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Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7704D/F7 LCD HDTV. The 47PFL7704D/F7 is a fine 47-inch LCD HDTV of Philips’s 7000 HDTV series. The panel has got a tight and sleek design. It supports true HD content with Full 1920x1080p digital screen resolution so picture display is exceptionally well. The Perfect Pixel HD Engine plays its part to […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7603D/27 LCD HDTV. Philips rightly understands the fact that one needs to keep moving in order to stay alive in the ruthless television marketplace. You would get to see minor but essential changes on every successive TV model of the company. Optimal display technology, slicker design and budget-friendly price are the […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7432D/37 LCD HDTV. Philips 47PFL7432D/37 is an outstanding model of the Philips 7000 HDTV series. You would buy this model for two reasons –Better Performance and Very good Price. It will make you believe that excellent TVs could also be affordable. If you are not fully satisfied with your current or […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7403D/27 LCD HDTV. Razor sharp picture display, high quality and seamless video streaming without any eye distraction, ultra clear sound and a good brand name – this is what you basically look for on a new TV set, right? What if you’re offered a top model from Philips that includes a […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7422D/37 LCD HDTV. If you are looking for a better HDTV with great picture display, fair audio at a reasonable cost, Philips 47PFL7422D/37 could be a good option for you. It is slick, future proof, low-cost and updatable via USB, so you can buy it even if you are on a […]

() Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7403D/F7 LCD HDTV. 47PFL7403D/F7 is a fantastic model of the Philips 7000 LCD HDTV series. In terms of design, features and performance it looks like a clone of the 7403D/27 model in the line-up. You would not feel any difference between them at the first look. However, after turning it […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL5603D/27 LCD HDTV. Just when you thought that the LCD panel production was finally coming to an end and there will be just LEDs from now, Philips emerged into the market with its breathtakingly crafted LCDs and brilliantly performing display technology. The most popular are the 40 to 50 inch designs […]

() Up for Review: Philips 47PFL5708D/F7 LED HDTV. While Philips is quite famous for its wide range of LCD panels, its venture into the world of the LEDs is worth a look. Like all manufacturers, Philips has initiated its new product line with basic LED model barring the smart TV features. However, the convenience attributes […]

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL5603D/F7 LCD HDTV. While most manufacturers have opted to rim down the budget models and leave it with just the bare basics, Philips has smartly taken up the challenge by replacing some of the aspects of the high end models with features that would come handy for a budget model. The […]

() Up for Review: Philips 47PFL6704DF7 LCD HDTV. Though not exactly a competitive model meant for today’s market needs, the 47 inch Phillips model is nevertheless a smart buy for consumers looking for quality performance at a moderate price. Apart from its quality, the Dutch design that entails Phillips design ideas makes the PFL6704DF7 a […]

Up for Review: PHILIPS 47PFL9732D/37 LED HDTV. Though LED TVs have become the rage in the HDTV market for more than a year now, the LCD panels have not yet lost their charm. And for those who are seeking for a low end model with good screen size and picture quality, the LCDs come as […]

() Up for Review: PANASONIC TC-L47WT60 LED-LCD HDTV. The 47 inch TC-LWT60 is one of the flawless high-end smart TVs manufactured by Panasonic but inevitably under a high price tag. With a built in camera and dual core Hexa Processing engine, Panasonic takes HDTVs to a completely new level. However, being a fully equipped smart […]