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Samsung LN32D403 Review –32-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on January 13th, 2013

Up for Review: Samsung LN32D403 LCD HDTV.

The Samsung LN32D403 is the best installation for smaller homes and rightly provides the user with benefitting experiences that is desired of a Smart TV. With narrow bezel design, this TV adds class to the décor and will be the perfect gadget for the kids room or smaller bedrooms. With a range of other features and amazing quality of picture, there is little more that you can expect. This TV definitely demands the attention of the viewers and of the critics.

Samsung LN32D403 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Screen Size- 32-inch
  • Trilingual on-screen display
  • ConnectShare JPEG
  • SRS Audio Technology
  • Energy Star conformation

The LN32D403 comes with easy to use features that would suit every buyer. The TV is high on functionality and the best part of it lies in the pictures. With a High contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and High Dynamic Range, every color in the RGB spectrum is well made use of. The whites are whiter and the blacks blacker. Traditionally weak colors like the blue and green look more impressive and the richer red create a definitive impression. Be it watching animal planet or movies like Avatar, you get to know the true picture. We can say that the technology brings forth the directors actual intentions and a vivid imagery is achieved.

With a dedicated gaming mode, this TV can rightly replace your kid’s PlayStation. He will actually feel to be in the tracks of NASCAR or building his own colony in Age of Empires! With little blur, even high definition action sequences look smooth and true to life. This is the same theory for action movies. The imagery is impressive and leaves a lasting experience on the viewers.

Taking about the sound now, the TV comes with SRS a audio technology and 15 watt speaker that creates an immersive experience. Plug in your MP3 player via USB and you may even create your own playlists. If you are arranging a party, this TV could be of huge help and replace your DJ for the evening! Other than that, the TV comes with ConnectShare feature that lets users browse through various media files using the TC monitor. This could well be the pictures taken on the recent trip to the Grand Canyon or of a family wedding that you had attended. Viewing the pictures on a 32 inch monitor would be of huge excitement. With vivid pictures, you may actually come close to reliving the moments! If you have a HD compatible handycam, you may as well plug it with the monitor and review your creativity with the cam!

With a price not too much on the higher side and a range of features, there is little that you miss out on. This is no wonder that the TV is high on the wish list of customers and selling like hot cakes. Full marks from the judges too. gives Samsung LN32D403 4/5 stars!

4 / 5 stars     

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