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Westinghouse VR-2218 Review – 22-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 9th, 2012

Westinghouse VR-2218 Review: 22” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Westinghouse VR-2218 LCD TV. Westinghouse seems to have unleashed a number of basic sets with almost the same specifications. It has made no pretensions of reaching out to the elite who will surely demand features like 3D and Internet TV before they take the set home. This 22-inch set is a very basic set with minimal features. It neither has a good display size to showcase nor high-end features which people will fall in love with. It is meant to cater to people who want an HDTV at all costs but are unable to afford even the basic models offered by Sony, Samsung and the rest. These HDTVs are also desired by people who already have high-end sets in their home and prefer to buy a very affordable and basic set to suit their other requirements.

This set has a very small 22-inch display which can only fit into very small spaces like your kitchen or your office. You can use this set only for watching normal TV fare like the soaps, talk shows, news and weather. You can also watch the sports which are aired live like the Soccer World Cup or similar matches. If you have any other requirements from the TV other than watching these regular TV programs, then this set is not for you. For example, you cannot think of dedicating this TV for watching movies or playing games as it does not have a very high refresh rate or full-HD resolution. The resolution is only 720p which is enough for this 22-inch model but may not be what you need for the movies and games.

Westinghouse VR-2218 Features and Specifications Review:

22-inch display
720p resolution
1000:1 contrast ratio
Horizontal 170° / Vertical 160° viewing angle
60 Hz refresh rate
3W output sound

Although the resolution is still 720p and you can be happy that you are buying a high-definition TV, the contrast ratio is pathetic at 1000:1. This indicates that the black levels can never be good and it will be difficult to find out the contours of the images in very dark scenes. It will be as if the images will merge with the background. The viewing angle is only horizontal 170° / vertical 160° which are much below the acceptable standards of today that is 178 degrees in both directions. This will not give clear images at the edges but if you sit at the center and close to the TV, you should not have any problem. If you have this set in the office or kitchen then the chances are that you will be the sole viewer.

The 60Hz refresh rate is only basic and many of the 22-inch sets of today provide 120Hz which has become the standard norm now. With 120Hz, you can expect the blurring to be completely done away with. But with 60Hz, you will have blurring in the action scenes to deal with. This refresh rate is also basic and does not sync with the original filming of the movies which is 24fps. This does not allow the movie to look as clear or natural as originally filmed. Connectivity is as expected with 2 HDMI. You won’t think of connecting anything much other than a set top box. The sound is also not much at 3W and only if you sit close to the TV in a quiet room, you will be able to hear the voices. You should think of buying this set only if you are satisfied with the specifications. gives Westinghouse VR-2218 3/5 stars!

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