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Westinghouse WC-4625T Review – 46-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 10th, 2012

Westinghouse WC-4625T Review: 46” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Westinghouse WC-4625T LCD TV. Westinghouse has come up with two good models to compete with the best in the HDTV industry. This 46-inch model is one of them. The USP of the model is its Internet TV feature. Since most of the Westinghouse models are only basic ones, it is nice to find a set with some high-end features for a change. In fact, this set is much more technologically advanced and has a very good refresh rate besides the Internet TV feature. It also has full-HD resolution and a good audio level. You might think of buying this TV as it is far more affordable than the high-end sets from the leading HDTV manufacturers.

The 46-inch display is not too large as you will find much larger sets which you will surely be tempted to keep in the living room. But this can be a very good set for your kids. It has 1080p resolution and Internet TV which is exactly what the kids want. The full-HD resolution can help them watch their cartoon movies on the Blu-ray player and play games on the gaming console as all the source content is in 1080p. And Internet apps are a rage with the kids today and you can see them watch the Justin Bieber songs on YouTube or their favorite music on Pandora. With music, videos, movies, social networking, news, weather, sports and many other apps waiting to be viewed, the kids can have a great time with the TV.

Westinghouse WC-4625T Features and Specifications Review:

46-inch display
LED back-lit panel
1080p resolution
120 Hz refresh rate
LAN media streaming
Internet Apps
6.5 ms response time
Yamaha audio processor
Simulated surround sound
Inverse 3:2 pulldown

Internet Apps is of course, the most interesting feature in this TV but it also has 120Hz refresh rate to support the apps. It is a fact that the action movies or the fast moving sports does require a very quick replacement of frames and if there is any lag between the source content and the TV on which it is shown, there is bound to be a lot of blurring. With 60Hz refresh rate, it is impossible to get rid of this blurring. But 120 Hz is quite capable of handling this issue and you can watch the images without any problem. The set also supports 6.5 ms response time which makes the picture quality still better.

The audio of the TV is also much improved from the other Westinghouse models. You have the Yamaha audio processor in the set which means that you can hope for powerful sound output. The set also has simulated surround sound which will help you hear the sound distinctly no matter where you sit in the room. It gives you a distinct feeling of having the sound really “surround” you. There are also multiple HDMI in the set so that you can connect the other high definition devices like the Blu-ray player, gaming console and the camcorder. Although the sound is quite good, yet you might want to connect the home theater too to supplement the sound. This can be a good set to buy and your kids will be absolutely thrilled with it. gives Westinghouse WC-4625T 4/5 stars!

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