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() Up for Review: VIZIO E701I-A3 Razor LED Smart HDTV. The VIZIO E701I-A3 is a stellar yet affordable Razor LED Smart TV in VIZIO’s popular E-Series. What this newly launched model is known for is its one-of-a kind look and fabulous picture display. Audio is pretty much pleasing too. It leaves 3D behind, but that […]

() Up for Review: Sony KDL-70W850B LED HDTV. The KDL-70W850B model is the Sony’s answer to all those consumers looking forward to large screens with the best picture quality features. This model could be said to be the second most popular product sparing the OLED and 4K categories. While the W950B does provide the quality […]

() Up for Review: Sony KDL70R550A LED HDTV. The R550A series from Sony is an entry level 3D series but does grab the attention with the big screen in the lineup. The KDL70R550A model in particular allows doing of with batteries with Passive 3D picture rendition. Though Sony has acted a little low in the […]

() Up for Review: Sony XBR-70X850B 4K LED UHDTV. The Sony XBR-70X850B has got a super large 70-inch LED screen and a number of state-of-the-art display and sound features to offer you a cinema-hall like experience in your living room. The 4K Ultra High-def display resolution combined with its TRILUMINOS Display and Motionflow Realism makes […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-70LE857U LED SMART TV Today, with tons of feature-rich TV models from the world’s greatest TV manufacturing brands, it is quite difficult for a potential customer to make the best purchase unless s/he is a tech geek. If you have ever been to a store to purchase a TV set, […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-70LE757U LED SMART TV For those, who have not experienced the SMART TV programming yet, Sharp offers some of the best models at best prices. Its LC- 70LE757U unit is specifically a great addition in the television industry. Even though the large 70-inch display screen holds enough proof of its […]

Up for Review: Sharp LC-70LE755U LED SMART TV. Imagine that you are at a store to purchase a SMART TV and there are lots of brand new fascinating sets on the store making you confuse which one to choose from, and in the end you discover that the price of the feature-rich SMART TV you’ve […]

() Up for Review: SHARP LC-70LE550U LED HDTV. Sharp’s mid-tier entry into the 2013-14 HDTV market is a real value priced bargain. Offering a praiseworthy picture quality with powerful backlight effects, a more than decent 120 Hz and the sheer 70 inch screen size, makes this TV an instant hit among the non Smart TV […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-70LE750U LED SMART TV. There are a lot of potential TV buyers who are mostly looking for a SMART TV having the optimal picture, audio and video output. Active 3D playback has not to be a compulsory feature of the TV they want to buy. It is still an extraneous […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-70LE650U LED SMART TV. Sharp is the TV maker which has been overshadowing its competitors consistently in making 60-inch-plus mainstream models. No doubt, all leading brands are offering wide-screen panels nowadays, but nearly every one of them has got the instinct of estimating the screen size and the price proportionally. […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-70C7500U LED SMART TV. If your heart is set on a big-screen SMART TV, you’ve got to consider Sharp to be one of the frontline brands in your list. Sharp’s LC-70C7500U, in particular, is a 70-inch LED SMART TV, which is a truly a TV for smart people. Well, it […]

() Up for Review: SHARP LC-70UD1U LED HDTV. When it comes to employing the 4K Ultra display technology, Sharp HDTV manufacturers visibly drift towards larger screen size. The recently launched 70 inch UD1U stands out in the market owing to the fact that it is the single 4K set to have a 70 inch panel. […]