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Samsung UN55HU8550F Review – 55-inch LED Smart HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 9th, 2014

Up for Review: Samsung UN55HU8550F LED Smart HDTV.

The 55-inch UN55HU8550F is Samsung’s top of the line model with the standard flat screen. The HU9000 above it gets a curved design but it costs higher. HU8550F is known for its top-notch 4K UHD picture display, Precision Black Local Dimming and a few more picture quality features along with Active 3D playback and interactive Smart TV services. We will study the model in greater detail but before that let’s take a cursory look at its major features and specifications.

Samsung UN55HU8550F Features and Specifications:

  • TV Type: Smart TV
  • UHD Up-scaling with 3840 x 2160 Screen Resolution
  • UHD Dimming
  • Precision Black Local Dimming
  • Clear Motion Rate 1200
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Smart Hub with Smart TV Apps
  • Smart Touch Remote
  • Voice Interaction
  • Quad Screen
  • Screen Mirroring
  • 3D Playback
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Instant ON
  • Eco Sensor
  • 20-watt Audio with Dolby and DTS Premium Sound
  • 3 USB and 4 HDMI Input Ports

While viewing HD quality content on the screen, you will feel the true sense of depth and details on the pictures. This is due to the clear coat rich black screen. The 4K UHD up-scaling enhances the screen resolution 4 times that in case of Full HD display. Regardless of whether the source material is normal SD, HD or Full HD the UHD up-scaling performs brilliantly to make the incoming content look UHD-level clear. The UHD Dimming and Precision Black Local Dimming are two of the most recent technologies that enhance the on-screen brightness and dark portions appropriately. Result is incredibly natural pictures on your TV screen. The Clear Motion Rate 1200 chips in exceptionally well to the overall picture display quality by making the fast motion sequences look unbelievably clear, seamless and totally judder-free. Moreover, the Wide Color Enhancer Plus deserves a pat on the back for it amazing work to add a number of unique and fresh colors to the on-screen images. This makes the images superbly colorful and alluring.

The Smart Hub availability is another special thing about the model. It offers tons of popular apps including movies, music, news, weather, interactive games and a lot more. The good-looking Smart Touch Remote has got a built-in microphone that detects your voice, so you can talk to the TV and control the functionalities by your voice commands. Surfing the web and viewing online content has become easier and seamless. The Quad Core processor ensures faster content viewing online. The Quad Screen features allows you to transform the entire 55-inch TV screen to 4 properly sized smaller screens to access live TV, web and video clips all at the same time. The Screen Mirroring allows you to mirror your compatible mobile device’s screen onto the TV screen wirelessly and use the TV screen to view the device content seamlessly. The Instant ON programming feature makes sure the TV displays the content instantly without any warm-up lag. The Eco Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the on-screen images as per the light intensity in the room, which increases the energy management of the TV set.

The 3D streaming is another attraction. The TV offers special picture adjustment options to make the 3D content clearer, sharper and blur-free. Thankfully, the company provides 4 pairs of active 3D glasses along with the TV ensuring your entire family will enjoy the 3D entertainment together. Audio is decent. The 20-watt sound output is truly immersive with the incorporation of Dolby and DTS Premium Sound. There are 3 USB and 4 HDMI input ports allowing you to connect your compatible external devices such as your USB pen-drive and digital camera to the TV and view the content on the big Smart TV screen.
All in all, it’s a strong value for your bucks. gives Samsung UN55HU8550F 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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