios. That’s worth noting, as many lower-end television buyers find themselves seeking a replacement within five years of their initial purchase.

TCL Pricing & Value

On matters of price, TCL is safely in the low-end consumer electronics niche. That actually works for the company, as their products are well-designed and built to last, meaning that it can more effectively shut out the competition at the low end than at the higher-end, where many consumers have already become loyal to a different brand and are unwilling to make the gamble and switch horses. The company’s televisions are often hundreds of dollars less than those offered by major brands, giving them a leg up among consumers with a lesser cash flow.

The value of the company’s HDTVs is rather obvious from the start: their commitment to excellent product quality and longevity, combined with great design, means that consumers are getting a television with with grow, travel, and age with them — rather than dying out after a few short years. The company’ standard and extended warranty increases this value and gives customers extra peace of mind in the process.

TCL Customer Service

3.5/5 stars

TCL is based in China, though the company does operate a moderately-sized North American division. Customer service is based out of this North American office, but it slightly limited and slow to respond to customer issues on account of its relatively smaller size. A 24-hour, toll-free customer hotline is provided to address warranty issues, technical support problems, or common customer questions. Hold times, though, are a bit on the long side for most customer tastes.

The company’s website provides a number of expected resources, from remote programing to television settings guides and product manuals. Frequently asked questions are also addressed on the company’s website, giving customers a reason to skip the telephone call and potentially extended hold time.

TCL Overall Rating

When it comes to a great discount brand, customers would be well-advised to take a chance on this Chinese manufacturer which is still introducing itself to the American shopper. TCL offers competitive prices that will compete for all budgets, and their commitment to quality means that consumers won’t be buying into something that will stop working in just a few short months or years.

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4 Customer Reviews for “TCL TV Reviews”

  1. Dean's reviewMay 14, 2012

    Don’t buy this product! My TV stopped working two months after I purchased it through Amazon, and for 41 days now I have been writing/calling the manufacturer trying to get the TV repaired. The manufacturer rep (Terry, at first said this problem was common and expected and they would send me replacement parts. I still haven’t received the replacement parts after dozens of phone calls and emails. Last week I spoke to the supervisor (Elise) at the call center. She told me they don’t ship replacement parts for this TV! Instead, she would ship me a return box. Three calls and another week later, they still can’t find a box to ship to me! The TV doesn’t work and the customer service is horrible. Buy any other TV and save yourself money and headaches!!!!

    • Jim Dallet's reviewMay 31, 2012

      > Dean’s review is very similar to what happen with my TV. My TV that i purchased for
      my elderly mother stopped working 4 months after purchase the day before we left for Florida for the winter. I brought her my TV and called customer service. They gave me a incident number to use when we return and said to call a week before arriving and they would send a part, contact a serviceman and i would have very little down time.
      Two weeks later after numerous call if finally received the part. Then another week later after several calls a serviceman came only to tell us that the part will not fix the
      TV. 10 days later i am still waiting for a box to be shipped and i have to ship back the TV. So one month later i sit her with a broken TV.

      • John's reviewJuly 25, 2012

        BUYER DEFINITELY BEWARE!!!! I agree with both Dean and Jim. My 40″ TCL LCD quit working five weeks after it was delivered; wouldn’t even turn on. The TCL online problem solving site is a joke. I submitted five requests for assistance within a two week timeline and TCL didn’t respond even once. The phone assistance center is worthless. Said another way, the dead monitor is mine to dispose of, and I am out the cost of purchase. And, don’t expect to help if you purchase it through them. I had my credit card company, CitiBank, look into it…and Amazon didn’t even have record of my purchase…even though I had an account number. I’ll never purchase ANYTHING through Amazon again. And while I’m at it, CitiBank wasn’t much better. Chase does a much better job addressing fraudulent companies.

  2. Rim Riley's reviewJuly 03, 2012

    This tv sucks, you’ll be better of with other brands except SANYO, anyway, try LG, Devant, Samsung, or JVC instead, or maybe even HAIER!.. they have a pretty good service + LG, Samsung, JVC and Devant offer 2 years of warranty… I personally have TCL and Devant, I had my Devant for 3 years now, and still kicking! TCL on the other hand stopped working for only 1 year and 1 month! a month behind its warranty! i sold it 2nd hand very cheap and bought a samsung (very pricey, devant, lg and jvc is ALOT cheaper, lg in the three is the most expensive) anyway it’s been running over a year and it is also fine! …. my review? Don’t buy TCL! … bad design, poor build quality, stupid warranty, VIDEO is FINE, on par with leading brands, but AUDIO is poor, lifespan of TV is poor (for me) i don’t know about other reviews, but from what I’ve heard from above comments, I’m sure it sucks!

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