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Hitachi 55VS69A Review – 55-inch LCD Rear Projection HDTV

Originally Reviewed on August 18th, 2007

The Hitachi 55VS69A LCD Rear Projection TV initially catches people’s attention with its impressive price. You can often find this large projection TV for under $1000. Very intriguing when you see the Sony’s and Samsung’s at nearly double the price for the same size. The Hitachi features LCD technology which includes 3 small chips so they can be noticeably slimmer than a CRT rear projection. The 55Vs69A is very sleek looking and not too flashy for a traditional room. This TV would fall into the value buy category. It has a very satisfactory picture but doesn’t quite match up to the higher end sets. You get a nice large, adequate picture and save some money. Not a bad option.

products=”hitachi 55vs69a”]

Hitachi 55VS69A LCD Rear Projection Features and Specifications:

  • Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Built-in Tuners: ATSC/NTSC/QAM
  • Composite Inputs: 5
  • Component Inputs: 2
  • S-Video Inputs: 2
  • HDMI Inputs: 1
  • DVI Inputs: 0
  • CableCard: Yes
  • PC Compatible: No

The Hitachi 55VS69A includes some impressive features like 3 built-in tuners, lots of inputs and an included CableCard so you don’t have to worry about storing another cable box. It is susceptible to a few minor issues that come with LCD rear projection (read about those in our rear projcetion guide) but it displays HD programming very well. If you are looking for a 50+ inch HDTV for under $1000, add the Hitachi 55VS69A to your list! gives the Hitachi 55VS69A 7/10 stars!

101 Customer Reviews for “Hitachi 55VS69A Review – 55-inch LCD Rear Projection HDTV”

  1. BawtJ's reviewJune 13, 2008

    Be careful with this TV; I’ve had it for less than two years and have replaced the LCD projection bulb (175$). Now it has a bluish blob on the screen that seems to be a problem with optical engine, (800$) This TV cost me 1800 dollars at Best Buy in Houston,TX. Be CAREFUL

  2. GPersinger's reviewJune 30, 2008

    I’ve had the exact same problem. So it is the optical engine? What a waste of money. I paid $1800 as well. One month out of warranty and just replaced the bulb. In short, don’t buy HITACHI.

  3. charles sanford's reviewAugust 26, 2008

    lucky for me i bought my 55vs69a at Aaarons it was discontinued and i paid 1000 dollars with a stand The bulb burnt out today 2 days before the warranty from them ended

    if not for that i would be pissed at a 1000 dollar tv lasting a year and needing a 175 dollar part

    i have 3 Sanyo 37 inch tvs i only paid 199 each for and they are over 3 years old no problems

  4. Shannon's reviewSeptember 28, 2008

    This tv is a piece of crap. The bulb went out after having this tv for 8months. Now it’s been in the shop over 2months and still they don’t have it fix. Don’t waste your money on this tv. This company doesn’t offer a refund on this product, you just have to wait forever for them to fix this problem..

  5. MIKE's reviewSeptember 28, 2008

    Was very impressed at first w/ this TV. Have had it for just over a year and the bulb went out. There is also a blue blemish on my screen. Seemed as time went buy the picture wasnt as bright and just slowly got worse until the bulb popped.

  6. Bulldog's reviewNovember 07, 2008

    Well my friends, I have the same problem with the bulb. Bought it a year ago, blew the bulb in Oct./08, replaced it, and guess what, blew it again. Just called the service rep to get a new one. I personally think these bulbs are going due to the fan not being to spec. In other words, have a heavy duty fan inside this unit. And yes, I agree, when the bulb is weak, the picture tends to fade. Nice eh????
    Oh well, this will be the last one I put in and then I will give it to charity. Repaired of course.

  7. Andrew's reviewNovember 23, 2008

    I was impressed with the TV, but recently I have acquired the “blue haze”. I picked up the tv for $800.00 at the store. Now that I found out that to fix the problem would cost near $800 I think I will go buy another TV and most likely not from Hitachi.

  8. Joe's reviewNovember 30, 2008

    I purchased mine from Circuit City on 1 Jul 07, for 899.00 and have not had a bit of trouble. Still running strong, and am happy with the set.

  9. Justin's reviewDecember 21, 2008

    I bought mine in January 07 from best buy.It has worked flawless even with kids leaving it on all the time.Now today on Dec 21 08 it has went bad.The temp light starts to flas and the lamp light then the temp light stays on and then it all turns off.It gave me no warning at all.

  10. Diane VanAlstine's reviewApril 27, 2009

    Piece of crap is an understatement; We purchased this TV February 07. So it’s just over two years old. We have replaced the bulb once and just last night it went out again, we have replaced the light engine ( yes nearly 800 dollar repair however after b*tching to Hitachi they did provide a one time replacement) but here we go a 900 dollar set and we are embarking on our second out of pocket repair totalling nearly 300 dollars. So the two year old set originally 900 is about to be valued at 1200 plus the 800 the company paid = 2 grand. I am NOT ever buying Hitachi again. Period.

