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() Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-L58E60 LED-LCD HDTV The new Panasonic E60 is a direct substitute for last year’s E50, the top model of 2012. For those who are looking for something in between medium and large display panels, this Panel from Panasonic will definitely attract your attention. Packaged with some additional advanced features, the […]

Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-58LE64 LED-LCD HDTV. The 58 inch LE64 is one of those small group of HDTVs which has managed to bag the Energy Star 6.0 compliant certification despite its fully loaded smart TV functionalities. The E64 is one of the value priced models of Panasonic which does not compromise on the picture […]

() Up for Review: Toshiba 58L9300u LED HDTV. The L9300 high-end series from Toshiba starts with the smallest entry as 58”. For those who yearning for a smart TV of decent size but not a massive one, the 58L9300 offers the perfect arrangement. Ultra-clear picture quality, smooth sound and above all tons of features bring […]

() Up for Review: Toshiba 58L1350U LED HDTV. If you are not exactly looking for a smart TV but want a large view and immense picture quality and clarity, the 58L1350U from Toshiba is the best choice you can make. Cinema quality images, crystal clear sound, and a magnificent large view, the Toshiba 58L1350U has […]

() Up for Review: Toshiba 58L4300U LED HDTV. What a tech-savvy consumer craves for is a high-tech TV for an affordable price and with all the features. The new 58L4300U from Toshiba is the set that meets the demands of the people completely. This set is characterized by high imagery, wide connectivity, multiple inputs and […]

() Up for Review: Toshiba 58L7300 LED HDTV. The new Toshiba 58L7300 brings to you an enriched color definition, seamless connectivity and high energy efficiency. With its sharp and clear visuals and built-in WiFi within an affordable price, the 58L7300 is a smart buy for the average group of consumers. Let’s take a look at […]

Up for Review: Vizio 58-inch LED HDTV. Vizio has been really pushing the limits with it improvements in the bigger screen entertainment. With so many features, the company has also been maintaining a comfortable enough pricing for the buyers. While 3D has to be featured with every model, it does really create an engaging movie […]

Samsung PN58C540 Review: 58” Plasma HDTV Up for Review: Samsung PN58C540 Plasma TV. The PN58C540 is part of Samsung’s 58” Class 540 Series and also a model of manufacturer’s 1080p Plasma HDTV. The model comes with a number of advanced features along with a high resolution picture and video quality which makes the model recommendable. […]

Samsung PN58C590 Review: 58″ Plasma HDTV Up for Review: Samsung PN58C590 Plasma TV. The PN58C590 is part of Samsung’s 58” Class 590 Series and also a model of manufacturer’s 1080p Plasma HDTV. Along with sporting a wide screen, there are a number of additional features which makes this TV model very much useful and recommendable. […]

Samsung PN58C550 Review: 58” Plasma HDTV Up for Review: Samsung PN58C550 Plasma TV. The Samsung PN58C550 is the 58 inch model in Samsung’s 550 Series of 1080p Plasma HDTVs. There are multiple features that make this set desirable to fans of modern televisions. One of the first features you may notice about this model is […]

Samsung PN58C6400 Review: 58” Plasma HDTV Up for Review: Samsung PN58C6400 Plasma TV. The 58” model in the Samsung Plasma TV series 6 is the PN58C6400. At 58” in size, this set’s screen is significantly larger than the 50” model. One of the major trouble spots with making your room TV-ready has to do with […]

Samsung PN58C6500 Review: 58” Plasma HDTV Up for Review: Samsung PN58C6500 Plasma TV. Especially intended to give watchers the feeling like they’re in a 3D theater, this is a large 58” model in Samsung’s 6500 plasma model line. This is a three-dimensional set, which provides dimensionality and depth that far exceeds what you might be […]