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Sony KDL-46EX520 Review – 46-inch LED LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on January 7th, 2012

Sony KDL-46EX520 Review: 46” inch LED LCD HDTV

List Price: $1,099.99 USD

Up for Review: Sony KDL-46EX520 LED LCD TV. Sony has designed the model as a multi-purpose digital device. In addition to watching a wide variety of movies, programs, shows and family dramas being aired on different television channels, a user gets much better options to access a wide range of online and offline content. You can watch your offline library of digital content stores on various types of discs and devices along with the content and widgets offered by a number of leading online networks. Further, you can use the built in HTML browser and Skype app to stay connected with your loved ones through the social networks and video calls.

However, a user will not be able to access the latest movies, games and TV shows being made by using the 3D technology. The model does not support the 3D technology, but comes with a set of audio and video related features to enjoy the traditional, normal and 2D content. It offers an original 1080p HD resolution and 24p True Cinema support to enjoy the latest content being made in HD and 1080p resolution. You can watch a wide variety of television shows, programs, family dramas, and movies being a aired across various categories of TV channels with an enhanced resolution and picture quality.

The video quality is also backed with an increased 120 Hz subfield motion. You will find the rate lower, when you compare the feature with the refresh rate offered by the 3D enabled sets. But the rate helps in making the scenes clearer and crisper by removing the motion blur completely. It supports the fast moving sports and action scenes with the normal shows like news and weather. Further, with the 176 degrees angular viewing option provided by the model, you can watch the scenes by occupying a corner or side seat. So no more disturbances and interruption from your kids while watching your favorite sitcoms and family drama.

Sony KDL-46EX520 Features and Specifications Review:

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • 24p True Cinema
  • LED Backlight technology
  • 176 Degrees Angular Viewing Option
  • 120 Hz Subfield Motion
  • 4 HDMI and 2 USB Input Options
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • DLNA Streaming
  • Skype Ready

You have further options to use the model to access your offline collection of movies, music, videos and photos stored on the local devices and discs. The HDMI ports can be used to connect a Blu-ray player with the TV set and access the content stored on the CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs directly on the 46-inch LED TV screen. Further, you can use the USB ports to access the content recorded and stored on your digital camera and camcorder. The model also comes with options to stream the content stored on various DLNA compatible devices like personal computer and PlayStation 3. With these increased connectivity options, you can access your offline digital library in a convenient manner.

A viewer also gets much improved and advanced option to access the internet through a wireless connection. You can use the HTML browser to access the websites directly on the 40-inch LED screen. Similarly, you can use these features to stream a wide range of content and apps offered by the leading content networks. Sony has further included features to communicate and stay in touch with your friends and family by initiating Skype voice and video calls directly on the TV screen. These communication and connectivity options also increase the basic usability of the model and add some of the functionalities offered by the desktop computers. gives Sony KDL-46EX520 3/5 stars!

List Price: $1,099.99 USD

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