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() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6350AF LED Smart HDTV. The 46-inch UN46F6350AF, in particular, has got multiple features that usually belong to the brand’s top tier models. It’s a Smart TV, but non-3D. It is also devoid of Micro Dimming technology; however, picture quality is still up to the mark. Importantly, excluding these two functionalities […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN40F6400AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN40F6400AF is the smallest model in the Samsung F6400 LED Smart TV series. It is the step-up series of the F6350 with a couple of additional features such as Active 3D, Micro Dimming and the Smart Touch Remote. Although it’s feature-rich, Samsung has not increased […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN40F6350AF LED Smart HDTV. The 40-inch UN40F6350AF is the smallest model in Samsung’s F6350 LED Smart TV series. It includes almost all features that a modern-day TV user wants excluding the extraneous 3D functionality. Lack of 3D keeps the price down. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN40F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. For those, who are looking for a good Smart TV at a relatively low cost, Samsung UN40F6300AF is a great option. The moderate screen size of 40 inches makes it an excellent TV for a standard living room. Entertainment lovers may undervalue its screen size and […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN32F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN32F6300AF is the smallest in Samsung’s F6300 LED Smart TV series. The 32-inch One Design slim screen with 0.5” thin bezel looks stunning and fits comfortably into any space in your home. This is a native 120Hz LED panel with Clear Motion Rate of 240 […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN65F6300AF is the second largest model in Samsung’s F6300 LED Smart TV lineup. The large display screen of 65 inches is its stand-out property. The exterior looks stunning with the One Design structure and beautiful charcoal black color. Since there are more budget TV shoppers […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. The 46-inch UN46F6300AF is an excellent option for budget Smart TV buyers. Solid picture quality with accurate colors, fantastic video processing, and eye-enticing design including a flat and uniform screen, and thin cabinet and bezel will surely make many people love it. Moreover, it is available […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN75H7150AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN75H7150AF is one of the best looking Smart TVs you find on the market. It’s the largest model in Samsung’s H7150 Smart TV series. The 75-inch screen is huge and offers you a cinema hall like experience in your living room particularly when you maintain […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46FH6030F LED Smart HDTV. Of all the Active 3D LED TVs Samsung made in 2013, the UN46FH6030F is the most value oriented model. With the 46-inch screen it is the middle one in the 3-model series. The 46-inch screen fits into any room quite comfortably. It is neither too big […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65HU8550F LED Smart HDTV. The UN65HU8550F is the second largest model in Samsung’s UHD 4K HU8550 Smart TV series. The huge ultra-thin screen with the flat black-chrome silver design complements your living room beautifully. The 4K UHD picture clarity with gigantic 3840×2160 screen resolution deserves a lot of praise. There […]

Up for Review: Samsung UN65HU8500F LED Smart HDTV. The UN65HU8500F is another top-quality Smart TV in Samsung’s UHD 4K HU8500 Smart TV series. Screen size is bigger and the standard Clean Black design is looking brilliant. The 4K picture quality with UHD Up-scaling evolutionary feature ensures that you would never get left behind when new […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN55FH6030F LED Smart HDTV. The 55-inch UN55FH6030F is a unique and remarkably good LED TV from Samsung. It is the largest in the FH6030 LED TV series. It has got a lot of similarities with the F6300 and F5500 series of the brand. In terms of picture quality, its LED […]