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Polaroid TV reviewsTimes have been tough for Polaroid, a company which made its name manufacturing film-based cameras for decades. The company has sought to survive by diversifying its product line to include digital cameras, consumer electronics, and even high definition television sets. This has worked for the company on accounts of its sterling reputation for consumer photography products, but some consumers remain unconvinced that a company which made its name on taking pictures can be seriously trusted as a company which simply displays pictures on a high definition screen. So, is Polaroid really a serious contender in the HDTV marketplace?

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Polaroid Overall Brand Review

For photography, Polaroid is one of the oldest and most accessible brands for most consumers. And that’s for a good reason: at its peak, almost everyone had a Polaroid camera — and the appearance of those photos is still mimicked by many photo editing programs currently on the market for use with digital photographs. As the market for these cameras declined, however, the company found itself having to evolve its business or simply go out of business. And, in light of this, the company unveiled its high definition television and consumer electronics offerings.

Consumers have had mixed reviews of the Polaroid brand as it has entered the living room, with some enjoying the quality of the company’s television sets while others regard them as substandard, low-quality, and far less durable than other major electronics brands’ offerings.

Polaroid Product Quality

2.5/5 stars

Unfortunately, Polaroid’s televisions have not flown off store shelves like the company’s cameras used to do. This is largely because of customer dissatisfaction with the quality of the company’s display panels, manufacturing materials, and overall durability. Indeed, in many customer surveys about Polaroid’s high definition television offerings, customers have called the company’s products “complete junk” and “not built to last.” That’s a harsh review from a buying public who, just a few years or decades ago, regarded the company as one of the great American brands.

It’s no secret why the company’s product quality has suffered: in the interest of making a maximum profit on these television sets, Polaroid has been turning out HDTVs with low-quality plastic, short-lived LCD displays, and overall longevity problems. The good news for the company is that these cheap sets are often sold at a premium — with prices on par with those charged by Panasonic and Sony — because of the high value of the Polaroid name. The bad news is that consumers are catching on as their television sets stop working, and Polaroid is in a compromising position.

Polaroid Pricing & Value

3/5 Stars

There is no worse value than a television set which costs a pretty penny and stops working after three months but, increasingly, that is what Polaroid seems to be selling its loyal customers. The company’s television sets are widely panned both online and at traditional retail stores where employees have started warning customers of the company’s issues with quality control. On top of this, Polaroid’s television sets are not sold at any kind of major discount. Instead, the company trades on brand currency to sell its television sets for top dollar while they continue to break down and require replacement. It’s the exact opposite of value, and it has posed real problems for the company.

As stated earlier, Polaroid is not necessarily competitive on price. It would be a competitive player if the quality of its sets mirrored those sold by Philips, Sony, or Panasonic, but the simply fact is that its sets are not even in the same league. It can be said, then, that Polaroid overcharges customers and delivers a subpar product.

Polaroid Customer Service

Perhaps because of its roots in consumer photography, the Polaroid customer service line is amazingly helpful for the many customers who have purchased a short-lived HDTV from the company. Representatives are able to guide customers through the basic functions of their television set, help with technical issues, and even arrange a repair or return of the et if it should malfunction.

The company also sells an extended warranty that boosts overall coverage to three years. That’s a sigh of relief for some customer whose sets have only lasted three months. Furthermore, Polaroid’s website is full of support tools, information, and guides, which will help new TV owners get acquainted with their new device.

Polaroid Overall Rating

2.5/5 stars

Unfortunately, Polaroid has focused too much on charging top dollar for their television sets, rather than assuring top quality. This means that the company, while it remains a powerful in consumer electronics, is quickly losing the good graces of customer who buy its HDTV products. The short lifespan of many of its televisions simply does not match with the premium price tag attached to them, and that present a serious problem for the company.

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6 Customer Reviews for “Polaroid TV Reviews”

  1. james hodgin's reviewMay 24, 2012

    i bought a 42 inch polaroid hdtv 12-25-2007 and by 4-2012 it quit working. if i knew it was going to last a little over 4 years i would not have spent 700.00 dollars on it. when i bought it the manual said it had the longevity of about 20 years. i just want to let everybody know that polaroid=junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • james hodgin's reviewMay 24, 2012

      the sale of a subpar product to a hardworking american is nothing short of inappropriate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

  2. james hodgin's reviewMay 24, 2012

    the sad thing is that i can actually count on my two hands the number of times i watched a movie on this particular television.

  3. Dana Greeson's reviewJune 12, 2012

    We bought a 22″ lcd Polaroid tv for my daughter for Christmas. She got to use it 4 months and the screen went blank. We have to pay $60.00 to have it shipped to Polaroid so they can fix it. After a month of me calling to see what they were doing with the television they advise me it won’t be fixed until August 2012. I don’t understand why they can’t just use a service center in my area to fix my television and pay them? What a nice Christmas present for a little girl.

  4. Pat Garrett's reviewJuly 06, 2012

    Purchased HD Polaroid when over the air started. No more cable for me. All I needed was a plug in antenna. Light weight .
    Have never had a problem

  5. David Malane's reviewJuly 24, 2012

    You NEED to reevaluate your ratings for polariod. Their TV’s are awful and their customer servie is terrible. They do everytihng in their power not to make right on their products that fail.

    a rating of 1 star would be too much!

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