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Samsung UN55H8000AF Review – 55-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on May 8th, 2014

Up for Review: Samsung UN55H8000AF LED HDTV.

A real competition for all 55 inch smart TVs in the market, the Samsung UN55H8000AF has quite an advantage. The H8000AF is the only series that seems to bridge the gap between the not-so-old LED TVs and the next generation OLEDs. A curved 55 inch screen, the UN55H8000AF features an impressive 1080p display and colors that other brands would be jealous of. It certainly is one of the top products from Samsung in 2014 and come with appreciable balance of technology that can completely change the household TV viewing experience. Quality of picture is supposed to be the most important aspect of this series but Samsung also does impressive by the high quality of sound, 3D technology, Smart Hub and a range of other features. Talking about Smart Hub, one must be amazed that this model comes with a build in web browser and other tweaked internet applications. The UN55H8000AF receives close competition from the KDL65S990A from Sony but in many aspects, Samsung does get an upper hand.

Samsung UN55H8000AF Features and Specifications:

  • Display Panel Type: LED
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • Micro Dimming Ultimate
  • ConnectShare™ Movie
  • Quad Core Plus
  • DTS Premium Sound 5.1 / DNSe+ / Dolby MS11
  • HDMI Ports Quantity: 4
  • Energy Star
  • Samsung Universal Remote (TM1260C) / Samsung Smart Control (TM1480A)

As you would have already guessed, the Samsung UN55H8000AF is quite high on picture quality. The product comes with futuristic Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology and LED Edge Lighting. The powerful picture settings make the black and white levels stand out in stark contrast and deliver super rich and sharp images. The light flow is excellent throughout the Led and in a huge 55 inch screen; the experience is close to lifelike. Local dimming is another important feature worth mentioning. While we had heard about this technology in previous models; only here we see its true promises. The black shadows are so realistic and there isn’t a slight loss in detailing.

The Active 3D performance of the UN55H8000AF is good enough. The output is without any weird judders and accompanies a high CMR. Action sequences can get so much real over here. There isn’t a loss in quality even with side viewing angles. That said, you wouldn’t be missing out on a single speck of sand (imagine a game of beach volley) even if you had to go refill your glass from the corner of the room. Likewise the sound quality is amazing too. Crisp and clear, it is even in all corners of the house.

The Smart Hub of the UN55H8000AF gets smarter with the inclusion of a dedicated web browsers and a gaming mode. S Recommendation will allow every member of the family to have their programs times and in case schedules clash, you also have the advantage of multi screen capacity. Splitting a 55 inch screen into two will not be much of a compromise if you are just looking to stay updated with your soap, match scores or the stock market. Overall, the Samsung UN55H8000AF is a good buy if you are willing to put in the money. gives Samsung UN55H8000AF 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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