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Sanyo DP42849 Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on October 7th, 2009

Sanyo DP42849 Review: 42” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Sanyo DP42849 LCD TV. Providing many additional features, this HDTV emerges as an enhanced and upgraded version of the Sanyo DP42848. The 42-inch display is just perfect to be placed anywhere in the house. It can add to the décor of your living room or be the cynosure of your eyes only inside the bedroom. Though a bit on the larger side for being accommodated inside office rooms and kitchens, they can still be used in the dormitories to brighten up the atmosphere. The sleek black look is sure to appeal to most people. It melts into the background in rooms where the lighting is subdued and is a tasteful addition in the brightly-lit living rooms.

The Sanyo DP42849 sports a native resolution of 1080p which lives up to its name when connected to Blu-ray players. You can view the best movies in the most sophisticated displays and enjoy the beautiful picture quality. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, the set conforms to the standards of most of the leading brands today. The contrast ratio of 4000:1 is also good enough to support excellent black levels. The viewing angle of 178° also adds to the flexibility so that you can sit in any part of the room and still get a decent view.

Sanyo DP42849 Features and Specifications Review:

  • 42” display
  • 1080p native resolution
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 178 degrees viewing angles
  • NTSC/ATSC/Clear QAM tuner]
  • 191 total channels
  • 3D Y/C digital comb filter
  • MTS/SAP Stereo & Digital Audio
  • Two 6 x 12 cm speakers
  • XDS-Extended Data Service capability
  • 3 HDMI
  • 1 USB input
  • Energy Star compliant

The connectivity options are many in this HDTV. Together with 3 HDMI, there are 2 component video and 1 composite video inputs. The presence of a PC input ensures the use of this HDTV as a computer monitor. Browsing the net on the big screen will be an exciting affair. There is an USB port which can help in the connection of a digital camera. You have the liberty to view the latest photos taken with your family and friends. The Photo Viewer feature also helps in this process.

There is a V-guide parental control which allows you to lock certain channels which can prove detrimental to your child. There is also a trilingual menu in English, French and Spanish which helps to popularize this TV in most of the European countries. Additional features include the sleep timer and the Auto channel search. The Sanyo DP42849 is a basic HDTV with all the necessary features to make entertainment a success. It is a good investment to make. gives Sanyo DP42849 8/10 stars!

56 Customer Reviews for “Sanyo DP42849 Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. Earl's reviewDecember 15, 2009

    The sanyo 42 inch LCD Tv model #DP42849 was the best purchase of a tv that I have ever made. great picture & a lot of featuters for the buck I would recomend this TV to anyone!

  2. Darrell in Columbus, Oh's reviewJanuary 26, 2010

    The picture is astounding! The connections are too many to list, I was blown away at the value this unit offered for the money, comparable to much more expensive units in my opinion.

  3. Britt's reviewMarch 10, 2010

    I’m taking this TV back. I don’t deny that the picture is very clear but, I’ve had a lot of problems with this TV. The screen will go black and I will lose the sound every now and then. Other time The sound will crackle until I completely lose it. Then I have to turn off the tv and turn it back on in order to get the sound back. When I pause movies I get tons of green flashing pixels across the screen and happens a few colors as well while the movie playing. The bottom half of the picture will start flashing along the top of the screen when I have the X-box plugged in. I just switched from a 32″ Emerson and I never once had a problem. I’m not pay almost $600 for a tv that does this.

  4. joe in PA's reviewMarch 11, 2010

    my sanyo dp42849 shuts off on its own about 2 times every movie i watch. it also sometimes will make a ridiculously loud noise and the screen will turn pinstriped and make this noise for about 15 seconds, very irritating. i thought i was saving my money by buying a cheap tv but i guess i should have spent a little more and got a sony being as this thing is a peice of junk and sanyos warrenty is as good as the steaming pile your dog leaves you in your yard everyday.

