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Vizio SV420M Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on July 23rd, 2009

Vizio SV420M Review: 42” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Vizio SV420M LCD TV. This is indeed a good-looking product from Vizio. It is a slim black bezel with the Vizio name inscribed at the bottom of the set. A review suggests that the Vizio SV420M has 1080p resolution. This will allow for excellent picture quality and sharp pictures. The images will seem to be very natural. To add tom it is the 120Hz SmoothMotion technology which will display the images without any judder. The images will be very smooth and crisp.

The Vizio SV420M has 50,000:1 contrast ratio which means sharp pictures and greater black levels. The black levels portray the blackest of colors and in doing so bring out the natural clarity of the images. This efficient contrast ratio does not interfere with the low power consumption. This HDTV sports energy levels much lower than the specified Energy Star ratings. You can safely save a few dollars here. This also has a healthy impact on our environment.

Vizio SV420M Features and Specifications Review:

  • 42” display
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Integrated ATSC/Clear QAM tuner
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 5 ms response time
  • 1.06 billion colors
  • 50,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 178 degrees viewing angle
  • SRS TruSurround HD™
  • SRS TruVolume™
  • 4 HDMI
  • Warranty 1 year parts and labor

With the SRS TruSurround HD™, the audio is just outstanding. The bass performance is very good and so is the clarity of dialogues. You can hear what your favorite stars are saying with distinct clarity. The Vizio SV420M also has SRS TruVolume which controls the variations in the sound levels. The advertisements will not sound too loud or there will not be a sudden rise of sound level while changing channels. This is very annoying to the ears and Vizio has done a good job by improving it.

There are 8 times more high definition inputs which also includes 4 HDMI connections. This is quite a number of inputs which will make your Vizio SV420M the most “connected”. There is also an integrated tuner which will grasp the incoming free signals from the air. The 178 degree viewing angle will ensure that you can sit in any part of the room. The color and image quality will be almost the same everywhere. You can close your eyes and purchase the Vizio SV420M. It will certainly give you value for money. gives Vizio SV420M 8/10 stars!

57 Customer Reviews for “Vizio SV420M Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. Doug's reviewAugust 30, 2009

    We like the video part of the Vizio SV420M, but we’ve had some issues with the audio. I disagree with the review’s assertion about SRS TruVolume “which controls the variations in the sound levels. The advertisements will not sound too loud or there will not be a sudden rise of sound level while changing channels.” We haven’t found this to be true at all. With the SRS TruVolume factory setting, the sound levels are all over the place. Not only that, we’ve found that in playing an occasional DVD that we can’t enough volume to comfortably hear the movie, even with the audio pegged. It may just be the DVD, but it sounded fine on another TV. So, we’re considering whether to put the TV back in the box and haul it back to Costco to exchange it for another SV420M.

    Has anyone else had problems with audio levels on the SV420M?


  2. Mark's reviewSeptember 25, 2009

    I have the SV420M and the Samsung LN40B530 at home right now and have been swapping them back and forth to compare. The sound and picture straight from the box is better with the Samsung (picture a little bit, sound way better) You need to tweak the Vizio audio equalizer to get decent sound. After fine tuning both I would say the picture quality is equal, except when it comes to motion. The 120hz of the Vizio makes sports (hockey especially) a better watch. Paid $849 on sale for the Vizio the cheapest Samsung 120hz / LN40B610 is $1199 on sale. I am a Samsung fan but its not worth $350 more.

  3. Bruce G's reviewOctober 16, 2009

    just purchased a new 37″ with the Tru Volume. worked ok for a couple of days, but now sound is all over the place up and down.

  4. Brad's reviewDecember 17, 2009

    I have the Vizio SV320XVT with TruVolume and agree that it doesn’t work–annoying fluctuations within program you want to watch–often speaking voices are too low. Commercials actually still sound louder. I leave TruVolume off. SRS needs to rework this product.

  5. Jessica's reviewDecember 23, 2009

    I just purchased a 47 in. Vizio with the TruVolume about a month ago and I am experiencing the same problems. We are constantly having to change the volume, because in a matter of seconds it can go from barely audible to blaring. It is really frustrating! Any hints on how to reconfigure the audio settings to minimize this?