  11. Jeff's reviewJune 05, 2009

    Great TV for about a year. Then like everyone else the bulb went (spent $250 to get 2 so I had a spare). Had no real issue with spending $125 per year on bulbs but the bulb was just the beginning of problems. A few months after replacing the bulb, blue dots began to appear. Every day there seems to be more and I now have a bluish ring around the sides of the screen. Based on what people say it seems like the light engine is bad – however, I’m not going to pay more $ to get it fixed then I paid for it new. Stay far away from Hitachi TVs – spend a little more and get a Sony or any other brand.

  12. Brent's reviewJuly 21, 2009

    Absolute piece of junk. A week after the one year warranty started getting a blue spot on the screen. It was not noticeable (or I got used to it) after a few months. Then the bulb blew out. I replaced it for about $125.00. Now just at 2 years old the light engine went bad and left a nice blue halo around my tv. Called Hitachi, they will do nothing. Emailed Hitachi, still nothing. They refuse to send any replacement part. I heard there was a class-action suit against them because of this issue. If anyone knows anything, please post. All in all, I will never buy a piece of #$%* Hitachi again and will do whatever is possible to make sure that I can convince other that there are definately better products by better companies out there.

  13. Julius's reviewAugust 04, 2009

    Wow. I just googled trying to find the specs of the tv because we are hooking up our ps3 and want to set everything right. No problems with our set at all, but now I’m real worried!

    We got our set jan/feb 07 and not one single problem. I guess it will blow up tomorrow! Hope not. Only paid $1,100 at bestbuy. Always figured we would just trash it for something new when it goes, but the picture is fanfriggintastic, so I might throw some cash at a bulb if/when it goes and see what happens.

    I wonder what gives with all the bulb/blue spot issues? Or maybe the 11 people who posted here got the 11 bad sets out of the batch??? They probably made/sold way more than 11 I bet 😉

    I’m not loyal to any brand. Seems problems pop up whoever you go with. I just try and get the best deal when I get a tv so I don’t feel bad when it goes.

    • disgruntled customer in Ky's reviewApril 25, 2012

      > I too bought my hitachi 50″ in 07.. and in 2011, the blue dots began appearing… they worsened .. and just as I was researching to see what the blue dots are, I learned of the class action lawsuit. I called hitachi.. they will do nothing, and in fact, told me they fully expect to win the class action lawsuit. … and now the lamp has blown, according to troubleshooting, and the fan also. But in reading here how much a light engine costs, I don’t think I will even fix the lamp and fan.. why bother? I will still have the blue dots and hue. I can get a new one for close to what I’d spend to fix this one.

  14. K JONES's reviewAugust 25, 2009


  15. aznative's reviewSeptember 05, 2009

    I got mine in early 07, ive had to replace the bulb twice so far (kids turning off and on rapidly) but havent had problems with any blue spots. I also paid $1100 at best buy and it came with a $200 gift card.

  16. Mary's reviewSeptember 09, 2009

    Bought this tv july of 07 two months after warranty the lamp blew had to replace with a cost of over 300 and now there is a blue tinge taking over most of the screen….paid 2300 for this tv what a piece of junk will never buy hitachi again

  17. Lyn and Mike's reviewSeptember 19, 2009

    Don’t buy this TV!!! I begged my husband to buy a smller, better quality TV but he wouldn’ think of it. After two years, the bulb just went out for the second time and we have the “blue haze” that I’m finding out is probably due to a bad light engine. What a lemon!!!

  18. Bill Crockett's reviewSeptember 20, 2009

    Bought this TV back in Nov 07 with money given to us for our wedding, Not even 2 years later we have the blue streaks across our TV. What a piece of crap this thing was. Don’t waste your money on this crappy tv. I bought this set for around 1800.00 bucks and wondered why this tv was so cheap compared to the higher priced Samsung models… i know why.

  19. Brian's reviewSeptember 28, 2009

    I too have the blue haze. Just got off the phone with customer service and the rude lady said they will NOT do anything to help because it’s out of warranty, even though the company has known about this problem for years. I can mail a letter to the appeals committee, but that’s it. Give me a break! I will NEVER buy anything from Hatachi again and will spread the word to everyone I know. Just pay the extra $200 for a Sony.

  20. Dan's reviewOctober 11, 2009

    Multiple blue dots and foggy haze on screen. I will be talking to the “rude woman” at Hitachi’s customer service tomorrow…

  21. Kevin's reviewOctober 20, 2009

    Also had the blue circle with a blue haze of dots, and the bulb died just over a year after buying from Circuit City. Fortunately I bought the extended warranty, which is usually a rip-off, but Circuit City gave me a full refund, saying the light engine and bulb had to be replaced. I bought a bulb for $128 online but the light engine is getting worse. Now there’s a yellow box in the center of the screen. Anyone know if I can buy a light engine & replace myself for cheap?

