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See larger image VIZIO M322i-B1 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2014 Model) (Electronics) New From: $1,199.96 In Stock Used from: $273.99 In Stock Up for Review: Vizio M322I-B1 LED HDTV. The smallest model of the M-series this year, the Vizio M322I-B1 comes under a sweet price tag of just $330 and is a model targeted […]

Up for Review: VIZIO M321I-A2 Razor LED Smart HDTV. The 32-inch TVs happen to be the smallest in VIZIO’s M-Series. The M321I-A2 leaves 3D playback and 240Hz processing, but it still offers you some of the high-end functionalities like Smart TV options, brilliant picture display, nice audio and full digital connectivity. Most importantly, VIZIO has […]

Up for Review: Vizio E320FI-B2 LED HDTV. A distinctive low range model from Vizio, the E320FI-B2 comes with 1080p native resolution and energy saving backlighting technology. As compared to models from its previous year release, this TV has both upgraded in design and specifications. Several futuristic technologies combine to provide a better picture quality and […]

Up for Review: Vizio D320-B1 LED HDTV. The entry level Vizio D320-B1 comes with several minor and major upgrades and is one of the most exciting products of 2014. The advantage of this TV for consumers is still the low price tag that Vizio sticks to from the previous year. What we miss out on […]

Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B2 LED Smart HDTV. The 32-inch E320I-B2 LED Smart TV can be called as the step-up model of the equally sized E-Series B1 model. It’s step-up due to the enhanced sound output, which is 20-watt instead of 10-watt like on the B1 model. However, the price-tag does not change even by […]

Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B1 LED Smart HDTV. With excellent picture quality, nice pleasing audio, easy set-up, lightweight and attractive panel, low price tag and multiple functionalities the E320I-B1 from VIZIO is a great bang for the buck. The availability of VIZIO Internet Apps Plus on this budget TV is the major plus. Furthermore, VIZIO […]

See larger image VIZIO E320-B2 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Electronics) List Price: $218.00 USD Used from: $179.99 In Stock Up for Review: Vizio E320-B2 LED HDTV. The E320-B2 comes as a healthy upgrade compared to Vizio’s lineup in 2013. The new E series incorporates some really standout features along with a low price tag. […]

Up for Review: VIZIO E320I-B0 LED Smart HDTV. The E320I-B0 is a great Smart TV from VIZIO with a powerful feature upgrade and high-quality performance. Cost is still pretty low, i.e. well below $300 ensuring that you can afford to buy this even if you have a tight budget. Hard to believe, but it’s true […]

Up for Review: Vizio E32I-A0 LED HDTV. The Vizio E32I-A0 clearly points out why a TV needn’t be huge to be worthy for home entertainment. This product looks bigger than a normal monitor but would rightly fit into spaced where anything more would have looked crowded. While the E32I-A0 is just a 32 inch screen, […]

See larger image VIZIO 32 Class (31.50″ Diag.) Full-Array LED TV (Electronics) List Price: $287.99 USD Up for Review: VIZIO E320-B1 LED HDTV. The VIZIO E320-B1 is a small and powerful LED TV with a few highly advanced features that are performing exceptionally well. From design to performance, everything is perfect. Cost is another stand-out […]

Vizio E320-B0 32″ Class 720p Full-Array LED TV (Electronics) Up for Review: VIZIO E320-B0 LED HDTV. VIZIO’s 32-inch E320-B0 comes with pretty strong feature upgrade for 2014. However, it does not bring a rise in the price and that’s the great news for budget TV shoppers. The stand-out features of this specific model are E-Series […]

See larger image Samsung UN32F6300 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics) Up for Review: Samsung UN32F6300AF LED Smart HDTV. The UN32F6300AF is the smallest in Samsung’s F6300 LED Smart TV series. The 32-inch One Design slim screen with 0.5” thin bezel looks stunning and fits comfortably into any space in your […]