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The Panasonic TC-26LX70 is a great option for in the sub-30 inch LCD TV cateogry. Panasonic is a popular flat panel manufacturer that historically supports their products quite well at affordable prices. Although it is a smaller TV, the frame isn’t quite as trendy and slim as some other TV’s on the market. It’s not […]

The Westinghouse SK-26H240S is a sleek looking 26 inch LCD HDTV available primarily at Best Buy. It features a mostly black exterior with a few touches of silver for a very contemporary look. Westinghouse included lots of the features you’d find in higher priced LCD’s on the SK26H240S like 720p resolution, high brightness and a […]

For those who are searching for a mid-range LCD in a decent but smaller size, Samsung is a brand that you should be considering. The Samsung LN-T2653 26″ LCD TV is an entry-level LCD but may be perfect for those who are looking for a secondary TV for your office or bedroom. The Samsung LN-T2653H […]