  22. Jay's reviewOctober 21, 2009

    I bought this TV back in Aug. of ’07. Had the lamp burn out about 6 months ago and now I have the blue blotch/haze problem. I guess I will be looking at getting a new TV during the holiday sales. Just google it and you can see all the problems people have with this model.


  23. Rock's reviewOctober 26, 2009

    Wow I am happy to see that I’m not the only sucker that bought from Hitachi.
    Sorry but I am also pissed off, 2 weeks after the year warranty the bluish came along but we bitched so much at Hitachi and threaten them so much that they finally sent us the engine light part. It cost us $300 to repair it.1 month after the lamp blew.

  24. allan's reviewNovember 03, 2009

    bought the tv in 05 with a 5 yr extended and had the bulb replaced twice, free of charge. Now the light engine/ optics are failing and I’m looking at either a replacement or the original price back from the tv. In which case I’m going to sams to buy a 55 inch led made by vizio for 1,700. Sometimes it’s worth it to buy the extended warranty.

  25. ken's reviewNovember 08, 2009

    I also had the t.v for about a year before I had to replace the bulb. As soon as I replace the bulb the light engine went out. I hate that I ever bought this t.v. and will never buy an hitachi again. hitachi not capitalized on purpose!!!!!

  26. RR's reviewNovember 12, 2009

    Same common problems here, but I got the extended warranty from the store and since they dont sell them anymore I can get an equivalant lcd or plasma replacement.
    Always buy the warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Steven Golden's reviewNovember 15, 2009

    I’ve had my TV for around 2 years. The trouble began with the blue streak
    and has progressed to light colored dots that are multipling.
    I E’d hitachi for tech help, they never replied. Considering the price I payed
    at Circuit City it has cost me $700 a year. I think my next purchase will not
    be a hitachi and it will not be from circuit city. After reading everyones
    comments I think I’ll yard sale this piece of junk for parts and start over with a more reputeable manufacturer.

  28. bill brewer's reviewNovember 15, 2009

    ialsaho have the same problem.i bought the tv for 1800 from best buy.i have replaced the bulb twice and now have the blue blob.i say we start a class action lawsuit.if anyone has any info email me at

  29. bo's reviewNovember 24, 2009

    Same problem here….Just had TV about 2 yrs. Replaced bulb once. Now the blue has formed a ring and there’s a yellow spot in the middle. I am very pissed off. 1800 dollars down the drain. I agree with you Bill, we should start a class action law suit.

  30. james's reviewNovember 26, 2009

    I’ve had my tv for almost 3 years. Screen has a bunch of blue dots in a circular pattern in the middle. I took out an extended warranty from where I bought it. An outside repair company came over to my house today and declared the problem is the optic engine. Roughly $1000.00 to fix. Hopefully the warranty(insurance) company comes good for it.

  31. Natalie's reviewDecember 02, 2009

    We purchased our TV from Best Buy and have had the same problems listed above. Replaced the light engine within a year and then the blue haze started in the middle of the screen and keeps getting progressively bigger. Now we have a collection of blue dots also running through the center of the picture. I bought this on a deferred payment plan and the TV isn’t even paid for yet. How sad is that! The product couldn’t even hold up for two years! I have been doing some research and find that some people have gotten Hitachi to send the part, but are responsible for the labor to have the set fixed. I have also found an apparent class action suit against Hitachi for LCD rear projection tvs with model #50V500A. Good Luck!

  32. Linda's reviewDecember 05, 2009

    Same story as everyone else..purchase 07 now buying second bulb big blue area around the screen. Forced to use the tv anyway can’t afford to buy another just yet. Hitachi will not get anymore of my business either ..there should be a class action suit

  33. Lee's reviewDecember 07, 2009

    I am so glad that I came across these reviews. I have the same blue dots that look like the big dipper on my screen. I also had a bulb blow less than a year after purchase. I knew I was in trouble then. Atleast I know what the heck is going on with this thing. What a rip-off! I am going to call hitachi tomorrow. I don’t expect any assistance with this problem, but I gotta atleast try.

  34. John's reviewDecember 14, 2009

    I have the same blue streak and specks…….TV only 2 years old. It’s a 50VS69A. I will never spend another dime on ANY Hitachi product. My 12 year old JVC works just fine and never had any problems. Hitachi is JUNK.

  35. Brian's reviewDecember 21, 2009

    Puchased a 50″ and a 55″ rear projection hitachi. 50″ 3 years 2 bulbs 1 light engine, 55″ 4 years 3 bulbs 1 light engine. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!!! hitachi sucks!

