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Marantz PD5050D Review – 50-inch Plasma HDTV

Originally Reviewed on October 23rd, 2009

Marantz PD5050D Review: 50” Plasma HDTV

The Marantz PD5050D is dressed in gun metal and looks quite sleek. Its thin design and glossy finish is a treat for the eyes. It combines black color in its front panel to give a contrasting look. With a wide viewing angle, you can afford to sit anywhere in the room and still get the best possible picture. This HDTV really perks up your home furnishings.

A review of the Marantz PD5050D shows that it has a high resolution of 1365 x 768 which makes the images picture-perfect. You can now view high-definition sources from the DVD players and enjoy the movies in the proper way. In fact, you need not worry about the source. Every signal is reproduced to give extremely clear images. The built-in scaler/inter-lacer makes this possible. The 1000:1 contrast ratio puts the blacks in the right perspective. All the details can be visible and the subtle shades of black can be seen with more clarity.

Marantz PD5050D Features and Specifications Review:

  • 1365 x 768 HD resolution
  • HDMI input
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 9W + 9W audio amplifier
  • Discrete input selects
  • New Black metallic bezel
  • 3 year warranty

Connectivity is very good. There are a number off inputs including an analog RGB and one each of component, composite and S-video inputs. It can even take input from a computer which is in VGA and wide XGA format. So you can do a lot of ingenious things with the Marantz PD5050D. There is also an HDMI connection which will allow you to connect to a high-definition source like a video gaming unit, DVD player or a camcorder.

As far as audio is concerned, there are 2 audio amplifiers of 9W each. The Marantz PD5050D does not leave any area unattended. The audio is of superior quality and the sound will fill the room in which it is kept. There are discrete input selects which will keep you engaged. The remote is well-designed and has all the buttons neatly arranged for better functioning. You can easily navigate through the user-friendly menu. A review of this HDTV shows that it utilizes the most innovative technology to excel in all departments of the viewing. It will surely make a good buy. gives Marantz PD5050D 8/10 stars!

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