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Vizio M801D-A3 Review – 80-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on June 22nd, 2014

Up for Review: Vizio M801D-A3 LED HDTV.

Vizio intends to take over the big screen market in 2014 with its high flung M801D-A3. This is as big as it can get and as has been the motto of the company – Vizio intends to push some boundaries serving the best of technology, design and value. The M801D-A3 in particular is loaded with features and platforms that every high end product seeks of. It is a Theatre 3D TV and with an appearance that every manufacturer would be following lead of. While we see several futuristic TV technologies being used in this model, it does provide a much needed balance between quality and features. Its strength lies in the immersive picture quality and high definition sound. Vizio has updated its smart Vizio Internet Apps platform in this model and with a range of connectivity features. We can indeed say that the price vs. value offering of the M801D-A3 is quite strong. This product is available under a price tag of $4000 and justifies the screen size and accompanying features. There are some issues with the controls but once you get the hold, this TV will be the most incredible experience you ever had.

Vizio M801D-A3 Features and Specifications:

  • Display Screen Type: LED
  • Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Razor LED with Theatre 3D®
  • Smart Dimming®
  • 240 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 10,000,000:1 Ultra High Contrast
  • DTS StudioSound™ / DTS TruVolume™ / DTS TruSurround™
  • Vizio Internet Apps
  • HDMI Ports Quantity: 4
  • Energy Star 6.0 Compliant

Vizio has continued to be a popular brand for its low prices and upgraded offerings. Even with a huge 80 inch screen, the price is considerably low at $4000. Other manufacturers like Samsung are rolling into the 80 inch arena with 4K displays but with a price tag well over $10,000. Vizio too sticks to the quality offering and there is little reason why one wouldn’t go for its products and rather look for alternatives.

Coming to the picture quality, the M801D-A3 is highlighted by a powerful Razor Led backlighting scheme. While this makes the frame almost borderless, it allows the screen to play with deeper contrast and brightness levels. Borderless displays aren’t a new thing but they really come to life on an 80 inch screen. The overall look and appeal of the screen and the frame is stunning. Switch it on, and you would experience the deepest black levels and a huge range of color gamut. The picture in the M801D-A3 is highly calibrated and looks close to real. This would be much more evident when you notice the shadow details. Further, with a 240 HZ refresh rate, Vizio manages to provide a smooth experience with the M801D-A3. The processing is quite powerful and expands the functionality of the TV. The gaming mode is something that will hook you all day!

Apart from a high quality picture, the Vizio M801D-A3 presents and immersive sound for a healthy home theatre experience. 4 HDMI ports make this TV a great addition to home entertainment. Overall, the M801D-A3 can be said to be a well made TV providing value and functionality to the user. gives Vizio M801D-A3 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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