  36. Jim C's reviewDecember 22, 2009

    I have the 62VS69A same issue 2 yrs old on my 2nd bulb and now I have the Blue Streak which is very annoying..,I am told could be looking at 1400.00 to fix would be interested in any info on the class action or how to fix. Hitachi has told me that my only option is through the appeal process mentioned which does not seem to work.

  37. Jim C's reviewDecember 22, 2009

    I have the 62VS69A only 2 yrs old same problems…2 bulbs later and now the infamous Blue Streak. Told my only action is to file an appeal which appears not to work..I am hearing it is the light engine that causes the Blue Streak issue.
    Hitachi should be forced to back their product and step up wwhen a defect is identified…

  38. Brad's reviewDecember 24, 2009

    I have the 50 inch model…..worked good for almost 2 years, then i had to put a new bulb in for $150…the picture looked brand new again, and i was super stoked…..until a couple months later i got the “blue haze” of death!

  39. Shaun B's reviewDecember 25, 2009

    Had it a couple of years now I have the blue haze. I AM NOT paying 800 to fix it. I can buy a 50″ flat panel for a little more than that.

  40. Cindy B's reviewDecember 26, 2009

    I replaced my bulb about 3 weeks ago, bought online for $128, and installed it myself. I thought I did something wrong when I got these blue dots that are now a growing circle in the centre of the screen. I have had my 62VS69A for about 2 years now,
    I bought from Leons, so I will start my calls after the holidays. On a different forum, I noted a number to try. 1-800-654-7013 or1-800-448-2244
    This is nonsense that a company so large can produce such an inferior product and get away with it.
    Let’s keep the calls going and get some positive results to post!!

  41. Eric's reviewDecember 29, 2009

    I have the 62VS69A model and have had the same problems. My TV is about 2 1/2 years old and the bulb has not been replaced, but the blue haze started just after two years. Then, the famous blue dots appeared in the middle of the screen. It started as one blue dot and now there are like twenty. Hitachi was no help, and didn’t seem to care about the problem. “The set is out of warranty” was their only response. Do not buy any Hitachi products, they will not stand behind it.

  42. Darla M's reviewDecember 29, 2009

    This is crazy. You would think we could do something to Hitachi about this. They should not have this many tvs failing like this. We all have the same story. Mine was purchased the day after Thanksgving “sale” in 2006 at Best Buy. In 2008, I had to replace one of the bulbs. Cost around $150. Now I have the big blue spot on the screen that seems to be spreading and now have lots of blue dots to go along with it. I will never ever buy another Hitachi brand again and I will not recommend it to anyone.

  43. Steve's reviewDecember 29, 2009

    Had for 28 months….. lamp went out…Just bought a phillips lamp on ebay for $85 and problem is solved….Remember, those who have problems post at least 10 to 1 to those that don’t…..Been good TV for money for me…

  44. Jim C's reviewDecember 30, 2009

    folks lets get loud it the only way…We need them to fix the Blue Blur . I believe the issue goes deeper could be the fan is not good enough as that would explain why the lamp goes so fast and the blur seems to happen shortly after replacing. my email is and I think if enough of us complain we can get some kind of resolve. From Canada – Port Hope

  45. Lee's reviewJanuary 01, 2010

    I posted on Dec 7, 2009. I did call hitachi and they may as well had of told me to kiss where the sun does not shine…cause they did not care about this defect and said there was nothing they could do cause the tv is out of warranty. My big dipper now looks like the entire constallation system. I have had this tv for a little over 2 years. I gave my previous tv to my 75 year old neighbor…now when I visit I am so jealous cause the Sony I gave her is still picture perfect and going strong. And I am sitting over here with a $1,200 LEMON. How do we spotlight these issues?

  46. Nicci's reviewJanuary 13, 2010

    I’ve had the same problem with the lamp. Bought the extended warranty and the lamp burnt out 13 months later. So I called Future Shop (the place of purchase)
    And they told me that the lamp was excluded from the warranty (gee I wonder why?) anyway it cost me $500 to replace my lamp (I live in Canada) Now the stupid lamp has gone again. Future Shop will do nothing for me nor will Hitachi.
    Stay away from both Companies. BTW My TV is model 55vs69a if anyone is looking for parts

  47. Peter's reviewJanuary 18, 2010

    I guess we are all in the same boat, bought our 55vs69a at Circuit City in May 2007, an excellent year and a half out of the TV. Early 2009 we had the first lamp replacement, late 2009 blue glaze, right now (Jan. 2010) the next lamp out. No Hitachi answer and Circuit City is no more, I guess we’ll shop for a new TV, certainly not a Hitachi.

