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Viewsonic VT2300LED Review – 23-inch LED LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on July 10th, 2010

Viewsonic VT2300LED Review: 23” LED LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Viewsonic VT2300LED LED LCD HDTV. ViewSonic has introduced LED HDTV models this year with an aim to carve a comfortable niche for itself in this market. This 23-inch model is a basic one which does not boast of any special eye catching features. It has only the regular features which are expected in any standard HDTV today. The 1080p resolution is of course a bonus when it comes to watching movies on the Blu-ray disc player. The picture quality is absolutely stunning and the details in the picture are distinctly visible.

The bezel is a bit different from the pure black look that most of the HDTVs sport. This one has half of the bezel in black with the rest in gray and another gray band running at the bottom of the TV. The TV is joined to a sturdy circular stand through a slender and delicate neck. Most of the ports and controls are at the side with a few inputs at the back too. ViewSonic has placed a lot of importance in making the set as thin as possible. This makes it easy to hang on the walls. Being only 23 inches in size, it can be kept in any place in the house. If space is a premium in your house, then it can occupy any desk or be kept in any corner of the room. The kitchen is a good place for keeping this TV.

Viewsonic VT2300LED Features and Specifications Review:

  • 23-inch HD LED display
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 5ms response time
  • HDMI connections
  • RCA audio connections

LED technology is responsible for the beautiful picture quality. It also leads to energy conservation in the TV. ViewSonic has been very responsible in keeping the TVs as eco friendly as possible by including the mercury free LED backlights. It meets the Energy Star 5.0 requirements which mean a cut in your electricity bills. Besides this, the TV also sports an 8000:1 contrast ratio. This is good enough to view dark blacks and pure whites on the TV but it does sound unimpressive when compared with the very high contrast ratios sported by the leading HDTV manufacturers in the market.

There is an integrated tuner in the TV which rules out getting extra set top boxes for the set. But this is only for the free-to-air channels that you can view on the TV. For the encrypted ones, you have to get the set top box and pay a regular subscription for it. There are a number of HDMI connections along with RCA audio connections. You can connect Blu-ray disc players, camcorders and gaming consoles and get to watch movies and play games in 1080p to get amazing pictures without any blurring or trailing because of the 5 ms response time. This is certainly a good second TV to keep in your house. gives Viewsonic VT2300LED 4/5 stars!

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