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Westinghouse W47S2TCD Review – 47-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 9th, 2012

Westinghouse W47S2TCD Review: 47” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Westinghouse W47S2TCD LCD TV. Westinghouse has finally geared up to enter the 3D world with this 47-inch TV. This is a definite leap by the HDTV manufacturer as most of the sets introduced by it till now are only basic sets which don’t have anything much to offer. You would only consider buying these sets if you wanted affordable and basic sets which suited your requirements. But this 3D model certainly can give the other 3D models in the market a run for their money. Priced at $1199 MSRP, it is definitely much cheaper than many of the 3D sets launched by the better known HDTV manufacturers. It will certainly appeal to those who want to enjoy the novelty of the 3D experience without investing much.

The 3D technology in this set is very much close to the one being flaunted by most other 3D sets today. Westinghouse has chosen to have the passive 3D technology and has not taken the active 3D into consideration. Consequently, the glasses available with this set to watch 3D is much lighter and do not have rechargeable batteries. You don’t have to keep recharging the batteries all the time. The glasses are also better because they get rid of all the issues that had arisen with the active shutter glasses regarding picture quality. You get no ghosting in the images and the pictures are much clearer. You will enjoy the 3D experience a lot more with this advanced technology.

Westinghouse W47S2TCD Features and Specifications Review:

47-inch display
3D ready
Passive 3D glasses
1080p resolution
3D noise reduction
6 ms response time
4 pairs of glasses free

This 47-inch model is large enough to be kept in the living room. This is very different from the very basic sets offered by the company which could only be kept in the smaller spaces like the kitchen or office. As expected, this set has full-HD resolution which adds to the perfection of the images when you watch 3D. There are further features in the set like 3D noise reduction, three-way selectable color temperature, inverse 3:2 pulldown for film-based content and DayBright. The DayBright feature is useful for the set as it helps you to watch the images under both bright and dim lights with equal clarity. This was not possible with most of the sets by the manufacturer till now.

Although this set is mainly being marketed as one of the most affordable 3D sets this year, you will also find all the other basic features in it. It has 6 ms response time, normal refresh rate and multiple HDMI. You will need the HDMI in this set to keep the Blu-ray player, camcorder, gaming console and set top box connected. This will help you to use any of these devices as and when you need. The most encouraging part of this TV is that you get 4 pairs of 3D glasses completely free with this set. When most of the leading HDTV manufacturers don’t give any glasses free, you should be very happy that you are getting 4 free pairs with this set. You might buy this set only for this reason. gives Westinghouse W47S2TCD 4/5 stars!

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