  48. Dennis's reviewJanuary 23, 2010

    Same problem as everyone else, two years old replaced lamp now it needs light engine because of blue spots on screen. I called Hitachi customer relations dept. and they said my set was to far out of warranty.
    Any class action law suits out there for this on going problem.

  49. Michelle's reviewJanuary 25, 2010

    I bought our 55VS69A more than 5 years ago, and it was $2500 at Sears. At Hitachi’s web site, this TV is listed under the “legacy” category, which means they stopped making them years ago. Anyone, whose bought one in the last year or so is purchasing a 5-year-old or older TV that sat in a warehouse.

    I too have the blue blog on my screen, and I was glad to find this forum because I’d rather purchase a brand new large screen TV than repair this one for $800 plus technician hourly rate.

    When we bought the TV, we knew we were buying the newest technology. We bought the 5-year warranty, which ran out at least a year or more ago because I don’t keep that paperwork in our “Warranty” folder once they expire. I figure I’ll just watch the TV until the blue blog becomes too much. Might get another year or more out of it. Who knows.

  50. Nelson from Montréal's reviewFebruary 04, 2010

    J’ai changé 3 fois la lampe (350$/ch) et maintenant il y a un contour de couleur bleu qui entoure l’écran ……….payé 1400 $ à Futurshop. J’avais confiance a Hitachi mais maintenant c’est fini.


  51. dave littleton's reviewFebruary 18, 2010

    same thing i have a 55vs69a i have put in two bulbs and i have the blue dots and would think hitachi would do something.this realy needs to get out on the news or many people are getting ripped off with this and dont know its just a junk tv?these tv’s are a lot of money to some people
    you save to get a nice big screen tv and what you get is junk.please someone

  52. Janet's reviewFebruary 19, 2010

    We have had the same problems with this TV. Blue spot and the lamp has blown after 2 years. We bought a replacement bulb off of ebay for about 120.00 but we still have the blue spot.

  53. WAYNE's reviewFebruary 23, 2010

    yep!! I have the 50″ equivalent and same thing I have a red haze though, two bulbs one light engine, and waiting to have another light engine replaced, just have to find the time to get to t.v. shop [1 light replaced under warranty, 2nd replaced as good gesture from hitachi ] I have to pay labour though [$250-$300], never again though, yep piece of junk!!

  54. Nestor's reviewMarch 09, 2010

    I have the 50vs69a, was very happy with TV for one and half years then the bulb went out. lucky that was covered under the circuit city extended warranty. Soon after the bulb was replaced a blue streak appeared at the top of the TV and extended down the middle of the TV. The blue streak went away and was replaced with numerous tiny blue dots (this was bearable as the dots were only on the edges of the screen). But yesterday a dark blue / yellow blob looking thing appeared square in the middle of the screen. From reading on this forum and countless others, this is common and the light engine is expected to go bad within 2-3 years. Time to get on the phone with Hitachi. As many consumers that have had problem with the VS69a series, I’m surprised there is not a class action lawsuit against Hitachi already.

  55. KTM's reviewApril 01, 2010

    Same problem as everyone else. Bulb blew in 3 months. Then again a week out of warranty. A month after the warranty went out, blue blobs all over the screen. Hitachi told me to pound sand. Hitachi TV quality. Junk. Trash. Garbage.

  56. Jim's reviewApril 01, 2010

    Well my lamp went out after 2 years of service. Called Hitachi and after 4 phone calls, I discovered I could purchase the replacement bulb for $250 but the item was on back order and they didn’t know when they would get the in. After some research, what they don’t tell you is, all you actually need is the bulb itself, and I ordered it for $109 through an independent company online. I thought after replacing it, 10 minute repair, the blue haze streak and dots would go away but after reading from all the other unfortunate suckers that purchased this reasonably priced big screen TV (55SV69A), I have a feeling it won’t be long until VIZIO gets a purchase from another customer. I suppose the old saying “You get what you pay for” rings true. Hitachi won’t get another dime from me either!!!!

  57. Pipper's reviewApril 06, 2010

    Same thing with ours, had to replace bulb after a year and now a blue spot is developing on the TV.

  58. Dillan's reviewApril 12, 2010

    Ditto here, got three years outta bulb(boy lucky me) spent $125 dollars to replace it looked good fot 2 days now the lovely blue waterfall haze has moved in. What a piece of ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! I think the moral of the story is …If the bulb blows, dont waste your money,install four legs on it and turn it into a small dining table.

  59. Jon's reviewMay 29, 2010

    Yup, my 52 worked good for 2 years, got it from Circuit City for $800. About 6 months ago I got the blue haze and the dots. Haven’t had any dealings with the bulb but I do have the aurora borealis on my screen. So 400 a year…..bleh. Right now it is watchable, hopefully I can get the funds to but another tv.

