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Samsung PN64F5300 Review – 64-inch Plasma HDTV

Originally Reviewed on April 28th, 2014

Up for Review: Samsung PN64F5300 Plasma HDTV.

PN64F5300 is the best Plasma TV Samsung has had in its 2013/14 plasma TV lineup. The 64-inch screen is the first attraction of this flagship model. It’s large for any room. The TV is programmed with Full HD 1080p Native Screen Resolution and a couple of display enhancing features to produce excellent color, higher contrast and extra sharpness. You cannot resist yourself from giving a pat on its back for its consistent high-quality performance at a reduced cost. Exterior look is exceptionally well with the High Glossy Edge Slim design and a narrow bezel around the thin screen. Overall, it’s a fine option for you when your wish is high and budget is low.

So, before we go on to study this value oriented model in greater detail, let’s take a cursory look at its prime features and specifications.

Samsung PN64F5300 Features and Specifications:

  • TV Type: Plasma TV
  • Screen Size: 64 inches
  • High Glossy Edge Slim Design with Narrow Bezel
  • Full HD 1080p Native Screen Resolution
  • Clear Image Panel
  • Real Black Panel
  • Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 600Hz Subfield Motion
  • Eco Sensor
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Game Mode
  • 1 USB and 2 HDMI Input Ports
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • 20-watt Audio with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound
  • Eco-friendly TV

PN64F5300’s strength is its big 64-inch screen and ability to display the top-notch pictures. This is a Real Black Panel that produces deep and rich black levels. In turn, on-screen images look fully life-like, and particularly in a low-light environment this software technology produces breathtaking display with bolder hues and higher contrast. Since it’s a Clear Image Panel, you would get to see crystal-clear images all the time. Samsung PN64F5300 wears a fantastic High Glossy Edge Slim design with a narrow bezel, which builds its attractive exterior up. It’s good to have Full HD 1080p screen resolution on this budget TV. Also, it has got Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, which is why both still images and moving content become clear and detailed. To ensure smooth and seamless video playing the 64F5300 incorporates 600Hz Subfield Motion, i.e. every video film would be of 600 video frames per second. As a result, you would enjoy a significantly improved TV viewing.

The Wide Color Enhancer Plus is Samsung’s proprietary feature that’s known for producing a great number of fresh colors. The Eco Sensor does an excellent job by automatically adjusting the brightness of the on-screen images with respect to the light intensity in the room. This has a strong positive effect on the overall energy management of the television set. Availability of the Game Mode on this plasma model is good news for all game lovers. The Game Mode eliminates all possible input lags and facilitates entirely distraction-free gaming. It doesn’t possess 3D playback option or Smart TV features, but that would not hurt your entertainment part because you can connect a Roku box or a current game console to get a myriad of extra features without needing to spend huge bucks.

There are 1 USB and 2 HDMI connections on the back of the cabinet allowing you to connect your compatible external devices such as USB stick and digital camera, and enjoy viewing your favorite content to your heart’s content. The ConnectShare Movie enables you to just plug your USB device and play the content on the TV. You needn’t install any extra equipment for this.
Audio is plenty loud with the 20-watt sound output. Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound enhance the audio quality up to a higher level. You may setup a home theatre system if your demand is more. The TV has a better energy consumption rating and does not give any harm to the environment, so it’s an eco-friendly TV. gives Samsung PN64F5300 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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