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Sanyo DP50749 Review – 50-inch Plasma HDTV

Originally Reviewed on October 4th, 2009

Sanyo DP50749 Review: 50” Plasma HDTV

Up for Review: Sanyo DP50749 Plasma TV. With a glossy black finish, this HDTV is sure to win a lot of hearts for its attractive looks. And this finish causes it to merge with the background in dimly-lit rooms. And when you have the lights on in full force, the sleek look will make the images look great. The good looks are complemented by a sturdy looking stand which can be taken off and the set can be mounted on the walls. The design of the remote is also good and it makes a perfect fit in the hands.

It has a built-in tuner to relay all free-to-air signals without the need of a separate set top box. The picture quality is good with a display resolution of 720p. This is good enough to view all programs shown on the TV but may not be proper for viewing the movies on a Blu-ray player. The movies certainly look better in 1080p. But you have the option to view 191 channels which is quite a good range of channels. The Sanyo DP50749 has a unique screen saver option which will help to prevent burn-in.

Sanyo DP50749 Features and Specifications Review:

  • 50” Widescreen Plasma
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1365 x 768 native resolution
  • 191 total channels
  • 3D-YC digital comb filter
  • Two 6 x 12 cm speakers
  • Auto channel search
  • 3 HDMI
  • Detachable pedestal stand
  • Integrated Digital ATSC + Analog NTSC Tuners
  • V-Guide Parental Control
  • Trilingual Menus: English, Spanish, French
  • Sleep Timer: 1/2 – 3 hours
  • Auto Channel Search

The Sanyo DP50749 has 3 HDMI together with 2 component inputs, 1 composite input, 1 S-video input and several other inputs and outputs. Connectivity is good and so you can connect high-definition devices to get the best in entertainment. The PC input allows the HDTV to be used as a computer monitor and the USB port allows the connection to a digital camera. The additional Photo Viewer feature makes sure that you can see the photos of your choice on the big screen. Additionally, the digital coaxial audio output helps to get a great audio by connecting to an amplifier system.

Other important features include the trilingual menus, V-guide parental control and auto channel search. There is also a sleep timer of ½ – 3 hours. With Spanish, French and English being available in the menus, it makes this HDTV popular in many countries. The product also conforms to the requirements of Energy Star. This makes sure that very less power is consumed during the working of this TV. If you want a basic Plasma TV with a big display for quite a decent sum of money, then the Sanyo DP50749 is just the one for you. gives Sanyo DP50749 8/10 stars!

13 Customer Reviews for “Sanyo DP50749 Review – 50-inch Plasma HDTV”

  1. Greg's reviewDecember 02, 2009

    Sanyo DP50749 is worst tv I’ve ever owned. Pink and green hues are really annoying even after adjustments in advanced manual picture settings. I’d much rather use my 42″ Panasonic!!!

  2. gabe's reviewJanuary 21, 2010

    i bought this tv on impulse on a black friday sale, the only thing i was worried about was the burn in image but i didint get one for the first month and then i would get them all the time if i leave a game paused for like 5 mins i get the worst burn in ever its got a white out screen that takes it off but that is just annoying, all in all the tv was cheap and its got a lot of hook ups and the picture is great, down side bad burn in and color pixels are already going out luckaly i got the 3 year warrenty.

  3. Michell Woods's reviewMarch 22, 2010

    A good TV for three and a half months. It’s been in the shop ever since and still not fixed. Warranty people are no help. It is so frustrating to hear the same answers read off of a list every time you call. They won’t replace it unless it can’t be fixed. They allow your warrant to run out while your TV sits on the shelf at a local repair shop. I can get my car fixed in a few days. A Sanyo TV takes months or years. I’m still paying for HD service, but have no TV to view it on. My warranty is running out. They’ve got my money and I have been had.

  4. Guillermo Caceda's reviewAugust 03, 2010

    A good TV for the price. I had it for a year and still is working good. It got a green hue but manually controllable by the advance control.

  5. kenny willis's reviewNovember 12, 2010

    me and my wife have had our tv for almost a year. its still working great and havent had problem with it. we are very satisfied with our tv even though we just found out it wasnt 1080. but the light sensor on the tv is great for keepein those burn images on the tv. so i would recommend this tv over and again.

  6. David's reviewNovember 26, 2010

    Great great tv recommend to everyone who loves to watch telivision

  7. Daniel's reviewJanuary 02, 2011

    I am not happy at all with the 50″ Sanyo Plasma TV we purchased, we had it a little over a er and one day we turned it off and when we turned it back on we had no picture, we took it into the shop to have it repaired and it is now at $350.00 to have it repaired. I wish I would have bought a different TV becaus eit has been nothing but a headache since it was purchased. I would not recommend this tv to my worst enemy.

  8. steve's reviewFebruary 26, 2011

    had the tv for 3 yrs. and it just turned off on us and now we cant turn it on..this tv sucks…….

  9. Sean's reviewApril 22, 2011

    I hate you guys. I bought a 50″ plasma and 8 months later it just wont pick up and signals. Your tech service is crap and have know idea what they are doing. Walmart sold me a tv out of the box, didn’t tell me that this voids the factory warranty. Sanyo being the cheap cowards you are wont fix it. You guys must be in cahoots because you both act as if it was the consumers fault. I work for a major wharehouse retail company in the electronics department and we would never do this. You know that the product is bad why keep making it. I hope EVERYONE reads this I would rather play with a bag of rocks than be GIVEN this TV. You guys suck just stop trying to make tv

  10. Seneca's reviewMay 09, 2011

    we brough this tv on sale, it has not given us any problems, it has a great picture and it has a great sound. So far so good

  11. Joe Dousharm's reviewMay 21, 2011

    I bought my TV at Walmart. It was on sale and thought that would be great. I had it for 3 Months and it just shut off on me. I couldn’t get it to turn back on. It goes on for a sec and then shuts down. I called about the TV, they had me take it to a repair shop. That fixed it for about a year and now, its doing it again. What the heck. I can’t afford a new damn TV. I’m worried about taking it back to the shop so that I could get charged a crap load more money. Might as well bought me a more expensive TV and NOT SANYO!!!

  12. Mike's reviewJune 08, 2011

    We’ve had our tv for just around 3/4 years i have a problem letting go of things i pay alot of money for , after the frist year nothing but problems these tv’s are junk i wish the sanyo people would stand behind the stuff they sell. I PAID AROUND $1400 FOR THIS PIECE OF JUNK I WILL NEVER BUY ANY SANYO PRODUCT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU JUST GOT ONE RETURN IT A.S.A.P!

  13. MikeR's reviewJune 14, 2011

    Bought this TV 4/22/2011 at Walmart for $598.00. 6/8/2011, wife twatched TV in the morning fine, but when she came back from work and turned it on, the sound was dead. Thought the volume was muted, but not the problem. Call Sanyo customer service, had me disconnect and reconnect my cable box, as it was thought it was the problem. Still no sound. Sanyo technician called, had me try plugging the HDMI cable into the other other two ports, still no volume. Told to return the TV to Walmart for exchange. Hopefully they have this model in stock.

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