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Philips 47PFL5708D/F7 Review – 47-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 21st, 2014

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL5708D/F7 LED HDTV.

While Philips is quite famous for its wide range of LCD panels, its venture into the world of the LEDs is worth a look. Like all manufacturers, Philips has initiated its new product line with basic LED model barring the smart TV features. However, the convenience attributes integrated into the panels make them different from the competitors available in the market. One such model is Philips’ latest 47 inch PFL5708D/F7. With a brilliant LED screen, Energy star rated system, and a healthy connectivity framework the panel definitely steals the attention of a large group of the average user base. Let us take a glance at the features and specifications before delving into further details.

Philips 47PFL5708D/F7 Features & Specifications Review:

  • 47 inch class HDTV
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Pixel plus HD
  • DTS Trusound
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • 1 USB Port
  • Easy Link HDMI

To begin with, the panel exhibits commendable performance owing to its full HD resolution of 1080p and the Pixel plus HD technology. This display technology processes the pictures and produces vivid, real and clear content. The colours are accurate and with vivid details. The black levels and depth are praiseworthy although noting like high end models. However, with a price tag as this you have nothing to complain about. The 120 Hz refresh rate i.e. the Perfect Motion Rate reduces the standard response time effectively and the pictures are vibrant, clear, sharp and judder free with almost no hint of blurs in the fast pace pictures.

The sound system is what makes a difference to the 5708D. It features the DTS Trusurround technology which produces immersive, clear vocals and dialogues that match the screen size and the immensity of the visuals and gives a wonderful viewing experience. The technology is designed to optimize the low frequency performance of small drivers and control the high frequency and creates realistic, clear dialogues and enhances the speech clarity.

Coming to the connectivity aspect, the panel has all the facilities of a basic LED screen including 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB ort and the unique Easy Link feature. With 3 HDMI connectors you can easily set up all your HD devices through a single cable. Moreover, the Easy Link technology comes handy in controlling all the peripheral devices.

The PFL5708D does not have the wow factor of smart LEDs but is definitely a reasonable choice for the average users who are not tech savvy and would like to have a brilliant display with minimum additional features. gives Philips 47PFL5708D/F7 4/5 stars!

4 / 5 stars     

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