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Toshiba 19L4200 Review – 19-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 23rd, 2012

Up for Review: Toshiba19-inch LED HDTV. With life getting busier nowadays, televisions too have found their use even beyond the living room. To add to the efficiency, TVs are not mere entertainment boxes, but gives the user a wide range of features and edutainment facilities. Come the Toshiba 19L4200, and you can stay tuned to your favorite match even in your car, truck and anywhere else you seek for it. With an ATSC tuner for satellite, over-the-air broadcasts and cable, you are never out of reach. A versatile model at the first glance, let’s see what else this revolution from Toshiba has to offer.

Toshiba 19L4200 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Screen Size- 19-inch
  • Display format – 720p
  • 1366 x 768LED with DynaLight
  • AudysseyPremium Audio with EQ and ABX
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate

Bringing in the Dynamic Picture Mode the 19L4200 certainly has something to boast about. What the user gets is finer details, more true colors, lesser amount of noise and an overall realistic picture. The DynaLight feature automatically seeks to adjust the backlight brightness with the content in the screen. While it’s not 3D, it’s definitely the best of 2D experience.

One of the most celebrated of features of Toshiba technology, the Audyssey Dynamic EQ®, also makes its presence felt in this model. Improving sound algorithms through special processors, the sound quality that you hear is closest to the natural levels in which it was recorded. Tune to a soccer match and you will feel the heat rising!

While the Toshiba 19L4200 doesn’t have a big 29 inch display, it does give you maximum entertainment options. The exciting Gaming mode comes to good use with the super portability feature. It does make a road trip sound more exciting for the kids in the house. Reducing game controller delays, you will be better able to shoot and dodge around the game environment. The experience is heightened with the previously mentioned Audyssey Bass Extension (ABX) capability.

The built in DVD player lets users enjoy movies, photo displays and music. This is certainly an advanced flexibility over the previous models of Toshiba. This combo technology has been designed keeping in mind both the requirements of the home entertainment and professional users. The 60Hz screen refresh rate of the Toshiba 19L4200 HDTV with 720p video resolution is a spec to really admire. 1080pHDMI, PC inputs and USB ports enhance PC integration definitely scales up your entertainment experience, be it a soccer match or racing through the streets of NASCAR.

One of the biggest risks with portable TVs is their susceptibility of getting damaged. However Toshiba backs this model with a 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. This model also has won an Energy Star rating that reduces the consumption of electricity. Highly economical and available within a budget of $165, the Toshiba 19L4200 is really a winner. If you are looking to spoil and indulge yourself, this is definitely the TV to get hold of. gives Toshiba 19L4200 3/5 stars!

3 / 5 stars     

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