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() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6350AF LED Smart HDTV. The 46-inch UN46F6350AF, in particular, has got multiple features that usually belong to the brand’s top tier models. It’s a Smart TV, but non-3D. It is also devoid of Micro Dimming technology; however, picture quality is still up to the mark. Importantly, excluding these two functionalities […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. The 46-inch UN46F6300AF is an excellent option for budget Smart TV buyers. Solid picture quality with accurate colors, fantastic video processing, and eye-enticing design including a flat and uniform screen, and thin cabinet and bezel will surely make many people love it. Moreover, it is available […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46FH6030F LED Smart HDTV. Of all the Active 3D LED TVs Samsung made in 2013, the UN46FH6030F is the most value oriented model. With the 46-inch screen it is the middle one in the 3-model series. The 46-inch screen fits into any room quite comfortably. It is neither too big […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46H7150AF Review LED HDTV. All the products in the H7150AF series have amazing picture quality and this 46 inch product is perfect with complimenting features if you are looking for an option for home entertainment. The TV instills several advanced technology for better picture production. With 1080p resolution and features […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6800AF LED Smart HDTV. Samsung UN46F6800AF is the model for you especially if you want to have the most advanced TV viewing experience without spending a high amount of money. The innovative window look including a slick and thin glass frame and a chrome stand is the distinctive feature of […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F6400 LED Smart HDTV. The UN46F6400 is Samsung’s mid level LED Smart TV. The model is known for its ability to deliver top notch services like the tier one panels can deliver. The difference is you need to spend substantially higher bucks for the plush models, while the UN466400 prices […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F7100 LED Smart HDTV. Although the 46-inch UN46F7100 is the smallest piece in the series, it is a standard size for many TV consumers. If your heart is set on an extra large Smart TV, you might not opt for this model. However, chances are that you would change your […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F8000BF LED Smart HDTV. The 46-inch UN46F8000BF is the smallest in Samsung’s tier-1 F8000 series. Edge-lit LED Backlight technology, Active 3D playback, optimal 240Hz screen refresh rate along with all the interactive and Smart TV features make it the best Smart TV in the 2013/14 LED Smart TV lineup. Screen […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F7500AF LED Smart HDTV. For the modern-day TV consumers, a television has turned into a smart interactive gadget. Today, since the demand for fun and entertainment has increased a ton; all leading TV manufacturing brands are offering different versions of next-gen Smart TV sets with myriads of leading-edge Smart features. […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F5500AF LED HDTV. When Samsung introduced its budget Smart TVs, it was abundantly clear that the brand name was going to be on a popularity spree. What we remained a bit skeptic about was the picture quality and the functionality of the named features. However, the UN46F5500AF latest from Samsung […]

() Up for Review: Samsung UN46F5000AF LED HDTV. For people who are interested in buying just a TV, a Smart TV suite can make a bad economic sense. Further, for not so tech savvy users, the additional smart features are a complete waste. So, if you are ready to forego the online services and the […]

() Up for Review: Philips 46PFL7705DV/F7 LED-LCD HDTV. If you want to free yourself from the fixed program timeslots and watch what you like on a large flat TV, then Philips 46PFL7705DV/F7 happens to be a perfect set. It’s been possible due to the advanced Internet streaming services feature added to the TV. Thanks to […]