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() Up for Review: VIZIO M422I-B1 Full-Array LED Smart HDTV. The 42-inch M422I-B1 from VIZIO is aimed at providing all the cutting-edge entertainment resources along with superior pictures and pleasing audio at a very reasonable price. The screen space looks standard and can fit into any room without a problem. It belongs to the brand’s […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO M602I-B3 Full-Array LED Smart HDTV. The VIZIO M602I-B3 stands to be one of most preferred feature-heavy LED Smart TVs of the brand. You would be paying only a few dollars above $1100 for this state-of-the-art TV set, so it’s an excellent value for the price. The big 60-inch screen with […]

Up for Review: VIZIO M492I-B2 Razor LED Smart HDTV. The 49-inch M492I-B2 has got an excellent screen space that fits perfectly into any room. For even extra-large rooms, it’s still a good size. Picture quality is exceptionally well due to the Full-Array LED Backlighting and a couple of other display-enhancing technologies. Smart TV functionalities are […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO M321I-A2 Razor LED Smart HDTV. The 32-inch TVs happen to be the smallest in VIZIO’s M-Series. The M321I-A2 leaves 3D playback and 240Hz processing, but it still offers you some of the high-end functionalities like Smart TV options, brilliant picture display, nice audio and full digital connectivity. Most importantly, VIZIO […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E280I-B1 LED Smart HDTV. The VIZIO E280I-B1, in particular, is a Smart TV that offers you everything you need from a modern TV except a larger display. VIZIO deserves a pat on the back because of the Internet Apps platform on this budget model. This Smart TV panel comes with […]

Up for Review: VIZIO E390I-B0 LED Smart HDTV. If you are looking for a Smart TV from a top brand with top-notch performance, standard screen size and less than $400 price-tag, you must take the VIZIO E390I-B0 into account. Screen size is 39 inches, so you should be happy with it unless your living room […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B2 LED Smart HDTV. The 32-inch E320I-B2 LED Smart TV can be called as the step-up model of the equally sized E-Series B1 model. It’s step-up due to the enhanced sound output, which is 20-watt instead of 10-watt like on the B1 model. However, the price-tag does not change even […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E231I-B1 Razor LED Smart HDTV. If yours is a small apartment, a larger TV is definitely an ideal option for you. A relatively smaller TV would rather come in handy. Of the smaller TVs from different top brands the VIZIO E231I-B1 could be one of the best options for you. […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B1 LED Smart HDTV. With excellent picture quality, nice pleasing audio, easy set-up, lightweight and attractive panel, low price tag and multiple functionalities the E320I-B1 from VIZIO is a great bang for the buck. The availability of VIZIO Internet Apps Plus on this budget TV is the major plus. Furthermore, […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E400I-B2 LED Smart HDTV. It’s really hard to believe that a 40-inch Class LED Smart TV from a reputable brand like VIZIO with top picture quality and pretty good sound is available at below $400. The E400I-B2, the model we are reviewing, is a great Smart TV with superior picture […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B0 LED Smart HDTV. The E320I-B0 is a great Smart TV from VIZIO with a powerful feature upgrade and high-quality performance. Cost is still pretty low, i.e. well below $300 ensuring that you can afford to buy this even if you have a tight budget. Hard to believe, but it’s […]

() Up for Review: VIZIO E280I-A1 LED Smart HDTV. VIZIO has always been an award-winning TV brand for its smart innovations. It always offers something special to its users even on budget models. The E280I-A1 is VIZIO’s entry-level Smart TV costing just a shade above $200. It does not include tons of high-end features but […]