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Vizio VO420E Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on July 20th, 2009

Vizio VO420E Review: 42” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Vizio VO420E LCD TV. This stylish HDTV from Vizio is sure to appeal to everyone. With a thin and black bezel, the Vizio VO420E gives the effect of a very large screen. The panel is so interestingly designed that a viewer gets enticed with the looks. The HDTV rests on a sturdy stand. The stand can be removed and the TV can be mounted on the walls if you so desire. However, it is always the wireless sets which look marvelous on the walls. Otherwise, the cables make an ugly mess.

A review of the Vizio VO420E shows that it too has 1080p resolution. Although 720p resolution is enough to give a good picture, 1080p has its own place in picture quality. The higher resolution makes the images look clearer and crisper. And with the life span of the LCD lamps reaching 50,000 hours, you can watch about 8 hours a day without any problem. By the time, the lamps reach half-brightness; you will be ready for a change in your HDTV.

Vizio VO420E Features and Specifications Review:

  • 42” display
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • ATSC/Clear QAM tuner
  • 1080p resolution
  • 5 ms response time
  • 1.06 billion colors
  • 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 178 degree viewable angle
  • 3 HDMI
  • Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Connectivity is not a problem with the Vizio VO420E. There are 3 HDMI connections, 1 RF, 2 composite video, 1 analog stereo audio, 2 component YPbPr plus stereo audio, 1 S-video and 1 computer RGB. All these inputs will allow you to connect a host of devices. As far as audio is concerned, there are 2 built-in 10W speakers. The sound quality is therefore very good. For the video, there is no 3D comb filter to filter out the noise in the images. Despite this, the images look natural and free of artifacts.

A review shows that the Vizio VO420E conforms to the Energy Star 3.0 requirements. In fact, it outperforms the necessary ratings. Being an ECO HD, it saves a lot of power and cuts down the electricity bills. This very aspect is a very important one and most HDTV manufacturers are paying a lot of importance to it. The Vizio VO420E is also priced quite optimally and buying it will give you immense happiness and satisfaction. gives Vizio VO420E 8/10 stars!

6 Customer Reviews for “Vizio VO420E Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. Brad's reviewSeptember 13, 2009

    Bought another Vizio this week (V0420E). Like my previous purchase, I’m digging it. For $697 it was hard to pass up – especially given the price of newer models in this economy. I was surprised at how easy it was to setup (about 10 minutes once the box was opened).

    Really nice picture at a really nice price.

  2. Chris's reviewNovember 30, 2009

    I purchased a Vizio VO420E this weekend at Walmart for $686 including tax. I am terrbily impressed with this television – picture quality, etc. Set up was a breeze! I had to tweak a few settings but the manual was very informative.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Reba's reviewDecember 30, 2009

    I purchased a Vizio V0420E this weekend at Walmart for $698.00 including tax. I am very impressed with this television-picture quality, price, and how easy it was to set up. I would highly recommend this T.V.

  4. LuckyGuy's reviewJanuary 01, 2010

    Just purchased the Vizio 42″ O420E for $500 even, it was a floor model. Excellent deal and I’m happy but a little concerned about the life of the lamps given the fact that floor models are played for hours and hours everyday

  5. Dennis's reviewJuly 10, 2010

    I purchased the Vizio VO420E at Walmart as well. It was on sale for $100 off the regular price. I am very pleased with this purchase. The picture is nice, audio is clear, setup was a snap, and with all the input options this TV is great for the family. I am actually going to go out and buy a Blueray. I can’t wait to hook up our Wii to this TV.

  6. enrique's reviewDecember 24, 2010

    Got one at a great discount from a PAWN SHOP. WOW what a bargain and what a TV!! Amazing picture quality and eassy to setup and use!!

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