  6. Marcus's reviewJanuary 14, 2010

    I am glad I found this post. Now I know I am not imagining the volume fluctuations. I actually just purchased a sound bar (not the vizio one) online because we weren’t able to hear dialogue in a movie on television, even with it pumped up to the 100 level, but the commercials were out of control. Now I know it is the SRS tru-volume mainly blame. Jessica, I know there is a setting to turn it off, if you go to the TV menu to turn the SRS tru-volume off. I have seen it previously, but I didn’t know what it was. Now I know. Oh well, the sound bar will give it better sound anyway..

  7. Jason's reviewFebruary 14, 2010

    Just bought a 47′ Tru-Led tru volume. Everytime I watched a movie I would have wild volume flucuations. Thanks for all the posts. Just went to menu and turned tru sound off and it did the trick!

  8. Keble's reviewFebruary 17, 2010

    I have just purchased my first HD TV, and after doing some research online along with some comparison viewing at stores and at friends’ houses, I decided to purchase the referenced Vizio SV320XVT

    For the most part, I have been very satisfied with my new HD system, the picture is incredible.

    My only concern being as others have stated, with the ineffective SRS tru-volume, which so far seems to be a marketing myth; the volume fluctuates with commercials.

    I haven’t tried to “tweak” the sound using the controls, yet, and perhaps that will help, but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone with this concern and it’s not my hearing.

    I’m a little hard of hearing, and with my old analog Sony flat-screen, I used Closed Caption so others wouldn’t have to hear what I was watching two rooms away. To my dismay, I discovered that CC is not available with this TV in HD, and the option can only be found in the “normal” TV Setup Menu. I assume that this must be true of all HD TV’s but it’s a shame since I find that I’m having to watch most of my programs in the TV rather than the HD mode, so I can use CC. This is not explained in the manual, and I discovered it after a couple of days when I switched to the TV mode, and found the CC option only available within that menu. So for any other oldsters, who are hard of hearing out there, and thinking about going HD, be aware of this fact prior to purchasing.

    One other minor item, is that I now have to use two remotes, my Cable Provided remote controls everything but the Modes, which is no problem, but in addition, I must now use the Vizio remote to control the volume as well.

    Overall, I’m happy that I purchased the Vizio, and my friends who have had HD TV’s for some time, have without exception been wowed by the picture clarity and quality…….

  9. Craig's reviewFebruary 21, 2010

    Less than 3 days “out of the box”, I don’t have the volume issues….but I do have a BEEF in a different aspect. After only 45 min. – 1 hr. of watch time, and also utilizing both DVD and Uverse sources, static begins-followed by a “doubling” or “jittering” of the audio. TECH Support has been useless and the VIZIO Corp. is creating a maniac out of me. Should have bought the SONY!!!

  10. Dave Whitlock's reviewFebruary 22, 2010

    Wish I saw this review before I bought The VIzIO SV420M. The Vizio SV420M has a great picture, but my absolute main requirement for a new tv is that it has some way to stabilize volume during commercials. The SRS TRUVOLUME in the Vizio SV420M actually makes commercials LOUDER!!, and fluctuates very randomly during the program you are trying to watch. Way more than my old CRT. Hope Tech support has an answer, otherwise going to return the VIZIO SV420M and go back to my old CRT untill someone can produce a viable volume stabilizer. Other features on the TV work GREAT!!, but the volume stabilizer is just simply a Must Have, and I’m not willing to shove out $700+ for a TV that does not control the volume spikes, yet claims that it does. If tech support has a fix, I’ll post it here…I hope they do. Anyone know of a tv with volume stabilizer that works? Please post, as it seems many on this board are looking for the same thing. (direcy connection to HD antenna, no cable)

  11. Maria's reviewMarch 10, 2010

    I purchase my Vizio SV420M 10 days ago and I have had none of the above issues with my tv. The volume has been perfect and I have TruSound turned on. My commercials have not spiked yet and I hear everything just fine. In fact, my volume level is set 1/2 the level that I had to on my old tvs… lower than I have ever had the volume on a tv set!!! I am so pleased with my tv so far and was smart to get the extended pertection plan in case this stuff above does start to happen! Hope you all can figure out what to do to fix your problems with your sets!!

