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() Up for Review: Samsung KN55S9CAFXZAOLED-LCD U HDTV. Have you ever thought of watching two TV shows or movies on a single TV panel at the same time? Well, while this might sound unreal, Samsung has done it with its recent S9C OLED series. OLED stands for Organic LED which is an advanced technology where […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN55F9000AFLED-LCD HDTV. The Samsung UN55F9000AF is an extremely high-end Ultra Slim LED panel built for the hard core gadget freaks and consumers that can splurge a fortune on their dream TV. Samsung has gone all out to build this monstrous LED panel that has panel resolution of 4K UHD (3840X2160) […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN55F6300AF LED-LCD HDTV Samsung seems to have been reinventing the HDTV products and raising the bar pretty high every year since 2009. But in 2013, it introduced an exciting array of smart HDTV series including F5000, F5500, F6300, F6800, F7100 and F9000. The Samsung UN55F6300AFis one of the popular models […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN55F7100AF LED-LCD HDTV. How far Samsung can go with their innovation on Smart TV? Perhaps, way beyond your imagination!At least, that’s what the all new Samsung UN55F7100AF suggests. It’s slim, sleek and you can get it started just buy speaking to it on your TV remote. But, that’s just the […]

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL5505D/F7 LCD HDTV. When you consider all the high end HDTV models in the market, the bid is usually won by the television set offering the maximum features and a moderate picture quality for a reasonable price. With the new Philips LCD i.e. the 55 inch PFL5505D/F7, there is no single […]

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL5705DV/F7 LCD HDTV. The 55 inch Philips PFL5705DV/F7 is one of the few LCD panels to sport a complete Smart TV package along with a healthy connectivity and commendable display. While Smart TV functions are mostly associated with LEDs, Philips has offered the market a rare set of products that will […]

() Up for Review: Philips 55PFL5907/F7 LED HDTV. With the prices of smart LED TVs soaring high, Philips has dared to bring in the complete package with a reasonable price tag embedded with Wi-Fi, Net TV, a 240 Hz refresh rate and an array of Picture Setting controls. The 55 inch 55PFL5907/F7 is a wonderful […]

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL7705D/F7 LED-LCD TV. If you are looking for a Philips ‘More than Performance’ television, you should opt for the 55PFL7705D/F7 model. The reason why Philips boasts this model as a more than performance television is its ability to perform like a real smart TV. The only difference between this set and […]

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL5705D/F7 LCD HDTV. While most LCD TV manufacturers are satisfied on boosting their display technology, the new Philips PFL5705D/F7 has taken a step ahead by combining an immersive audio system with the already perfect picture quality. Although it is not exactly a smart TV, the LCD panel features Netflix functionality, a […]

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL7505D/F7 LED-LCD TV. Today’s television industry is technologically affluent and it is not easy for a layman to keep track of all the trending stuff. All leading TV manufacturers are engaged in developing models of multiple categories making sure that everyone, regardless of the class, owns a TV. But, the fact […]

Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-P55S60 PLASMA HDTV. Not many manufacturers are offering 55 inch panels in the Plasma TV genre. Panasonic with its 55 inch S60 smart TV model definitely makes a mark being a budget TV and providing the best picture quality for the price. In fact, it is the only non 3D plasma […]

() Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-55VT60 PLASMA HDTV. The P55VT60 with its exceptional Infinite Black Ultra Panel and glass metal design can easily woo you into buying it. With a 3000 focused field drive the TV produces crisp, clean 2D motion pictures. However, the additional features like voice and facial recognition along with touch pad […]