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Westinghouse VR-2215 Review – 22-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 8th, 2012

Westinghouse VR-2215 Review: 22” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Westinghouse VR-2215 LCD TV. This is another of the very basic sets from Westinghouse. Although the company is only recently trying to foray into the top league with its 3D model, it mainly catered to the consumers who wanted basic TVs for a very low price. Some of these consumers may be ones who cannot afford a Sony or an LG, and there may be some who need a basic set to act as a second or third set in the house. This 22-inch set may be perfect for the kitchen as it is small enough to fit into a small corner of the room. It can be a good idea to mount this set on the walls of the kitchen and see the programs when you are making food for your partner or kid.

For a 22-inch set, the 720p resolution is good enough. You can hardly expect a 22-inch set to have anything higher than 720p as it will not make the images any clearer. The display size is too small to need full-HD resolution. The contrast ratio is alright at 800:1. You won’t get very good images but this will suffice for the reality shows and talk shows that you want to see on the TV. It is better to avoid seeing movies on the Blu-ray player or playing games on the gaming console as you won’t get the picture quality you desire. The lower contrast ratio will also affect the black levels and you might not like the very dark scenes.

Westinghouse VR-2215 Features and Specifications Review:

22-inch display
720p resolution
800:1 contrast ratio
Horizontal 170° / Vertical 160° viewing angle
60Hz refresh rate
3W output sound

The viewing angle in this TV is much better than many of the Westinghouse sets. At horizontal 170 degrees/vertical 160 degrees viewing angle, you can expect some amount of washing out of colors at the edges. But if you are serious about keeping this set in the kitchen and be the only viewer, you can mount the set where you can watch from the center. This will give you much clearer pictures. As expected, the refresh rate of the TV is only as basic as 60 Hz which cannot be effective enough to keep out the blurring. This also does not sync well with the 24 fps filming of the movies and so will not provide original picture quality in the movies you view.

There are 2 HDMI in the set which is quite good for the 22-inch set. If you mount this set on your kitchen walls, you will only wish to watch normal TV fare and all you might need for this is the set top box. There is already a built-in tuner in this set which can give you free-to-air channels. If you connect the set top box, you can also watch the paid and encrypted channels. The sound is of course, not too good at 3W. You can only hear the voices and music in the small kitchen room if there is no other disturbance. You can choose to connect a home theater system through the HDMI, but this might not be possible in the kitchen. You will have too many devices and cables to deal with. You can buy this 22-inch set if you are really interested in a small set for any space in the house or office. gives Westinghouse VR-2215 3/5 stars!

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