  12. ARLIE's reviewJuly 04, 2010


  13. Don's reviewJuly 05, 2010

    I wish to express my appreciation to those who took the time to post regarding the TruSound spiking problem. I purchased my first TV (Vizio SV420M) in 17 years. At 61 years old, I really thought that a hearing exam was in order or that I was going crazy because of the wild fluxuations. Turning off the TruSound appears to have solved the problem. My question is, why does Vizio have a function that clearly does not work and is a main aspect of their advertising? Really annoying. Otherwise, an excellent TV.

  14. Jerry's reviewJuly 17, 2010

    Page 41 of the manual tells you how to turn off the SRS TruVolume (it is not listed in either the table of contents or the index for some reason). Ditto to all above posts on the audio randomly readjusting downward during certain programing and movies. Thanks for all these posts. As a result, the fix came down to hitting a button vice packing the tv up and shipping it back under its one year warranty.

  15. Nick's reviewJuly 30, 2010

    thanks guys, this page really helped out. i love that we are all having the same problem.

  16. Slate's reviewAugust 06, 2010

    We bought our SV421XVT flat panel from Sam’s Club in January and have had two issues with it.

    First, like posted by others, the sound has been driving us nuts with fading out to where we can not here the TV until a commercial comes on and then we get blasted out. One thing we noticed is that if it does fade away it can be brought back by changing channels momentarily.

    Tonight, as reccomended above I turned off both SRS functions with a very noticable increase in sound volume. We’ll have to see if this helps.

    If not, we are going to try to take it back for exchange to a different brand under the extended warrenty.

    The other issue, although it now seems to have gone away is that for the longest time the set smelled like it was on fire. Several times we searched the house for the fire but finally realised it was the TV. We almost took it back for that also.

    Otherwise we like the TV. We bought this model specifically for the PIP, and did not have much choice of brands becuase of that.

    But with the loss of the SRS I may take it back and upgrade to a Mitsubishi to get a TV that works as advertised. I don’t like being sold equipment with faulty features and the sound system, as shipped, is deffinately faulty.

  17. Jimmy's reviewAugust 10, 2010

    Has anybody tried this TV with a hardware console (XBOX 360 or PS3)? I am thinking about getting this TV and im wondering if the volume problems happen with a video game, and I also want to know how the picture is with an XBOX 360.

  18. chris's reviewAugust 13, 2010

    Great work with the posts! Had the same problem and thought i had to return the sv420m until i saw this. I agree that it does’nt make sense to advertise a particular feature that cleary makes it worse to watch. Thanks again to those who figured this out.

  19. Sam's reviewAugust 18, 2010

    The audio on the t.v isnt working, any ideas on how to fix it?

  20. Toni's reviewAugust 31, 2010

    Toni –

    Attached please find the photographs of the television we discussed earlier. This model is identical to the unit you purchase, except for the Java Finish.

    In regards to the audio issue you are experiencing, below find the steps to turn off the SRS Audio Features:

    1. Hit the Vizio Menu button

    2. Use the down arrow key to highlight Audio Mode, press okay

    3. Use the down arrow key to highlight SRS TSHD, use right arrow key to turn off

    4. Use the down arrow key to highlight SRS TruVolume, use the right arrow key to turn off

    5. Press exit on the remote to leave the Vizio Menu

    This should resolve the low audio issue that you had experienced. As I stated earlier, the replacement television we would like to send you also has these audio features.

  21. Mike's reviewSeptember 04, 2010

    Can’t decide to take it back or…? Be nice if they made a software upgrade available to fix it.
    I wonder if there’s a correlation with the source? Cable, antennae or satellite? Or a particular provider. All kinds of information can be buried in a carrier, especially if your business is changing the signal frequency so that you can charge access to it. Yeah, I know, the Tri-Lateral commission rules the world.

  22. Chris's reviewSeptember 05, 2010

    I have a xbox 360 and the audio problems extend to video game consoles too just turn off the srs tru volume and everything will be fine, only thing is you have to turn the tv up louder to get the same amount of volume that the srs truvolume would have at a lower volume level

  23. Chris's reviewSeptember 05, 2010

    also with the xbox 360 its best to use the hdmi cable that way there won’t be any blurry images.

