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() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F6350AF LED HDTV. Somewhere in the middle of the huge line of Samsung TVs, the UN65F6350AF is futuristic on the edges, on features that aren’t basic to TV viewing but when it comes to performance, it seems to be on the slower side. Samsung certainly integrates a 3D experience, 1080p […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65H7150AF Review LED HDTV. A big and descriptive 65 inch screen with breathtaking picture quality and a host of smart features – the Samsung UN65H7150AF clearly redefines the TV viewing experience. Several new technology find place in this new model that aptly replaces all products in the F7100 series from […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65H6400AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN65H6400AF is the flagship model in Samsung’s H6400 LED Smart TV series. It has got the largest screen size of 65 inches in its series. Aside from this, it’s an excellent feature packed TV with top-notch performance. The cost has increased a bit but that’s […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65H6350AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN65H6350AF is another fantastic model in Samsung’s H6350 series. It has got a big 65-inch LED screen that delivers breathtaking pictures consistently. The updated Smart Hub is another stand-out feature of the model. Appearance-wise, it is pretty attractive and fully contemporary. Thanks to the super […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F6400 LED-LCD HDTV. The Samsung UN65F6400 is the second largest LED panel in the F6400 series. There are only two things that differentiate this series from F6300 – the Local Dimming and Active 3D. Therefore, the Samsung UN65F6400 essentially offers a little more than F6300 and is a value-based model […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65HU9000F LED Smart HDTV. On the 65-inch UN65HU9000F Samsung has chipped in with all its innovative techniques to take the television technology to its peak. The incredible curved LED screen with the silver T-shaped curved stand, super narrow bezel, pop up camera, pure black curved cabinet constitute the stunning exterior. […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F8000BFLED-LCD HDTV. The Samsung UN65F8000BF is one of the popular TVs from Samsung’s F8000 Series which is an ideal balance between design, performance and scalability. Nearly all F8000 series TVs from Samsung are a peek into the future with their smart interface and future proof design. Samsung claims these TVs […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F9000AFLED-LCD HDTV. There was a time when movie buffs would throng the theatre for watching newly released movies. The experience of watching a movie at a theatre would very rich and way more different from watching it on a television however advanced it was. But today, the HDTV manufactures are […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN65F7100AFLED-LCD HDTV. The technological revolution in consumer electronics has witnessed a paradigm shift in the past half a decade. We have seen the smart phones evolve and the desktop computers make way for the tablet PC devices. But the most radical changes have been found in the HDTV designs, especially […]

() Up for Review: Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 Plasma HDTV. If you are looking for a high-end TV that would outperform all other TVs in stock, it is none other than Panasonic TC-P65ZT60. We tell you why. It displays the best ever picture quality. To offer the maximum image displaying and video processing performance it incorporates 3,000Hz […]

() Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-P65VT60 PLASMA HDTV. The P55VT60 with its exceptional Infinite Black Ultra Panel and glass metal design can easily woo you into buying it. With a 3000 focused field drive the TV produces crisp, clean 2D motion pictures. However, the additional features like voice and facial recognition along with touch pad […]

Up for Review: Panasonic TC-65PS64 Plasma HDTV. Maybe, you would not be seeing Panasonic’s Plasma TVs after March 2014 as the company would no longer be manufacturing plasma models. But, before it says good-bye to plasma technology it has already developed enough plasma models of nearly every range making sure that nobody would be regretting […]