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Philips 55PFL6706 Review – 55-inch LED LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 16th, 2012

Philips 55PFL6706 Review: 55” inch LED LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Philips 55PFL6706 LED LCD TV. This is one of the 3D HDTV models launched by Philips with bigger screen size. The manufacturer has included some of the most advanced video, audio, connectivity and networking related features to suit the requirements of a modern family. With the growing number of TV channels, each member of your family has options to watch programs and shows based on his personal choice and taste.

The model allows a modern family to use their TV set to access a wide variety of online and offline content along with watching the movies and programs aired across different television channels. Also, a 3D HD TV will meet the entertainment requirements of both kids and grown ups. The kids will love the set as it allows them to access their favorite 3D movies and video games on a 55-inch LCD screen. At the same time, the elders will get the option to watch the normal programs like news, weather, talk shows and family dramas with an enhanced 1080p HD resolution.

The 1080p resolution is the maximum as per the current digital video standards and suit a wide variety of traditional and latest movies, TV programs and other digital content. But the 120 H refresh rate offered by the model seems much lower. Some of the other 55-inch TV sets available in the market offer much higher refresh rate of 240 or 480 Hz. However, the feature is still effective I removing motion blurs while watching the faster moving sports and action scenes. Your kids will love the TV set as it allows them to access their favorite sports and action channels in an exact manner along with the 3D digital content.

Philips 55PFL6706 Features and Specifications Review:

Active3D Technology Support
1080p HD Native Resolutions
120 Hz Refresh Rate
Pixel-Price HD Engine
4 HDMI and 1 USB Input Terminals
Wi-Fi MediaConnect and Net TV

A user also gets the options to access wide variety of offline and web content directly on the TV screen. You can use the HDMI and USB ports to access your offline collection of movies, music, photos and video stored on compatible devices like camcorder, digital camera and video game players. The HDMI port can also be used to access the digital contents stored on the CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs by connecting a DVD or Blu-ray disc player to the TV set.

Philip has further included the Wi-Fi MediaConnect feature to wirelessly stream the content stored on the local drives of your personal computer. Further, the Net TV feature included by the manufacturer allows you to access various websites and popular social networking without installing any apps or gadgets. You can stream different types of web content from a number of popular online networks like YouTube, VUDU, Netflix and Pandora. Similarly, you can stay connected with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers without requiring any additional hardware. gives Philips 55PFL6706 3/5 stars!

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