  5. Tony in FL's reviewApril 04, 2010

    I purchased the Sanyo DP42849 a year and a half ago and now it does not work. The screen goes black and no picture sound. In reading on this issue, I found that it is a defect with this TV and the manufacturer will not provide warranty replacement. Also, I took the TV to a Sanyo certified repair shop and they are charging me $400 to fix it. I do not recommend purchasing this TV.

  6. Calvin in VA's reviewJuly 17, 2010

    I purchased the Sanyo DP42849 a little over one year ago and it is nothing but a big ass paper weight now. The lcd panel has gone bad and it will cost over $400 to fix it. This is a big disappointment as I really thought this was a great deal when I first purchased this TV. What ever happened to quality? It seems that no one builds quality products anymore. It’s strangely funny that the lcd panel went bad about one month after my warranty expired.

  7. john buffalo's reviewAugust 03, 2010

    bought mine in february got the black screen and no sound also luckily under warranty yet but they have had it for over a month now and giving me the line of bull about waiting on mexico now waiting for US manufacturing to make parts now a list of engineers need to look at the problem the scariest part so far. They don’t know how soon they might get all the engineers together most are still on break but when they do they will let me know

  8. Donna Moor's reviewSeptember 27, 2010

    I bought the Sanyo LCD in June of 2009. It went out Aug 2010. It’s still at the repair shop. Powerboard went out. What happened to the American made TV’s?

  9. Derek NC's reviewSeptember 27, 2010

    My tv is 13 months old screen went black, sound works. I do not recommend this TV brand

  10. Martin's reviewSeptember 28, 2010

    Just purchased this TV a few days ago, hope I don’t experience any of these issues.

  11. Freda Brown's reviewOctober 07, 2010

    This is terrible!!!!My TV Model # DP42849 went out on me 10-06-10 total black picture. 2 months over the warranty.I think Sanyo co. shoud take some responseability over these bad tv’s !!! You just can’t go out and buy a TV every year!!!! PLEASE SANYO CO. DO SOMETHING RIGHT & TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE LIKE ME & GET OUR TV’S WORKING !!!! WITHOUT COSTING US TO GET THEM FIXED

  12. Missy's reviewOctober 29, 2010

    We purchased this TV a little over a year ago and when i went to turn it on this afternoon there was not any sound or picture, just a green light that goes and off every 10 seconds. Sanyo said it need to go to a repair person 2 hours away and they said it was over $400 to repair. Looking online it could be the power supply, the backlight inverter, or the main capacitor which i could fix myself but parts are still nearly $100 and over. Great price but crappy product for a year old.

  13. Jordan's reviewNovember 11, 2010

    I bought this tv a year and a half ago first when I turned it on it made this loud high pitched noise then all the sudden the screen went black but the power stays on so if you were lookin to buy this brand of tv DON’T!!!!!!! It’s junk and sounds like someone owes us some money!

  14. Paul Russell's reviewNovember 13, 2010

    DO NOT BUY A SANYO TV!!!!! SANYO use to make a decent tv before HD. I have had the same black spot problem many people are reporting and am just waiting for it to go out too. It keeps getting bigger and staying longer. I have read multiple reviews about this problem and other issues with SANYO tv’s across many web searches. Everyone says that SANYO is not doing ANYTHING for their customers. We paid close to a grand for our 46 inch and it is not yet 3 yrs old. Pass the word and buy a brand that the manufacturer will stand by.

  15. Rich's reviewDecember 15, 2010

    I bought a 42 inch sanyo about 7 months ago. It completly quit working. It has been in the shop for 6 weeks. Still waiting on parts. I will never buy another sanyo product. I rate the tv JUNK!!!

