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Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 Review – 40-inch LED LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on April 14th, 2010

Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 Review: 40” LED LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 LED LCD TV. Winning consumers with high-end and latest technology is a race that is taking an interesting turn with major players giving their best shot into it. We saw some major manufacturers including Sony brought in 3D technology into the fore at the CES 2010. While buying a HDTV with good image and sound quality might be nerve-racking for a general buyer, the new 3D ready TVs present a viable solution. Sony seems to read its consumer’s mind to have a hand on experience with the 3D compatible TVs. The new Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 is out at the Sony Style Stores for viewers to get a taste of it before they actually shell out the cash for this expensive series TVs. This probably is the only series after Panasonic TC-PVT25 first series that is shipped with a pair of LCD shutter glasses. But what can upset your budget is that there are only two pairs included, which means you would have to spend an extra bit to get those exclusive pairs for everyone in the family.

The glasses that come with Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 are equipped with an active LC shutter system. In plain words the left and right lenses are capable of lightening and darkening and pair up with the TV presenting left and right eye specific images with equal diligence. And these features lead to a stereoscopic 3D effect and a life like viewing experience. Along with these, this model also boasts of a new modern design. Though it is loaded with an OptiContrast panel, this 40 inches HDTV doesn’t include the full array local dimming LED backlight. Rather it comes with edge-lit LED technology and a thinner panel. But this may not actually provide the charm that the true local dimming experience.

The Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 Features and Specification Review:

  • 3D compatible
  • 3D LCD shutter glasses
  • Minimalistic Monolithic Design
  • Edge-lit LED backlight
  • Bravia Engine 3
  • Intelligent Presence Sensor
  • Position Control
  • Distance Control
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • Intelligent presence sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • Bravia Video interactive suite

The high definition Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 HDTV is also equipped with Intelligent Presence Sensor. This feature allows face detection that can turn the picture off when you leave the room and can turn it back on once you are back. This way you save energy as well. You need not worry about your sitting position as Sony takes care of it. This model is capable of adjusting its picture performance according to your viewing position. If you worry about children sitting too close to the TV set, then here is the distance alert that helps you watch TV from a safe distance.

One of the features that give your choices wings is the fact that Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 HDTV comes with wi-fi connectivity that allows you to empower your home entertainment environment by pairing up storage devices and streaming content without much worry. Additionally the Bravia Interactive Suite also helps you receive content from online sources like Amazon videos, Netflix, YouTube and even access the Yahoo widgets. With the S-force surround sound, you can turn your living room to a virtual 3D theater with equivalent sound effects. gives Sony Bravia XBR-40LX900 4/5stars!

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