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Toshiba 24V4210 Review – 24-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 26th, 2012

Up for Review: Toshiba 24-inch LED HDTV. Toshiba has been the leader of home entertainment since decades now and with every model that it brings out, there is something unique to be talked about. The company has made a name for its fanatical attention to quality and extensive testing. Thus, customers always expect the best out of the products that it markets.

The Toshiba 24V4210 comes up as a space saving entertainment with multiple DVD 24V4210U functionality. For those looking for a simpler and cheaper model without sacrificing too much of HDTV experience, this model seems to be an option. Let’s look at the other specification that this model has to offer.

Toshiba 24V4210 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Screen Size- 24-inch
  • Display format – 1080p
  • DynaLight® backlight control and Dynamic Picture Mode
  • Audyssey Premium Television
  • 60HzRefresh Rate

On a primary review, the 24 inch model with its 1080p full HD compatibility gives the highest possible quality of output. The model is integrated with options other than just watching movies. With 2 HDMI, 1 Component Video anda PC Input, users can enjoy programs, gaming and music. The sleek and sophisticated styling accentuates the look of any décor and more so with the perfectly sharp and bright images that it produces.Including the HDMI®, the Toshiba 24V4210 fulfills a user’s urge to connect accessory components with the TV. This does allow the user scale up his movie, music, gaming and home theater experience. The immersive surround sound and the 1080p full HD helps the experience.

The energy efficient DynaLight control provides enhanced utility. While the TV automatically seeks to adjust to the surrounding light, it is less stressful on the viewer’s eyes. Toshiba also brings in the Dynamic Picture Mode functionality with this model that creates the exact amounts of “pop” along with finer details, better colors, lesser amount of pixilation noise and an overall realistic picture.

The Audyssey Premium Television has been a revolution since it was first launched. The 24V4210 too features Audyssey® Bass Extension (ABX) and Audyssey Dynamic EQ® that brings in a blast of home entertainment. While you get the perfect theatre experience, the sound is as natural as it could have been. You feel like really being among the spectators of the Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers.

This model from Toshiba really appeals to every member in the house. While teenagers would find the HD Gaming Mode a real entertainment, it gives engaging quality of picture and sound for movies and music. You need not have to invest on a PlayStation!Working on the 24 inch HD screen via your laptop too is an exciting possibility that users can explore. The Dual Core CQ engine does ensure that there are the slightest hitches in streaming.

The 100mm x 100mmVESA® Mounting Pattern and sleek design gives enough impetus to customers to go for the product.Available under $300, the Toshiba 24V4210 earns the credits for being a profitable enough investment. It is definitely a righteous choice for home entertainment. gives Toshiba 24V4210 3/5 stars!

3 / 5 stars     

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