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Up for Review: Philips 52PFL7403D/F7 LCD HDTV. Philips 52PFL7403D/F7 is an LCD HDTV that takes the conventional TV viewing experience to a higher level. It not only showcases the amazing pictures on the flat and sleek LCD screen but incorporates a couple of new, advanced and quite efficient features like BBE licensed high def sound, […]

Up for Review: Philips 52PFL7403D/27 LCD HDTV. Continuing with the practice of delivering the optimal picture display Philips presents another fantastic model 52PFL7403D/27 to the high def television industry. The panel delivers breathtaking HD content on the 52-inch LCD screen. The display screen is really big enough to give you a cinema hall like experience. […]

Up for Review: Philips 52PFL7432D/37 LCD HDTV If you are looking for the most economical HDTV in the 52-inch Philips PFL7000 series, 52PFL7432D/37 would be the perfect option for you. The first noteworthy feature of the TV is of course the superior picture display produced by the proprietary Perfect Pixel HD Engine. Also, it is […]

() Up for Review: Philips 52PFL7422D/37 LCD HDTV. Philips brought a lot of joy to all its fans by introducing the 52-inch LCD HDTV series. They could enjoy beautiful pictures on a larger screen. However, many of them still wanted to have the bigger TV at a low cost without compromising on the picture and […]

Up for Review: Philips 52PFL5603D/F7 LCD HDTV. The all new 52 inch PFL5603D/F7 is a surprise package from one of the leading HDTV manufacturers, Philips. With this model, the manufacturers have ventured into the budget TV product line where they have stripped down all the non essential features and introduced a simple basic panel with […]

() Up for Review: Philips 52PFL5704D/F7 LCD HDTV. Today’s HDTV market is more focused on providing the user much more than just a TV. Not many manufacturers are offering large LCD TVs with basic features and commendable picture quality which is actually the requirement for the average consumer base. Philips, the leading consumer electronics industry […]

Up for Review: Philips 52PFL7704D/F7 LCD TV. Not every television you see is able to offer the optimal picture display. Philips is one of the few modern brands, which is critically acclaimed specifically for its image and video output performance. 52PFL7704D/F7, in particular, happens to be Philips’s 52-inch LCD digital TV with full HD image […]

() Up for Review: Sony Bravia XBR52HX909 52 LCD HDTV. The XBR52HX909 is a look alike of the KDL-NX800 series. The TV represents similar visual and technical features to that of the KDL52NX800. Both the HDTVs are designed as per Sony’s monolithic design scheme. The XBR52HX909 is sleek, light weighed and in true sense, in […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC52LE830U LED-LCD HDTV. Sharp reinforced its leadership in LCD and LED HDTV technology with the introduction of the LC52LE830U. The LC52LE830U is an ultra-brilliant HDTV that comes with a decent screen size. The decent panel size of this ultra-sleek black bezel makes it an ideal fit to be wall mounted […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC52E77U LCD TV. The Aquos E77U series comes with an elegant design that sets a standard for wide-screen HDTVs. An intense black outer panel borders its wide screen all over, rendering a classy look to the TV. This 1080p HDTV not only produces breathtaking images, but is also designed with […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC52LE640U LED HDTV. The LC52LE640U is a smart member of Sharp’s new range of fully flat TVs that was released to the electronics market with quite a load of expectations on its shoulders. With the LE series scoring good marks much across the board with its large-sized LED screens, this […]

() Up for Review: Sharp LC-52LE640U LED LCD HDTV. The 52-inch model is one of the affordable non-3D HDTV sets available in the market. It does not support the active or passive 3D technology, but the device offers 1080p HD resolution along with a set of advanced connectivity, networking and internet access options. Further, the […]