  60. Joe's reviewJune 13, 2010

    Same issue as everybody else. Purchased it at Circuit City with the extended warranty . Bulb blew after 15 months they replaced it for free. My warranty expired and they went out of business shortly after the blue dots showed up. Now I have a huge blue blotch all over the screen. This is junk and Hitachi is a disgrace for not recalling/repairing the known defect in their product.

  61. MIKE's reviewJune 14, 2010

    Yeah, just started getting the blue haze of death on our 3 year old 50 inch Hitachi. The bulb blew in January and was able to replace that for 187.00 and change through a small internet site. Worked great after that but now the blue haze is in and probably won’t be going anywhere. We don’t want to spend another dime to fix this piece of junk and are hoping it will last another six months until we can get another. I’m just very disappointed now because I have to be reminded of this inferior television everytime I watch something with that damn blue smudge…and it doesn’t matter if I paid $1,000 or $500 for this television. The point is that Hitachi should be doing something to backup their product. They suck!!!!!!!!!

  62. Darla M's reviewJuly 07, 2010

    I’m back. Posted my problems back in December 2009….well, just yesterday I come home, turn the tv on and now have a big yellow spot right in the middle of the screen. It is absolutely horrible! I tried holding out as long as I could with the blue spots, but now it’s pretty much impossible to watch a show without being distracted by it. I bought this tv from Best Buy and I was looking at their website today since I need another tv and guess what???? No Hitachi tv’s listed! Imagine that. It just really makes me mad when I spend almost $2000 on a tv that I had saved up for and this is what I get. Never again will I buy Hitachi. I really just wished there was something all of us could do about this. Seems like a rip off. Hell, XBox 360 went out of their way to repair or give a new one when the “ring of death” happened. I believe they were sued and what is it….like $300 for an XBox 360? Maybe that’s we need to do…SUE!!!!!

  63. Fred's reviewJuly 13, 2010

    Having the same problem as everyone else. Now experiencing the blue haze and the ever increasing blue dots. No need to waste any money on this “dog”.
    I purchased this TV in September 2006.

  64. Becky's reviewJuly 14, 2010

    I have the 55″ and I have the EXACT same problem as Darla. We have lived with the blue dots for almost a year now. We bought the tv three years ago from Circuit City. The bulb blew out 5 months ago and we were able to replace it for $100 on ebay….We were hoping the blue dots would go away when we replaced the bulb, but nope…NOW we have the huge YELLOW smudge in the center of the tv ALONG with the blue dots.

  65. Joe B.'s reviewJuly 14, 2010

    This TV is a piece of garbage. 2.5 years owning it now and I’m on my third bulb. Paid approx $800 for the TV and have spent almost as much for bulbs so far. I should have just purchased a $1,500 TV and been done with it. I’ll be shopping for a non-Hitatchi TV as soon as I hit “post” here……………….

  66. pam pissed off's reviewJuly 29, 2010

    what a piece of shit, hitachi does not care. my question… if we replace the light engine how long will this thing last only 2 more yrs? is this the going rate? or do we buy a new tv just NOT HITACHI

  67. Brian G's reviewJuly 31, 2010

    I have also had the same problem. My bulb lasted for 28 months, went out on Christmas day when we hooked up our Wii. We replaced the bulb just before New Year’s. Then the blue haze started in the corner. Now there are 50+ blue dots and the haze is over 70% of the screen. There is a class action suit going on. Check out this site.

  68. Anthony B's reviewAugust 07, 2010

    I bought the 55VS69A from Best Buy 3 years ago. Have replaced the bulb 3 times since. I now have the “Blue Haze of Death”.

    This class action lawsuit seems to only cover the 50 model. Am I seeing that right?

    Asides from everyone being pissed (myself included), has anyone had any success in fixing the BHoD?

  69. Ryan C's reviewSeptember 10, 2010

    I have the same issues with no help from Hitachi.Does anyone know if the light engines are repairable or are they a non serviceable item.

  70. Jerry H's reviewOctober 03, 2010

    having the same issue – blue dots and blur…already replaced the bulb…figure it’s going to the garbage soon

  71. Cyrus H's reviewOctober 08, 2010

    Replaced two bulbs in about four years. Like so many others, I have the annoying blue haze growing larger by the day. I will never buy a Hitachi again. I saved my money for a long time to buy that tv…I paid $1700. Guess I’m a sucker, I assumed Hitachi made good stuff. I learned my lesson. F#@% you, Hitachi

  72. Jill G.'s reviewOctober 12, 2010

    If you are thinking about buying a Hitachi T.V., wipe the thought from your mind immediately. Mine is on its third “lamp assembly” and second “light engine”. Hitachi did provide a new light engine but, we had to pay to have it installed and paid for both replacement lamps. The repairman told me that they will act “surprised” to hear of this problem but, will do you a big “favor” and replace it even after the warranty has expired. He was right – they acted like they had never encountered this problem before and repeated several times that this was a one time deal. I assumed at the time that they had fixed the problem with the light engine and that it would not happen again. Not the case…one year later and the blue blobs are back. The Sony I’ve had for about 7 years has never had an issue nor has the Sanyo I’ve had for two. I will never buy ANYTHING from Hitachi again. Garbage.

