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() Up for Review: VIZIO M422I-B1 Full-Array LED Smart HDTV. The 42-inch M422I-B1 from VIZIO is aimed at providing all the cutting-edge entertainment resources along with superior pictures and pleasing audio at a very reasonable price. The screen space looks standard and can fit into any room without a problem. It belongs to the brand’s […]

Up for Review: Vizio E420-B1 LED HDTV. This year, Vizio has taken the game to just another level. All its releases this year combine, sense and functionality but are available around the same price tag it attached itself last year. As a result consumers have better options when it comes to TV buying and in […]

() Up for Review: Vizio E420I-B0 LED HDTV. The E420I-B0 proves that Vizio’s lineup for 2014 constitutes major upgrades while the prices are still low compared to other manufacturers. This model in particular features full array LED feature with active dimming in 5 zones providing enhanced contrast and sharpness. Full of features, this mid level […]

() Up for Review: Vizio E420I-A0 LED HDTV. Now that the holiday season is here, Vizio has stepped up in the game and is ready with a new line of Razor LED products under the E-series. The E420I-A0 is the second largest model in this series and combines a variety of core and smart features […]

() Up for Review: Vizio E420-A0 Review LED HDTV. Now that the holiday season is nearing and consumers have more reasons to replace their old TV with a new one, Vizio has stepped up in the game. The E-series brings an enormous line of Razor LEDs accompanying a form factor that will be a perfect […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5907/F7 LED-LCD HDTV. Philips 42PFL5907/F7 is the flagship model of the 5000 series. It has got tons of leading-edge features including the most advanced internet TV with wireless connectivity. The only feature it is devoid of is the 3D playback, but that’s certainly understandable considering its cost. Besides that, it is […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5704D/F7 LCD HDTV. 42PFL5704D/F7 is another excellent model of the Philips 5000 series. It is an LCD HDTV panel with leading-edge style, powerful performance and high energy efficiency. The TV has also got the highest screen resolution of Full HD 1920x1080p. It obviously features the proprietary Pixel Plus 3 HD technology. […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5603D/F7 LCD HDTV. Oftentimes, prospective TV buyers confuse whether they should opt for a highly expensive aristocratic model with all cutting-edge features or just a low tier TV set with some basic features and low price tag. Sometimes they get a pertinent set, sometimes they do not. It mostly depends on […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5603D/27 LCD HDTV. Television industry’s most advanced functionalities like 3D playback and online streaming services are still not accessed by all TV consumers. First of all, they cost some extra dollars which budget consumers cannot afford to pay. Then, online services are pretty much prone to internet speed variations. Both the […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5432D/37 LCD TV. The HDTV industry is going through a transformation with many leading HDTV brands spending huge bucks into improving the experience through innovations. There are consumers that have lived up to the glory of full HD panels and how they enhance their perception of family entertainment options at home. […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL6704D/F7 LCD HDTV. With display quality and connectivity facilities being the high point of HD TVs nowadays, manufacturers are making their best efforts to bring their products into the competition by enhancing these factors. Although LEDs with their perfect crystal clear quality are ruling the television market, for the average group […]

Up for Review: Philips 42PFL5332D/37LCD TV. Phillips has always been a champion in the consumer electronics industry world over. From home theatres to HDTVs, it has built many products to redefine human interactions with technology. It’s no surprise then the popular consumer electronics behemoth would lead from the front when it comes to HDTVs. With […]