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Toshiba 47L6200 Review – 47-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 23rd, 2012

Up for Review: Toshiba 47-inch LED HDTV. When it comes to HDTVs, Toshiba has always been a market leader. For decade now, Toshiba has remained a pioneer in the electronic goods market, creating some of the best products. With the introduction of Toshiba 47L6200, it has become apparent that they still are the top contenders. With 3D capability crunched within a fair enough budget, it won’t be hard to find a positive review about the product.

Toshiba 47L6200 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Screen Size- 47-inch
  • HDTV Compatibility – 1080p
  • ClearScan 120Hz
  • Passive 3D
  • Smart TV with ePortal, MediaShare (DLNA®), Open Browser, SearchAll, MediaGuide,Send & Play, eManual, TRAC (Tablet Remote App Capability), Control4™ Capable
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Aero Bezel-Less Cosmetic Design
  • Trivector™ 2D to 3D Conversions

With an ultra-thin superior quality picture, the Aero Bezel-Less Cosmetic Design is striking glass for an amazing, clean and striking look. Incorporating superior quality style, there is little more that can rightly be an asset to your home décor.

Consumers of the present market are just not satisfied with a Smart TV, but they need a novel Smart TV experience. The e-portal from Toshiba makes it easier for viewers to find and take control of all elements within their system. The MediaGuide that features Rovi data also provides detailed interactivity for amazingly fast content discovery. SearchAll is just like Google that helps you find programs using related keywords. The Open Browser application turns the Toshiba 47L6200 into a computer with internet capability. As of now, there is little less that one can demand of technology.

Powered by a CQ (Cinema Quality) engine, this smart TV takes experience to a whole new level. The dual core 1GHz ARM processor enhances the quality of the pictures with amazing brightness, sharpness and color saturation. Apart from that this model brings in additional connectivity features and faster processing.

The Toshiba 47L6200 also brings in the revolutionary Passive 3D technology for fully exciting and immersive 3D experience. This lets the viewers enjoy hours of 3D playback without getting concerned about the battery and processor. To add to the thrills, this model also features Trivector™ 2D to 3D Conversions for enhanced gaming experience.

Another useful addition to its range of capabilities is the 120 Hz ClearScan® technology. The Soccer World Cup matches just got much better! This technology reduces blurring in fast action imaging especially in sports and action movies. Thus you get a better and clearer picture of Hulks transformation without a flicker!
The Toshiba 47L6200 is also enabled with Audyssey Premium Audio Technology to produce a clearer, richer and more natural sound. For the L6200 series the suite includes:

  • Audyssey EQ®
  • Day/Night and Wall/Table Modes
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume®
  • Audyssey ABX™ (Bass Extension)
  • Audyssey Volume Extension

There is little more than one could expect of a HDMI TV that comes under a budget of $1,115. The Toshiba 47L6200 is an amazing experience for any member in your family. Toshiba has been creating definite standards of TV experience and the 47L6200 is no different. gives Toshiba 47L6200 3/5 stars!

3 / 5 stars     

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