  73. GEORGE's reviewNovember 06, 2010


  74. Wilitdo's reviewNovember 12, 2010

    same song and dance…..55 inch …second bulb… blue haze…..POS…

  75. Ron M.'s reviewNovember 14, 2010

    My TV is the 55vs69a, replaced the bulb once (lasted three years) that is fair service.The blue dots and haze started not long after bulb replacement.The
    TV cost me over $2500 and is a piece of crap, never again.

  76. Larry's reviewNovember 21, 2010

    I agree with everyone WHAT A PIECE OF SHEET, i will never buy Hitachi again. 2.5 yrs old 2 bulbs, now blue haze is getting worse everyday. Im goimg to take it out and target practice on it. Ill probably put the shooting or the final killing of my sheety Hitachi on utube so everyone can see how HATACHI treats its customers and what sheety products they have.

  77. Jeremy h's reviewNovember 28, 2010

    I have the 55 inch model and i have been through 1 bulb already, and I have the blue dots and haze along with a HUGE yellow spot in the middle of the screen just like everyone else.
    Does that class action suit cover the 55 inch model as well?

  78. SJHarl's reviewDecember 14, 2010

    I hear ya! POS! I too have replaced bulb twice and now have the blue dots. Unbelievable! $2300 for this piece of crap! It sickens me to think I have to shell out another $1000 or more to replace a TV I have had for about 3 years. But, from the sounds of it I might as well lick my wounds and move on because I’ll have nothing but headaches from this piece of junk. Not worth fixing!

  79. GRI A's reviewDecember 23, 2010

    The same story. A HUGE purple circle in my screen.
    55 inch. HITACHI what a piece of junk.

  80. mark's reviewJanuary 03, 2011

    This TV is a piece of crap. Bought new in March 07. Have replaced three bulbs and now being told the optical engine is out. I dont have blue, my screen is green. Green all over. I have sent a letter to appeals. Probably wont do any good. The technician that looked at it told me that this is a known problem with Hitachi. I hope there is a class action lawsuit. Something needs to be done.

  81. Martin's reviewJanuary 08, 2011

    I bought the 55“ about 4 ears ago and i replace the bulb only once but i have the blue dots and yellow spot $?$%%%%)?*? it`s really a piece of crap!
    HD tv my ass, i`m having problem just by trying to see the screen now.

    i`m trying to find out what would be the price to have it fixed but after reading these reviews i`m not sure if i want to spend money on this tv.

    If i have THE miracle solution i`ll let you know!

  82. Samuel's reviewJanuary 29, 2011

    We bought our Hitachi t.v. in February, 2007, and we too have the blue circular dots appearing and getting worse rapidly. Would not buy a Hitachi again.

  83. Jeremy's reviewFebruary 16, 2011

    I have not had any issues with my 55″. I have had it for over 4 years now and not had an issue at all. It has always had a great picture. From all these posts, I think I’m the lucky one.

  84. burko's reviewMarch 14, 2011

    same POS bought on april 2007 at breault et martineault started like 1 year and a half ago the blue haze and yellow stuff…i still have the extend warranty on it….what can i expect ….to repair….i dunno


  85. Todd's reviewMarch 14, 2011

    Has anyone tried cleaning the lens that the bulb directly shines on. My bulb burnt out and I see the lens had a scorched look. I cleaned it up, but haven’t replaced bulb yet.

  86. Pat's reviewMarch 16, 2011

    samething… I dont even want to talk about it because its all the same story!… but mine is not different…

  87. dave's reviewMarch 31, 2011

    this tv is a piece of crap….. 55 inch also had for 5 years and bulb burnt out 3 days after warranty ….it is to be expected but just today the blue screen of dots just pisses me off 2400 for a tv that lasts 5 years come on I will start the action for a suit …. it is crap these companies can get away with ripping everybody off…. I tried talking to hitachi but wouldnt help

  88. fred's reviewApril 17, 2011

    Owned the 55vs69, Purchased Jun 07, Replaced bulb ,Jan 11.
    Have blue mass appearing on screen like other folks.Not happy!!

  89. Jimmy's reviewApril 21, 2011

    I’ve had this TV for 5 years. I got it for less than $1000 b/c it was the last one in the store that they were trying to get rid of. The original lamp bulb lasted almost 3 years (which is per usual) and cost me about $100. Now, two years later the bulb blew again (which is also per usual) and the bulb I am buying is going to be $65-95 once I decide on the lesser brand or the better brand. I have loved this TV for all 5 years and have never had a problem with it. I feel that those who do are probably the ones to repeatedly turn there TV on and off w/o giving it time to cool down (which absolutely kills the lamp life). And as for those spending big money on repairs, clearly have not done their research or are too lazy to replace a $60-100 bulb that lasts 2+ years and only requires a screwdriver and a pair of latex gloves (bc you cannot get oils from your hand on the bulb or it will blow).