  16. matthew's reviewDecember 21, 2010

    wow. i hope mine doesn’t go out like all of these did. i really love the tv but i’ve only had it for. 8 months. and so far i’ve had no problems. i really enjoy it and it’s got a really nice picture. but it seems like everyone has the same problem with the tv having the picture and sound go out. the only problem i ever have is when i switch it from video 3 to hdmi 1 it has no picture at first or it will have the picture but no sould. and if i turn off my cable box then the picture or the sound come on immediately when i turn it back on. i just firgured that was something to do with the hdmi connection but idk. i figure it was a good deal and it has indead done what i bought it for. if it goes out on me i’ll buy a samsung next time black friday comes along. everyone has to realize that the tv was cheap. compared to a 40 inch samsung that cost 1000, a 42 inch for 600 is a really good deal. can’t expect something that not only was cheap but i has a great picture for what you’re paying for. you can expect to get 20 years out of a cheap tv. compare it to renting a tv for as long as you’ve had this one. you came out ahead. when it goes out don’t try to fix it and just buy a new one. and hell with the rest.

  17. Robert H's reviewDecember 28, 2010

    well panisonic took over sanyo and is not doing anything about it its there escape so I will not buy anything from panisonic or any of its sister co. noone will back anything anymore just lie cheat steal and kiss your sister wtf this is BS

  18. David C's reviewJanuary 07, 2011

    Bought a Sanyo 42 inch LCD TV in February of 2010 and the nsound kept cutting out after several months. Called SMC and they had it changed out for another TV. Had this 42 inch model for 2 weeks and nor the HDMI ports no longer work. Sanyo Support said to take it back and exchange it for another one since it is still under warranty. I do not recommend the Sanyo 42 inch models. I have a 32 inch Sanyo and so far so good…I have no problems, yet. Sanyo’s quality just isnt there.

  19. Henry's reviewFebruary 02, 2011

    WELLL, Looks like I’ll make alot of money with this one, if I can fix ,the very same problems everyones having and I have an Idea about what this problem is. Temperature is one factor and the heatsinks used are cheap thin aluminumn witch would work if it had a fan… The cheapest parts on the market doesn’t help, or parts that weren’t 100% tested (everyone) example: I still have over a hundred 1kohm Variable resisters that was given to me for all the testing I did… The ones I have test 800ohms max. If it wasn’t for the dc HUM THAT WOULDN’T dial out The amps I built may have ended up with burnout, Possible house fires,,,, I Think that the capasitors may be cheap, burnholes in the dieletic wraping inside, seen that before ! following the jump wires (powerboard 5plug to video to switch back through the 14 pin con. now the connector tells the voltage or ground per pin and I get power to the transformer con verting 86 vac to 40 vac and this is where I lose it, I think the caps after the NORMAL COMSUMER ELECTRONIC OF ONE YEAR ARE UNDER RATED ON PURPOSE BUT THESE CAPS aren’t making it the one year, or they have become weakened(holes) and out of rating. So thats my theroy. I’ll try to Let you all know HD

  20. Joseph's reviewFebruary 06, 2011

    Disabled vet. Man I wish I would have read thease reviews sooner.Live in AR. sanyo used to make there TV. right down the road from me,sold my analog 32 for 100 bucks, it was 7 years old,still had great picture.All I hear is bad news about my new TV.Is there anyone who has a good one.Bought mine 10/10/10– no problems so far .Is it to late to get the insurance.PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY. This is alot of money to me. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!

  21. Andrew U's reviewFebruary 13, 2011

    Well I’m joining the club for having the 42″ sanyo lcd tv screen cutting off. Had the TV for two weeks and noticed it randomly cutting its self off when going through my HD channels. Thanks to everyones comments on here I immenedtly took the TV back and am now looking at the 42″ Vizio and LG. Sanyo should be taken off the market.

  22. N. Johnstone's reviewMarch 03, 2011

    Cannot believe that after two years we are going to have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get a new tv. Ours went black just like all of the above. I am simply devastated and very disappointed. Will never buy another Sanyo.

  23. ebgwd's reviewMarch 04, 2011

    We have a DP19640 and it lasted just over 1 year. It now pops when you turn it on and goes black. If you want a Sanyo be sure and get an extended warranty!!!