  24. Sheila's reviewSeptember 28, 2010

    Does anyone know how to de activate the VIZIO loco that comes up when the set is turned on? After the loco goes off it still takes several seconds for the picture to come up. I too have the sound problem,but will turn the Tru sound off. The manufacturer needs to fix this sound problem

  25. Ken's reviewOctober 28, 2010

    I have a Vizio SV420M, and was thoroughly enjoying the quality picture for the past 14 months, when suddenly… black screen of death. The screen when you turn the TV on, shows only a partial dull image on 25% of the screen for approximately 10 seconds and then completely fades to black. Now, I am not an audio/video-file but I believe the backlight (not a techie) is burned out or whatever the correct term is. My issue is that this TV died 2 months after the warranty has expired, and I have basically learned my lesson in expecting to have a tv for longer than 1 year, I will also stick to name brands from now on, and I will ensure my circle of friends and family know of my experience with Vizio, and their circle of friends, and their circle of friends and so on. Can you say “thank God for Social media”.
    Yours, “not such a big Vizio fan”!

  26. George's reviewNovember 19, 2010

    I just bought a Vizio E421VA from Costco ($579). And I’ll be danged the very first day, the volume jumps all over the place. What a pain. The picture is good, and all else seems fine for the time being, I do know that if the volume has the jumping around thing happen after I’ve turned the tru-sound off, this thing will be back at Costco before this posts.
    Small issue but very very annoying.
    Are you listening to these posts VIZIO?

  27. Paula's reviewNovember 26, 2010

    We have the 26″ Vizio… and have the same audio high/low problem.

    Is EVERYONE having this problem. Or just a small number of very unlucky people?

  28. Kitkat's reviewNovember 28, 2010

    Thanks for all the great input on the volume issue. I just did the fix at home – didn’t need to schlep the set back to Costco!

  29. Don Odiorne's reviewDecember 08, 2010

    Same issues, the sound sucks on this machine. Made the adjustments and it is slightly better. Thinking about finding the paperwork and returning too. Last time I’ll have a salesperson hype a non brand as being just as good as…

  30. Steve's reviewDecember 16, 2010

    Thanks for this post, I have had this problem with a SV420M Vizio I bought about 2 months ago. I first thought it was the cable box so I swapped it out for a new box but still had the issue. Check this site and turn off SRS True-V as stated and all is working now. Thanks all…

  31. Martin's reviewDecember 26, 2010

    Bought the Vizio E-421-VA at Sam’s Club for my friend and she has that same rising and falling audio problem. Vizio phone tech says to Reset the audio, turn the Tru Surround HD off, and the Tru Volume on. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try to turn the Tru Volume off too, as many of the above reviewers have recommended.

    My suggestion is to buy a Sony or Samsung until Vizio gets this problem sorted out. Having to constantly raise and lower the volume to watch TV is a big pain in the behind!

    Good luck!!!

  32. Denise's reviewDecember 27, 2010

    We just bought a 42″ led lcd M420VT — and like many of you, our TruVolume is all over the place — and the phone tech said to turn it off. But our real problem is the video. At odd times the screen fades to very dim or even black for seconds or minutes. We had the Fios guys come out and swap out the box and HDMI cables, but the same thing happens. It’s almost like a screen saver! Any one else experience anything like this?

  33. Andy's reviewDecember 30, 2010

    Our Vizio had the same problem. The Tru volume does not work. The screen fades randomly and sometimes even turns itself off. Don’t buy a Vizio.

  34. Brad's reviewJanuary 01, 2011

    have the same tv as you Denise. You can try turning off the “auto dimming” feature. So disable the feature. It is a feature that somehow assesses the room lighting and dims the TV. This fixed the problem while watching Cable TV, however, did not fix the problem while watching DVDs on my new Sony Bluray player. spent lots of time on the phone with sony support and in the end told me to exchange the bluray player. So I now have a samsung player that I have yet to hook up and need to see if the problem still exists.

  35. Gil's reviewJanuary 05, 2011

    Just chatted with Vizio. The TruVolume should only be on when you have a surround sound system connected to the TV.
    VIZIO: If you press your Menu button using the VIZIO remote, select audio, select advanced audio, and then shut off both of the SRS settings. These only need to be on if you have a surround sound system you’re using, otherwise it causes the TV to go up and down out of your control

  36. Stacey's reviewJanuary 07, 2011

    Thanks so much for these posts, I was having the same volume problems on my 42″ Vizio and thought I was imagining it. Go to menu, Audio, and turn “off” SRS Truvolume….does the trick.

