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Westinghouse VR-2680DF Review – 26-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 2nd, 2012

Westinghouse VR-2680DF Review: 26” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Westinghouse VR-2680DF LCD TV. It is difficult to understand why Westinghouse has made so many models with almost the same specifications. Most of them are just basic models with the minimum features. This 26-inch set has no particular features to flaunt, except perhaps for the full-HD resolution. It is difficult to find a good use for this set. You obviously can’t keep it in the living room as it neither has the display size or wonderful features which can make it the proud occupant of the central place in the house. It is not small enough to fit into the kitchen. And your kids will erupt with rage if you suggest gifting them with this featureless TV. If you ever consider buying this set, then it can only fit into your office, where you can put it on a few times during the day to listen to the news or the weather.

The 26-inch display can be best for your office and so also the 1080p resolution. This full-HD resolution can help you see content which has great precision and clarity. Of course, the 26-inch screen size is not too large and even 720p would have sufficed. But the charm of full-HD resolution is something different and you won’t mind paying a bit extra for it. However, the contrast ratio is not something alluring and you won’t get great black levels in the set. This means that the picture quality may not be good. It would have made the images much clearer if the contrast ratio would have been a lot better than 800:1. With this value, you may not enjoy the images at night.

Westinghouse VR-2680DF Features and Specifications Review:

26-inch display
1080p resolution
800:1 contrast ratio
160 degrees/150 degrees viewing angle
6W total output sound
60Hz refresh rate

The viewing angle is 160 degrees in the vertical and 150 degrees in the horizontal direction which indicates that the images will not look as sharp at the edges as when you see the TV right from the center. The colors will be washed out at the edges. If you buy this set strictly for the office, you will be the only one seated in front of the TV and so you won’t have any problem of image quality. The sets today are offering 178 degrees viewing angle in both directions and by comparison, this set has nothing to offer. The refresh rate of 60Hz is also another reason why the images will not appeal to you. It will not be able to keep out the blurring from the fast moving scenes.

There are only 2 HDMI in the set but you can use for connecting the set top box and the home theater system. Although you have a built-in tuner, you will need the set top box for watching the encrypted and paid channels. The other HDMI can be used for the home theater system as the sound output is only 6W in this set. This may not be enough for you. But if you want to keep the sound at a very low level since the TV will remain in the office, you may not need another sound system to supplement the audio. Since this is a 1080p set, you may want to connect the Blu-ray player or the gaming console to get more entertainment too. You can look for this set if you can really be happy with the features. gives Westinghouse VR-2680DF 3/5 stars!

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