  24. Steve's reviewMarch 27, 2011

    I have a POS Sanyo DP42849 and it died just like all the others. Of course it waited until 3 months after the warranty expired. Seems to be stuck in a loop – powers up with no video or audio, is unresponsive to remote control or side panel inputs, then the screen goes black. Meanwhile the front panel green power LED is still illuminated, then the screen comes back with channel indication but no video or audio. After about 20 seconds the screen goes black and the cycle starts over. I have had good luck with many Sanyo products over the years but this is the biggest POS I have ever purchased.

  25. Pat's reviewApril 10, 2011

    Warranty may be expired but your state may have an extended warranty on all products purchased in state. State of Maine has a 4 year warranty. My Sanyo did the same thing (it was 3 1/2 years old) and I called the company with a copy of the state’s warranty in hand. They agreed to fix the TV at no cost. 3 boards needed to be replaced. It’s been 8 months and doing similar stuff. Before buying a new one I’m checking with my cable company. I read somewhare it may be a signal problem.

  26. cindy and steve's reviewApril 12, 2011

    Well, we were just looking online to see what our repairman was going to charge us for a new power supply. Looks like $400. is the goin’ rate. Ours is 1 month over the warranty. We are older and this also represents a lot of money to us. The problem is the same–when we complained about the loud alarm noise, they sent us a flash drive to fix it. It did. then the black screen with the flashing green led started 6 monthes later. I don’t know why there’s not a class action.

  27. sarah's reviewApril 25, 2011

    I bought my tv back near christmas time. Just last night I went to go turn it on and i had no picture for my Playstation 3 or my TV receiver. since i have surround sound hooked up to my PS3 I can still hear it turn on but i cant see anything on the tv except for the “no signal” bouncing around the screen. i cant even hear anything from my TV receiver at all either. i have them on the right inputs and everything is hooked in right in the back of the tv too. It just blows my mind that the night before it was working fine and then the next night it just completely stopped working. I’ve only had this tv for 4 MONTHS and it’s already dead. what a load of crap….

  28. Denyale's reviewApril 25, 2011

    I bought my 46″ Sanyo LCD a little over 3 years ago, and of course one side has gone black right after the warranty expired. Repair shop said the screen went bad and it was too much to fix. Sanyo refused to do anything for me, so that was 1100 bucks down the drain. Never again, Sanyo, never again. But then again, I heard they got bought out or shut down.

  29. Jhooah's reviewMay 02, 2011

    Bought a 42″ Sanyo in Nov 09 after returning from Afghanistan. Now in Apr 2011 it’s black screen and just sound. $670 back then, figure $500 now, not Walmarts fault, but I’m trying to replace a Video card for $45 or so myself before declaring it scrap and shelling out $500 for another one. Bet on this, it won’t be Sanyo, LG or Panisonic (new owner?) and I’ll buy the extended Warranty to make sure they take the hit not me.

  30. james smith's reviewMay 03, 2011

    i purchased this tv DP42849 SANYO , i am not happy ,this tv makes a loud high-pitched noise and then cuts off and also its screen goes white with different colored lines , i will never buy a sanyo again the repair shop said it would cost more to fix it then it cost , i purchased it at walmart

  31. Miceah Bailey's reviewMay 10, 2011

    It seems like what just happened to me is a regular thing. We turned on the TV, and all of a sudden, the screen went black. Our warranty expired a month or two ago, and I don’t have the kind of money to waste on repairs of an apparently crappy TV. It was good while it lasted, but I advise others not to buy from this brand. If anyone knows of a class action, let me in on it.

  32. anoid's reviewMay 14, 2011


  33. Debra's reviewMay 19, 2011

    i have had my tv for about a yr now and it does the same thing as some others have said on here. i turn it on and it pops and makes a squeaking noise for bit then pic goes black and only sound. i will NEVER buy another sanyo product again.

