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() Up for Review: Samsung PN51F4500AF Plasma HDTV. The Samsung PN51F4500AF comes as a budget product for those unwilling to enter the LED wave. The Samsung PN51F4500AF can be said to be all bare bones and largely sticks to the basics. There aren’t any smart features that you can expect out of this TV but […]

Up for Review: Samsung PN51F5350AF Plasma HDTV. The PN51F5350AF comes with a huge 51 inch screen and integrates several futuristic features that make TV viewing experience more exciting. The picture quality facilitates HD viewing but you don’t get 3D compatibility. However, this is actually advantageous for the users. 3D is good in big screen theatres. […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51F4500 Plasma HDTV. PN514500 is the larger of the two models in Samsung’s F4500 plasma panel series. Like its 43-inch line-mate, it does not include 3D streaming or Smart TV functionalities. Due to these exclusions Samsung has kept the price of the panel way down. Picture format is 720p but […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51F5300 Review Plasma HDTV. The Samsung PN64F5500 is an excellent choice under the price it is offered in. the picture quality is appreciable and handles contrasts and motion intuitively. It is the smallest model in this series and offers most of the features seen in the higher model in this […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51F5500 Plasma HDTV. The Samsung PN51F5500 is the smallest of all mid-tier plasma TVs from Samsung.It’s a low-end plasma TV which is missing a couple of smart features such as Built-in camera that are generally found across all high-end Smart Plasma TVs from Samsung. However, given that it’s a mid-tier […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51F8500AF Plasma HDTV. If you’re an HDTV enthusiast, you already know the difference between LED and Plasma technology when it comes to HDTVs. In fact, because of this difference in technology, LED-driven HDTVs are able to save you more on electricity while offering you less deep black levels. On the […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51D450 Plasma HDTV. The Samsung PN51D450 lets you make the most of the movie special weekend with its exceptional plasma technology. While plasma has always been the cinema lover’s expectation, the 51 inch screen comes with amazingly bold colors and true to life images. The Plasma One technology sets this […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51E490 Plasma HDTV. Samsung has designed the model by targeting the increasing demand for affordable HDTV sets. The 51-inch plasma TV set is launched with a very low price-tag to suit your budget. But it lacks the online features and 1080p HD resolution offered by the higher end devices. The […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51E450 Plasma HDTV. It is one of the inexpensive TV set launched by Samsung. Along with 3D compatibility and 1080p HD resolution, the model also lacks any wired or wireless networking option to access internet. But the slim bezel design and low price-tag of the device allows you to use […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51E530 Plasma HDTV. The 51-inch plasma TV set is one of the affordable non-3D models launched by Samsung. It offers 1080p HD resolution and impressive video quality, but it lacks most of the advanced features offered by the higher end devices launched by the manufacturer. Along with active 3D compatibility, […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51E550 Plasma HDTV. Samsung has launched a number of inexpensive 3D HDTC model to target a specific segment of customers. The 51-inch plasma TV set is one of the models with lower price-tags, but it comes with an array of impressive features and functionalities. In addition to active 3D compatibility […]

() Up for Review: Samsung PN51E6500 Plasma HDTV. Samsung has launched the 51-inch plasma TV model as part of its inexpensive 3D HD TV series. It comes with active 3D compatibility, 1080p HD resolution and a set of networking and connectivity features. But the device lacks some of the features, offered by the higher end […]