    So again, this is a great TV, as with all electronics be aware of what causes them to overheat so you prevent your own problems, and do your research before you repair.

  90. Andrew's reviewJune 20, 2011

    Felt I should post just because it’s the same story. Got the 55vs69 Christmas 08. On New Years day, just days after the extended warranty expired, the bulb went out. Found a bulb online and replaced. About 2 months ago the blue halo appeared in the middle of the screen and is now worsening. At this rate, will need a new tv by the end of summer at the latest.

  91. cindy's reviewJuly 04, 2011

    pshhhh..after reading all this..I def. have no desire to spend any money..pos tv..same as everyone else..started out blue little dot in middle and then the BLOB took over..

  92. mike's reviewJuly 28, 2011

    I have had this TV since june 2007 and now I am ordering a bulb July 28th 2011…so a perfect picture almost 4 years..Wow….I really enjoyed it!

  93. Ray's reviewOctober 05, 2011


  94. Jim P's reviewNovember 27, 2011

    I purchased this TV from Future shop for a grand and have now replaced three lamps and have been cursed with the constantly changing constellation of blue dots surrounding a brilliant yellow glare in the center of the screen. I’m not complaining though cause when it’s turned off it looks real sweet sitting useless in the corner.

  95. Wendy's reviewNovember 29, 2011

    I bought my TV in December of 2006 from Best Buy for $1350 w/ the extended warranty. After 4 years the bulb went out, yet I had like a week left of my warranty so the bulb was covered. I’ve noticed, however that certain images will stay frozen on the screen even after the scenes in a movie/tv show/commercial have changed. Now after 1 year of getting my bulb replaced, I have blue dots towards the center of the screen that at first looked like the little dipper & now more dots are popping up within minutes of me watching tv. I guess I’ll call HItachi, but I’m not sure how much this is going to cost me as I did not purchase another warranty from Best Buy

  96. Dionne's reviewJanuary 07, 2012

    I got the tv from Circuit City in 2007. In mid 2008, bulb blew, but it was still under warranty. In 2011, started to get this yellow cloud in the middle of the screen (looks like somebody colored that area with a yellow highlighter) with blue dots on the sides. I am going to get another 50 inch, not a Hitachi!!!

  97. Pattanowski's reviewFebruary 01, 2012

    I’ve had this television for all of 30 minutes. I plugged it in and noticed that blue pixels surrounded a central oval of clarity. I feel sorry for anyone who bought this thing at the store. I found mine in the trash of course. I never have bought a television and never will. HA! Now however, there is a blue entity of some kind that is pulling my cats into the television and melting them on the light engine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Hitachi won’t respond to my constant attempts to contact them.

  98. colby's reviewFebruary 05, 2012

    wow. im one of the lucky ones, i have only had to replace the lamp once and it just went out today, i don’t know where you guys are looking at your prices i found one online for 60 dollars on amazon, but now i don’t want to spend the money if this blue haze comes in, or the red or the yellow, so im skeptical about buying the bulb. but dont really have the money for a tv big enough to play in my living room, it sits at least 10-13 feet away and i have bad eyes so i need a big screen and those are 1800 dollars.

  99. Doug's reviewMarch 18, 2012

    DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY with in the first year had to have it serviced, had inthe shop 6 times and still could not get it fixed. Hitatchi never repalced it. It works but it has a green hue to it….. 5 bulbs, 1 main motherboard and a lot of frustration later its still not right…. Think I will use it for target practice…. should have bought the Sony I wanted to begin with…. Pay the extra money and get a quality TV. Dont get mezmorized by the size and price.

  100. Blake's reviewMarch 24, 2012

    I have a 50VS69A with the blue haze (blob) progressing throughout the screen. Spoke with hitachi customer service and customer relations with no satisfaction. Everyone has the basic same issues, I don’t understand why Hitachi won’t resolve them to atleast try to keep their customers. I suppose they (Hitachi) don’t care as long as their TV’s are selling why care. Even if hitachi give me a free light engine I still have to pay for installation which ranges from $400 to $600 dollars. I don’t know about everyone else but a TV that’s 3 1/2 years old should not need this type of repair. I don’t mind buying the bulbs, however I have purchased 2. Purchase 1 approx. 1.5 years after purchase and another 6 months later. I feel that everyone is getting screwed by Hitachi and will never purchase another item from them ever as well as advise everyone and their friends not to never purchase Hitacti’s equipment again.

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