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The latest technology and buzz in the HDTV market is surrounding LED TV’s. LED HDTV’s are known for bled-tveing super thin and displaying a great image. They tend to have a much greater contrast than competing flat panels and combine the benefits of LCD TV’s and Plasma TV’s into one. One of LCD HDTV’s downfalls is not being able to display true blacks. Plasma HDTV’s tend to not be as bright as a comparable LCD. LED TV’s show blacks similar to a plasma TV but are brighter than LCD TV’s – the best of both worlds.

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LED TV Features and Benefits

As one of the hottest new features in the HDTV market, people are just starting to discover all of the features and advantages of LED TV’s compared to traditional LCD TV’s, Plasma’s or projection TV’s. One misconception is that LED is its own type of flat panel. In fact, LED TV’s are just a type of LCD TV’s. Keep reading to learn the differences.

LED TV Benefits:

  • Market leader in picture quality including black levels, brightness and more.
  • Available in a wide range of screen sizes (20″ – 65″+)
  • Thinnest TV’s available on the market
  • Minimal energy consumption

How do LED HDTV’s differ from other options?

The actual difference between the various types of screen options are how they are lit. Traditional LCD TV’s have a CCFL (fluorescent) backlight. The phosphors of Plasma TV light up themselves, no additional backlighting is used. LED TV’s actually have 2 methods of backlighting and this is important to know if you’re considering and LED TV: edge lit and full array. Edge lit LED TV’s have LED lights that only go around the edges of the TV while full array LED TV’s have LED lights behind all areas of the TV. Although they are harder to find and more expensive, full array LED TV’s provide the best image due to the ability to adjust the lighting at a more granular level.

LED TV Negatives

  • More expensive

At this point in the game, the only real negative of LED HDTV’s is that they are a little pricier than their LCD or plasma counterparts. They have come down quite a bit since they were first introduced but you’ll likely pay a few hundred dollars more for an LED TV that is the same size as a traditional LCD or plasma HDTV.

Who should buy an LED TV?

LED TV’s are the best combination of picture quality, features, screen glare and other factors. If you can stomach the extra cost, they are the best option for the majority of buyers.

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2 Customer Reviews for “LED TV Reviews”

  1. Jane's reviewMarch 25, 2012

    I love, love, love the new vizio led tv we bought a couple of weeks ago. I like how it looks in the house and my husband loves the picture quality. Love it!

  2. JZiggy's reviewMarch 26, 2012

    Bought a LG LED HDTV on Amazon and it is really nice. the picture is much brighter than the other TV’s I have.

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