  37. Bill & MaryAnn's reviewJanuary 16, 2011

    Thank you all so much for all the comments.
    We just rec’d our Vizio 2 days ago & were so excited to get it all set up.
    Well, it was a toss up as to which organ system was deteriorating first, our hearing, our eyes or our minds!
    The volume issue was the worst & was solved by turning off the Tru-Sound & so far the sound seems to have stabilized.
    The facial images seem to blur at times but we’ll try the above suggestions to see if its the TV or we need eye exams.
    After reading all of the above comments it may be going back to Costco if nothing works.
    Wish we had read them first!

  38. Art's reviewJanuary 18, 2011

    I bought mine from Costco just early this month, got it on a sale….with all these volume issues and things returned,

    Is the reason they had this big sale to dump these units that they had in stock?

    I also have volume problems but turned off the ture sound and seems to solve the issue….not a happy camper if costco knew this and dumped them…

  39. Vonnie's reviewJanuary 20, 2011

    Bought our vizio through dell in December. Had the same audio issues with the volume and also the fire smell. I just read the posts above and fixed my 2 audio settings…. It works… Anyone have any suggestions on what to do when the audio jitters…you have to change the channel in order for it to return to normal sound?

  40. Craig Stewart's reviewFebruary 05, 2011

    I also brought my 37 inch Vizio thru Dell and the sound was up and down felt like I was robbed!!!! but after reading the last few postings I used the Vizio remote and turned off both the “HD” and “SRS” sound and now it works fine!!!! Thanks foe the postings everyone…..this should be a recalled unit??

  41. David's reviewFebruary 08, 2011

    Vizio M47OVT purchased post Christmas from Costco. Volume issue was almost unbearable! Someone always had to be on remote duty. You have to CONSTANTLY adjust the volume CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY.

    It travels up and down and up and down and up and down – and not just a little.

  42. Carolyn's reviewFebruary 09, 2011

    Just bought our Vizio E550VA from Costco. Our old Hitachi rear projection had started having these volume problems with the commercials blowing us out of the house so we got the Vizio. Same problems – commercials blowing us away and every channel has a drastic volume difference. I raced to the garage to look at the box and sure enough SRS TruVolume. Hmmm. Looked in the booklet. Nothing. Got online and some dude wants me to pay him $17 to tell me what’s up. Finally found you guys – thank you! Turned off the SRS and yes! it’s gone. I was about to contact my senator to see if there was legislation about commercials going waaaaaay over the edge. However, thinking about buying that extra warranty.

  43. Donna's reviewFebruary 14, 2011

    We fixed our audio fluctuation problem by turning off the SRS settings as above. HOWEVER, one audio issue remains: while watching dvd’s, the audio cuts out momentarily at intervals throughout a movie for no apparent reason. Usually this happens when there is no dialogue occurring. Very weird. Suggestions? We changed out the dvd player and the cords but no change.

  44. Denise's reviewFebruary 23, 2011

    Thank you all for keeping this going. We made the mistake of not taking our tv back within the 90 days to Costco. On the 92nd day, the fading picture got worse. Now we’ll just try to hold Vizio’s feet to the fire to meet its warranty obligations. At least they answer the phone!

  45. brad m's reviewMarch 13, 2011

    Just bought at Vizio m420nv LED 14days ago same problems volume fades during the program but the comercials are great, even my sleeping kids and maybe my neighbor can here them. good job on releasing a product that does not work correctly I am returning this to walmart and getting a dfferent TV..

  46. Pat's reviewMarch 18, 2011

    We bought a 55″ Vizio from Walmart and the sound is awful!! I have turned off the Truvolume as mentioned in previous posts. We will have to see how it works now.

  47. Daniel's reviewApril 14, 2011

    I recently bought a 42 inch Vizio and had the same problem with the volume fluctuation. I followed the advice of others and turned off the trusound and that appears to have solved the problem! From what I gather, the trusound can work with some satellites, but does not work with the cable box. I went into the menu setting, selected audio, and turned off the trusound. Viola! I agree with others that Vizio either needs to eliminate this feature, or, at the very least, make it something that people have to turn on, not off, and then let them know up front in the operation manual. I was all set to take my tv back to the store and get a different one.

