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TCL LE32HDP21TA Review – 32-inch LED LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 1st, 2011


Up for review: TCL LE32HDP21TA LED LCD TV. Due to the wide spread popularity of the LED technology, a number of companies are launching these TVs at regular intervals. TCL is one of the manufacturers who have introduced many models of LED TVs just within a few months. The models made by TCL come at an affordable price with a set of basic features present in most of the sets available in the market from its competitor brands. LE32HDP21TA is being marketed by the maker as a part of its budgeted 32-inch LED TV series. Most of the features included in this model are almost basic and seems dated in comparison to other sets with same screen size.

When most of the LED TVs provide a better 1080p resolution along with a higher refresh rate and brightness, the model released from TCL comes with only 720p resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. You will not like the video and image quality as most of the shows and movies are being made with a resolution which is higher than that of this TV. The lower refresh rate will affect your viewing of fast moving action and sports scenes. Also, there are chances that your kids will complain about the TV set when they will fail to enjoy their favorite action movies. But as the TV sports a 32-inch screens size, you can use it as a backup for your living room set or put it in your office where you get very rare opportunities to watch programs and shows on TV.

TCL LE32HDP21TA Features and Specifications Review:

  • TV Type (Display technology): LED
  • Vertical Resolution (Digital Compatibility): 720p
  • Screen Size: 32″
  • Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Brightness: 400 cd/m²
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Viewing Angle (Vertical x Horizontal ) Degrees: 178 x 178
  • HDMI Inputs: 5
  • PC Inputs: 1
  • Comb Filter: 3D
  • Premium Sound
  • Channel labeling option
  • Sleep Timer
  • Energy Star 4.0 compliant
  • Two-years warranty from the manufacturer

However, you will like the horizontal and vertical angular viewing options provided by the model. With the 180 degrees angular viewing feature, you can enjoy the shows by sitting at any part or corner of the room. This will also save you from having a fight with your kids to occupy the front seats which are always in great demand. But the viewing is again affected due to the quality of sound provided by this TV. After using other models supporting advanced digital audio formats like Dolby and DTS, you will feel the set provides a sound quality which is almost outdated and just like the older version of TV.

The much lower pricing justifies some of the features included by TCL while making this model. Also, as it comes only with a 32-inch screen size, you are definitely not going to put it inside your main living room. There are also a number of input options which provides you the option to connect multiple compatible devices and access their contents on the LED screen. Your kids would have loved to play their video games on the TV screen, but the lower refresh rate will affect that option. But with the available features, you can use normal shows like news and current affairs which does not require a higher refresh rate or resolution. You can easily keep this budget TV at your office, and use it occasionally to view news and talk shows. gives LE32HDP21TA 3/5 stars!

2 Customer Reviews for “TCL LE32HDP21TA Review – 32-inch LED LCD HDTV”

  1. Aaron's reviewFebruary 16, 2011

    How would this tv do in a workout room, playing workout dvds???

  2. Calla's reviewJune 17, 2012

    I bought this mootnir for my husband’s computer as he does a lot of writing and had an old, small, non flat screen mootnir. He loves it. The packaging was great, and it was very easy to set up and get it plugged in. As neither of us is a computer set-up person, this was a great experience! Highly recommend.

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