  34. Frank's reviewMay 26, 2011

    Purchased my Sanyo 42 in September of 2009, after being a longtime satisfied customer of their analog tv sets. First year fine, great pix. In about November 2010 black screen with sound. Shined the light in a dark room and could see the faint images. Ordered the Master and Slave backlight inverter boards from for about $130. Problem fixed–until May 2011, then left half of screen goes dark, followed by complete darkness, no images, but still have sound. I don’t know but this TV is simply not worth it, cheaper or not. It is only cheap because it is crud-ola.

  35. Gary Shuping's reviewJune 02, 2011

    I bought a 2009 sanyo 42 inch and had it for18 months and it just started cycling on and off . I called the help line and they told me to plug into a different outlet. I never thought to buy extended warantee for the old tube was great and
    lasted 10 years so I thought this one would be good. Was I wrong. Now I got to buy another for it will cost 300 to get it fixed , a little over ahundred more and I can get a new one with a guarantee. So I got an almost new scrap TV. I dont think it will be a SANYO when I replace it.

  36. Jim's reviewJune 23, 2011

    Looking to purchase a Sanyo model DP42849 42″ LCD…must be this model. If you are willing to sell please contact me at 508-749-3200. I will pay for shipping.

  37. jim's reviewJune 27, 2011

    We’ve had the same problem as others listed here (black screen, no audio, powers off after 10 seconds, unresponsive to remote control) on 2 occasions. Both were after thunderstorms, despite being plugged into a surge protector. I was able to get it fixed under warranty the first time since it was only about a month after we bought it. The second time (right now), is about 3 years after we bought it. After reading this review board and seeing that this is an endemic problem, I certainly will not be spending the estimated $400+ to get this thing fixed.

  38. James Travis's reviewJuly 06, 2011

    My wife bought me the Sanyo DP42449 for Fathers Day in 2010 one month after fathers day 2011 the screen went black and no sound. I hate to say this about any company but after looking at the reviews and trying to contact sanyo with no luck, DO NOT BUY SANYO PRODUCTS. They ripped me off and now there waiting on you!!!!!!!

  39. Rob Montogmery's reviewJuly 07, 2011

    What a piece of junk. 14 months after purchase my dp42849 just quit working. Contacted Sanyo and was basically told, in broken English, to bad so sad. It appears this is not uncommon for these sets. Walmart no help. Never ever buy one of these or any Sanyo product for that matter.

  40. Coolharts's reviewAugust 01, 2011

    My Sanyo quit just like the rest, 17 months old. Repair shop says $400 to fix. The set powers on and shuts off, no video or sound. What a POS I will never buy a Sanyo again. What happened to quality products, last tv worked for 15 years, now you can’t get 2 years out of one.

  41. Pat Nestor's reviewAugust 01, 2011

    i have had a sanyo DP42840..for a little over a year…functioned well until a few days ago…then no picture..just sound..tV repair says it is the power supply..285 dollars ..for repair..can you purchase parts and how difficutl is it to do yourself..and again..i will not buy another sanyo and will tell everyone don’t buy sanyo…

  42. ron's reviewSeptember 18, 2011

    No picture with sound after 14 months,no more sanyo for me.

  43. Brian isley's reviewSeptember 25, 2011

    i went and got my 46 inch sanyo february 2011 and all of a sudden my HDMI ports stop working no sound no picture can anyone help me with this ?

  44. Coolharts's reviewOctober 30, 2011

    TV broke again, needed another board, was in the shop for 3 weeks. We have it back but who knows for how long.

  45. Bailey's reviewNovember 06, 2011

    My husband and I purchased the Sanyo DP42849 on New Year’s Eve 2009. So it lasted us almost 2 years. Which after reading other reviews, is longer than most. The screen just went black and the sound was still working. Shut it off then back on, flickered for a split second then black again. After waiting a few minutes, turned it back on and it worked for an additional few days until this evening when it went black and never came back. I read an article that offered things to try to figure out the problem, and it looks like our backlight went out. I am unhappy to say the least. I am hoping that we may be able to replace the backlight and get another year or two out of it. Needless to say, will never purchase from Sanyo again.