  48. Dave W's reviewMay 08, 2011

    I posted on the volume issue back in feb 09. long out of warranty now, but i liked all the rest of the tv’s features and performance enough to keep it. I still feel that vizio should have a fix for this problem though as the volume stabilization is why most of us bought these. DO YOU HEAR THIS VIZIO? Anyway, along with tuning off the SRS, changing the audio to “flat” in audio settings will help to make loud commercials less noticeable. To bad we have to keep tweeking these sets, i still might return it under the extended warranty.

  49. Reg H's reviewJuly 14, 2011

    Glad I found this post. I purchased the XVT3D474SV (47″ 3-D) from Sam’s Club. Most everyone seems to be having the same problem with their set. Mine is doing the same thing with the volume fluctuations. I’ve tried turning off the SRS but hasn’t helped. The problem with the volume is very annoying and this unit will most likely be sent back. Looks like VIZIO would take the hint and fix this problem. Kinda sad having to take it back, I really liked the other qualities of the set.

  50. dataustin's reviewOctober 01, 2011

    Turned off both SRS functions and it appears to have solved the volume problem….thanks!

  51. Denise's reviewNovember 03, 2011

    Thanks for all the posts, I too have had the volume issue with my vizio but will try turning off the SRS. I love everything else about the tv but volume spiking is a big issue! Man up Vizio, you guys need to take care of this problem!

  52. Donna's reviewNovember 07, 2011

    I strongly suggest calling Costco Concierge service. They are very responsive and called Vizio while I was on the line and stayed on the line until I had completed my discussion. They are going to call me back in 2 weeks to make sure the update Vizio is sending in the mail fixes my problem (cutting out on audio while watching DVD’s).

  53. Brad's reviewNovember 28, 2011

    Glad i found this. I watch alot of sports, mainly auto racing and the volume gets crazy loud. You can barely hear the announcers over crowd and engine noise. I tried turning the TRUvolume off. We will see if it works.

  54. Alex's reviewDecember 11, 2011

    Thanks for all the help! I’ve been having volume issues with this TV and it just gets so annoying to have to keep turning it up, and down, and up, and then down again. Usually when watching a DVD, when music comes in it’s SUPER LOUD and if someone is speaking over the music, you can barely hear them and it all blends together. But then when there is no music, the dialogue is super soft. I came here after trying to watch a movie (“Trust”) and the dialogue is all over the place. Aggravating!

    I’ll try it with the TruVolume off–great and simple suggestion! I’ve spent so much time tweaking the levels in the equalizer but let’s hope this does the trick. Thanks again!

  55. Tom's reviewJanuary 02, 2012

    Lots of good advice here. I had the fluctuating volume on my Vizio too, with the Vizio sound bar. I also have U-Verse, if you do too this might help as it solved my problem. I didn’t know this until I started poking around the U-verse settings, but there is an option to change audio settings in U-verse (Menu- Options- Audio Language Options- Digital Audio Output). When you get there the choices are Stereo or Surround Sound, select Surround Sound and save. When I did that the audio fading disappeared and the sound was MUCH better. I was able to leave Surround HD and TruVolume ON. Like I said I have the Vizio Sound Bar, whether this will work the same without it I don’t know but if you have U-verse this is worth a try.

  56. Al's reviewFebruary 24, 2012

    I recently purchased a used VIZIO SV420M. Was extremely happy with the quality of the full 1080p HD picture. Was enjoying watching it when on it’s own the volume spiked to 100%. Pushing the volume button on the remote or on the side panel had no effect. The mute function would not work either. Thought for certain I was duped and had bought a lemon. Came to this site to hopefully find a solution to my problem. Went into the audio settings and turned off the True Sound feature, so far that seems to have done the trick. Thanks to all for this somewhat easy solution that I was not aware of. A very happy camper now!

  57. Phil's reviewMarch 09, 2012

    Purchased new 42 in Vizio from Tiger Direct. The Sound is driving me Crazy. Will Try some of the suggestions above.. Thank you. I would rather fix it than take it back. Have the box but not some of the packing… What a Pain.

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