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Mitsubishi WD-65735 Review – 65-Inch DLP HDTV

Originally Reviewed on September 6th, 2009

Mitsubishi WD-65735 Review: 65” DLP HDTV

Up for Review : Mitsubishi WD-65735 DLP TV. It is a 65 inch model with1080p High-Definition DLP Display System that uses Digital Light Processing technology. It ensures all the pictures are displayed at1080p and successfully accepts 1080p original signals and maintain them throughout the processing until displayed.

Equipped with 3 D Ready feature technology, Mitsubishi WD-65735 makes your entertainment even more captivating. This feature becomes even more important as more and more 3D technologies are being applied to several movies and video games in recent times. Hence with this feature in your TV, you are sure to enjoy 3D contest more than ever before. However, it requires 3D glasses and IR emitter, and a PC.

The 1920 x 1080 picture resolution ensures sharper and clearer images that look very real .Moreover, while its 6-color processing feature makes viewing colored images exciting, the perfectcolor technique is very makes color adjustment easy. The widescreen picture pattern of WD-65735 ensures theatre like experience at home. All the Digital TV broadcasts, DVDs and newer video game consoles support this widescreen format.

Mitsubishi WD-65735 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Display Type 1080p DLP
  • Pixel Resolution (horizontal x vertical*) 1920 x 1080
  • Lamp Power 180 Watts
  • Video Format Conversion Plush1080p
  • Color Temperature Control (by input) High/Low
  • Video Modes: Brilliant/Bright/Natural/Game Yes
  • Full Screen Image Freeze Yes
  • Front USB Photo Input 1
  • Rear HDMI Inputs 3
  • HDMI Digital PC Compatibility
  • 3D IR Emitter 1
  • Remote Control Partially Illuminated

Provided with integrated HDTV tuners, the model is able to receive over-the-air broadcasts as well as non-scrambled cable broadcasts. Adding to the superior features of Mitsubishi WD-65735 is its wide connectivity options that allow the users to connect several gadgets to the set. You can easily connect laptops, digital cameras, DVD players and several other devices and hence enjoy the added entertainment options.

A complete satisfactory package, the model has superior quality stereo speakers of 20 watts. The sound system features PCM that ensures Digital Output for all analog sources. Though most of the reviews have stated in favor of this model, one of the reviews complained about absence of bass feature. But you can easily overcome this shortcoming by using a home theatre receiver. However, in most cases it is not required because the sound quality is really good and adequate.

So, all those willing to buy a home theatre system, can try out Mitsubishi WD-65735. The model has successfully managed to get positive reviews from its users which pay testimony to its good performance. gives Mitsubishi WD-65735 8/10 stars!

One Customer Review for “Mitsubishi WD-65735 Review – 65-Inch DLP HDTV”

  1. dennis's reviewSeptember 24, 2010

    My set is 2.5 yrs old and the lamp just went out as did my last diamond set about the same time in. I like the set however it isn’t as bright as my buddys sony lcd rear projector and the 3d feature is simply a selling point since the additional hookups are needed. I will not consider a dlp set again beacause this time I don’t have the insurance so I am out 160$ for a light bulb.

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