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Up for Review: LG 47LT777H LED HDTV. If you are thinking of setting up multiple TVs in your living space right from your living room to separate guest rooms under a single network, the LG 47LT777H is the smartest choice you can make. With access to all premium services without the use of set top […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47SL90 LED HDTV The all new 47SL90 from LG electronics has a surprising radiant picture technology and a decent refresh rate paired with XD engine for fast image processing. Adorned with magnificent color detail and clarity, the 47SL90 displays crisp, clear and lifelike pictures. Moreover, the Clear Voice II […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LV4400 LED HDTV. The 47LV4400 is a mid range LED TV with minimum yet fully functional features. It has a full high definition screen resolution of 1080p accompanied by a 120 Hz refresh rate which ensures a brilliant picture quality. Moreover, the unique noise reduction mechanism is a high […]

() Up for Review: LG Infinia 47LW5300 LED HDTV. This 47LW5300 is a classic choice if you are looking for 3D LED TV. With a full 178 degree viewing angle, the panel delivers images that have great depth, clarity and subtle details etched out brilliantly. The 2D to 3D conversion with immersive 3D technology is […]

() Up for Review: LG Infinia 47LW5600 LED HDTV. With a superb picture quality that states brightness, color, contrast in magnified detail, the LW5600 is a wise and perfect choice for high end LED TV buyers. The panel’s 1080p full HD works to its perfect effect and produces bright, crystal clear and crisp images to […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LS579C. The classic 47” LS579C LED panel is a television that holds a profound significance among the average group of consumers. The Edge lit LED is packed with smart features like App store, built in Wi-Fi, smart phone remote support and an impeccable picture quality with full HD resolution […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47SL80 LCD HDTV. If you review the HDTVs ads of the past couple of years, you should see how the manufacturers have been showcasing the aesthetics of their TV models. Indeed, HDTVs have become as much of a home décor essential as the medium of entertainment. Understandably, more and […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LS5700 LED HDTV. The all new 47LS5700 encompasses the latest Picture Wizard Technology and a motion controlled magic remote that reflects the futuristic approach to TV designing. Plus LG’s LED technology and Resolution Upscaler deliver amazing brightness, contrast levels, clarity, higher resolution and color detail. Sports watchers will find […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LN5750 LED HDTV. The LG 47LN5750 is a full high definition television that will redefine your viewing experience with its native screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 producing the most flawless and vibrant imagery ever. Integrated with the latest Picture wizard Technology accompanied by 120 Hz refresh rate, this […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LD950C LCD HDTV. While LED TV sets have hugely taken over the market, the LG 47LD950C, a LCD, still continues to be a favorite among the average group of buyers. With a high refresh rate of 240 HZ, Clear Voice Technology integrated with the audio system and above all, […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47GA6450 LED HDTV. The GA6450 is identical to the former GA6400 series except for the $50 Google Play kit that comes with the television set. It includes all the smart features along with the Magic remote and Class 3D cinema. The L9 dual core processor is an ad-on which […]

() Up for Review: LG Electronics 47LA7400 LED HDTV. Regarded as one of the most energy efficient television sets of 2013, the new LG 47LA7400 meets the stringent energy efficiency performance levels of US environment Protection Agency. While being completely environment friendly, this television also provides the viewers with an huge passive 3D Cinema experience, […]