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Toshiba 19LV610U Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Toshiba 19LV610U LCD TV. If you are looking for a small sized television for your bedroom or other smaller, personal room space, then this model is apt for you. Though small in size, this space saver does not lag behind other superior models in performance. The […]

Apex LD1919 Review : 19″ LCD HDTV Up for review: Apex LD1919 LCD TV. Offering ultimate enjoyment with HD digital audio and video programming TV reception, the Apex LD1919, 19-inch LCD HDTV model, is perfectly designed for small rooms. The compact flat-panel model with 720 resolutions garners popular attention through sharper picture quality. The Apex […]

Insignia NS-L19W1Q-10A Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Insignia NS-L19W1Q-10A LCD TV. Though small in size, the model is a high quality LCD set with advanced TFT active matrix technology. Ensuring outstanding picture quality, the set has excellent contrast and black levels and rich colors. The 1366 x 768 resolution coupled with 720p display […]

Vizio VM190XVT Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Vizio VM190XVT LCD/LED TV. Introducing LED technology to smaller sized TV’s, the Vizio brand has set a new milestone in the HDTV arena. The 19 inch television is incorporated with Razor LED technology that offers perfect picture quality, with richer details and excellent colors. The razor-thin […]

Insignia NS-L19Q-10A Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Insignia NS-L19Q-10A LCD TV. Insignia has really tried its best to woo all kinds of audiences. With this small HDTV, it expects the people with a liking for smaller TVs to go in for this set. This 19” display can be kept in kitchens, offices and […]

Samsung LN19B360C5D Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Samsung LN19B360C5D LCD TV. If you are in search of a small and lightweight TV which will form a part of your kitchen or office room, then this HDTV is just the perfect one for you. Not only does it have all the basic features of […]

Samsung LN19B650T6D Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Samsung LN19B650T6D LCD TV. It is a classy LCD model that is ideal for your small room spaces. Small in size but big in style and performance, the model has Wide XGA (1366 x 768 pixels) resolution that makes viewing enjoyable. With a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast […]

Dynex DX-L19-10A Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Dynex DX-L19-10A LCD TV. If you have set your heart on buying a small little HDTV as an additional set for your kitchen, then this HDTV will just suit you fine. Measuring only 19” diagonally, this TV has all the impressive features of an HDTV including […]

Zenith 19LCD3 Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: 19LCD3 Zenith LCD TV. It is one of the LCD models that are a perfect blend of superior performance and style. This 19” TV with 720p resolution and 1440x900p native display resolution ensures that the hi-def content and lifelike images are projected with immense precision and […]

Memorex MLT1921 Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Memorex MLT1921 LCD TV. This HDTV is somewhat average looking as far as the current HDTV market goes. It rests on a pretty sturdy stand. This set also has the option to be hung on the wall but additional equipment would need to be purchased. The […]

Viore LC19VX60PB Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Viore LC19VX60PB LCD TV. Like most other 19” models, this HDTV is also targeted at an audience which has a limited budget or wants to buy a second TV for the house. It can easily fit into a kitchen or a small office room. A 720p […]

Sanyo DP19649 Review: 19” LCD HDTV Up for Review: Sanyo DP19649 LCD TV. Meant for a select audience, who need a second TV in the house to view in the kitchen or small office room, this small 19” TV is a good one to be considered for selection. This HDTV is also fine for people […]