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Sony KDL-50W800B Review – 50-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 29th, 2014

Up for Review: Sony KDL-50W800B LED HDTV.

A mid level TV, the Sony KDL-50W800B is packed with features and is one of the most sought after launches of 2014. With high speed HDMI, A/V receiver, 3D Blu ray player and various other integrations, this is a product that will completely define a futuristic home theatre experience. At the backbone of this television lies a powerful X-Reality Pro processor making it a smooth experience for all members of the family. Sony has recently taken over the world of LED TVs with its powerful imaging and the KDL-50W800B is no exception. This TV sticks to the basics apart from delivering the modern smart and connectivity experience. We loved the Passive 3D playback in this product and understand that there would be little reason that customers would choose this over an alternative. The Sony KDL-50W800B is available under a price tag of $1,000 – a highly affordable price considering the total packaging.

Sony KDL-50W800B Features and Specifications:

  • Display Screen Type: LED
  • Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Active 3D technology
  • X-Reality Pro Engine
  • Motionflow XR 480
  • ClearAudio+
  • HDMI Ports Quantity: 4

One of the best innovations of Sony has been the X-Reality Pro engine. This allows viewers a wide spectrum of color and additional connectivity. While the technology is same as last year’s W802A, the KDL-50W800B really pushes the color spectrum. There is more detail, clarity and contrast in the picture. Up-conversion is smooth and allows true Active 3D picture rendition. Owners can be sure that they get the video as it has been broadcasted. The shadow levels are accurate and so close to realistic. While the image doesn’t pop out and neither is the output over-saturated. It would be correct to say that only the 4K technology can provide a better experience than this TV. However, this is quite low priced and would suffice the needs.

Other than the futuristic technologies, the Sony KDL-50W800B comes with several manual adjustment options. One the proper calibrations are made, the output would be amazing both from HD and standard sources. The light flow isn’t pronounced but good enough to add enough contrast for a clear experience, whatever is the environmental condition.

However, the KDL-50W800B has a drawback with side viewing. There is substantial loss in depth and color levels if you go 20-25 degrees from the direct screen level. Simply put, the experience wouldn’t be the same from all corners of the room. This should be an important thing to consider while wall mounting the TV. Another disadvantage is the lack of a camera. While you get the option for video calling over Skype, getting a webcam is an additional investment. Lastly, don’t lose your 3D glasses. Spare glasses can be quite expensive to buy.

Complimenting the color rendition, the Sony KDL-50W800B also delivers great quality sound output. The gaming mode is particularly impressive with Motionflow XR 480 technology coming into play. The KDL-50W800B is integrated with the latest Sony Entertainment Network interface and further offers 4 HDMI ports for a wide range of connectivity. gives Sony KDL-50W800B 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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