  46. Riccoon's reviewNovember 09, 2011

    Same thing with us and our Sanyo DP42849. Black screen and blinking green power light. After reading all the stories I wish We would have known before we bought it. We went to Walmart to ask if they have had any complaints about them and told her our story and she said that since we didn’t watch the tv for more than 3 hours a day they go out. Yeah right! She said that because we have only watched it maybe 20 time in the year we have had it because it is in our bedroom. I will not buy another Sanyo, and I wish there was a class action

  47. dick p's reviewDecember 28, 2011

    i turn my sanyo 42in on and i get a black line all the way from top to bottom anybody thinking of SANYO save your money

  48. Julius's reviewJanuary 01, 2012

    My Sanyo DP42849 just crapped out on New Years Day. Black screen, power is on but blinks after 10 seconds. no picture. Great TV when it was working, but tv’s manufacture date is July 2009…only 2 and a half years old. Come on! Get your act together Sanyo!!!!! I’m disappointed, so disappointed, not to mention PISSED OFF!!!

  49. Nicole's reviewJanuary 14, 2012

    Sanyo 55″ LCD HDTV bought 8/29/11 for around $800, it’s now 1/13/12 and tv’s not turning on, switched outlets, turned on, then it turned itself right back off. The sound will stop when changing channels for using “last” button. I am soooo angry, 67lbs TV so taking it to a repair shop just s**ks out loud. You only have 90 days to take it back to the store and return, I’m over that so now I’m stuck with going to a repair shop!!! Reading all of the other views I’d rather just spend another $800 and buy something else. Its not worth the aggravation.

  50. JULIE S's reviewJanuary 20, 2012


  51. mark's reviewFebruary 01, 2012

    i have the dp42849 chasis 05 manufactured nov 09 and i have the power light problem blinking and i replaced a power board like it say to on the other page ive read and it didnt work so dont do it other place say its the screen dont buy this tv from any one my tv was also barely used and broke 4 months after 1 year warranty i called sanyo and refured me to corp waiting on phone call and walmart didnt know anything about this crap and need my extended warranty to do anything im never buying from walmart either folks only food i sent email to walmart corp as well to see what happens

  52. Nash's reviewFebruary 09, 2012

    add me to this growing list of non-Sanyo fans after my 40″ DP42849 crapped out just two months after the extended warranty ended. talk about a “throw away society”! my bad…

  53.'s reviewMay 10, 2012

    Wal-mart takes them off oftheir display and put them back in the box for resale

  54. todd's reviewMay 21, 2012

    Mine is 3 mths old. Volume does not work. Just goes up and down by itself. Cycles between mute and volume til I turn it off. Probably only the beginning.

  55. clyde's reviewJuly 21, 2012

    Bought sanyo dp42740 June 2010 went total blackout friday before mothers day spent mother’s day waiting on sanyo repair man . Who by the way was 4 hours late .(I really appreciated mother’s day dinner all cold and dried up for supper.I truelly will remember this mother’s day.)Took 4 weeks for part to arrive and be picked up by repairman .Yet another week for appointment.Wrong part .Did not correct problem.Another 4 weeks and finally repaired. Now three weeks later and audio is tiling .I called sanyo and the tech kept saying if it was under warranty.I have the receipt for extended warranty .Now they have shifted me to the repair service of whom they do not know the name of ,only known by phone number.Hope they resolve problem correctly and promptly .However the results I would not recommend their product .Poor craftmanship and bunch of bull with the repair plan.H
    oping that they can prove me wrong.

  56. Dinky's reviewJuly 25, 2012

    Ditto to everyone else. Not even three years old and no picture or sound. Been a piece of junk every since 2nd week of bringing it home. No money to buy another one. Thanks Sanyo for the reaming out, bet you won’t do it to me again. If your a attorney please sue them.

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