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Up for Review: Philips 37PFL7332D/37 LCD TV. Philips’s contribution to the television world cannot be overlooked. Whether it be the high-end television segment or the budget TV panels, it has been playing a significant role in offering eye-catching models with outstanding performance. Its 37PFL7332D/37 is particularly a budget LCD TV for consumers who have a […]

() Up for Review: LG 37CS560 LCD HDTV. The LG 37CS560 seems like a lot of featured have been literally stripped off compared to the models from the previous years. We find the reasons confusing and this certainly will make one think for a moment before buying this product. There are so many alternatives and […]

Up for Review: Samsung UN37EH5000 LED LCD HDTV. Despite of the growing popularity of the 3D HDTV sets, there are many people, who still are looking for affordable 3D HD TV sets. The UN37EH5000 is one of the lower end and affordable HDTV sets launched by Samsung. It offers 1080p HD resolution, but lacks some […]

() Up for Review: Panasonic TC-L37E5 LED LCD HDTV. In comparison to the higher end 3D HDTV models launched by Panasonic, the 37-inch LED HDTV model looks almost basic. It is not compatible with active or passive 3D technology. Also, it lacks some of the networking and internet access options offered by other sets. But […]

JVC JLE37BC3001 Review: 37” LED LCD HDTV Up for Review: JVC JLE37BC3001 LED LCD TV. Since this is the age of LED TVs, you will like this offering from JVC. There is nothing eye-catching about the features of the TV but this is a good basic set. Manufacturers today don’t give much thought towards making […]

Westinghouse VR-3730 Review: 37” inch LCD HDTV Up for Review: Westinghouse VR-3730 LCD TV. Similar to other 37-inch models launched by Westinghouse, this TV set offers 1080p HD resolution. It also provides additional connectivity options through the USB ports. But it does not support the advanced 3D technology and also does not offer any wired […]

Westinghouse VR-3725 Review: 37” inch LCD HDTV Up for Review: Westinghouse VR-3725 LCD TV. The 37-inch LCD TV model is launched by Westinghouse as part of its non-3D series. Similar to other models launched by the manufacturer, the VR-3725 also does not come with wired or wireless internet access options and 3D technology support. But […]

LG 37LK450 Review: 37” LCD HDTV () Up for Review: LG 37LK450 LCD TV. LG previewed three models under the LK450 series of LCD TVs with a set of similar features. These models does not come with advanced 3D HD and wireless internet connectivity options like the plasma TV sets previewed by the manufacturer. But […]

LG 37LV3700 Review: 37” LED LCD HDTV Up for Review: LG 37LV3700 LED TV. The model is scheduled to be released by LG as a part of its LV3700 series of LED TV series. It comes with a set of advanced features including Smart TV and Wi-FI support, which are effective in enhancing the overall […]

LG 37LV3500 Review: 37” LED LCD HDTV () Up for Review: LG 37LV3500 LED TV. LG announced the 37-inch LED TV model without including any options to access internet. But the model comes with a set of options to watch a wide range of television programs and shows being aired on various channels. The model […]

LG 55LV3700 Review: 55” LED LCD HDTV () Up for Review: LG 55LV3700 LED LCD TV. The model was announced by LG as a part of its 55-inch class of LV3700 series of LED TVs. It comes with a set of advanced and power efficient features that allow you to use the model as a […]

Panasonic TC-L37E3 Review: 37” LED LCD HDTV () Up for Review: Panasonic TC-L37E3 LED LCD TV. Panasonic previewed the model as a part of its VIERA® E3 Series LED HDTV. The model comes with a 37-inch screen and a set of features identical to the other sets previewed as part of the same series. Some […]