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Philips 47PFL7603D/27 Review – 47-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 27th, 2014

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7603D/27 LCD HDTV.

Philips rightly understands the fact that one needs to keep moving in order to stay alive in the ruthless television marketplace. You would get to see minor but essential changes on every successive TV model of the company. Optimal display technology, slicker design and budget-friendly price are the distinct characteristics of Philips. 47PFL7603D/27, in particular, is a feature-packed yet affordable LCD HDTV in Philips’s 47-inch 7000 series. It performs to an exceptionally high standard and looks absolutely stunning. The key elements of the design are the increased screen size, the glossy bezel and the plastic curvature that curves forward around the bezel’s edge. Ambilight is another stand-out feature of the model that adds a new dimension to the total TV viewing experience.

Let’s dig deeper and study the HDTV in greater detail but before that here is a quick list of its prime features and specifications for you. Take a look.

Philips 47PFL7603D/27 Features and Specifications:

  • TV Type: LCD HDTV
  • Screen Size: 47 inches
  • Full HD 1080p Widescreen Resolution
  • Special Ambilight
  • Perfect Pixel HD Engine
  • HD Natural Motion
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate with 2ms Response Time
  • 30-watt Invisible Sound with BBE
  • USB & HDMI Connectivity with EasyLink

The 47-inch screen is truly a sound fit. It’s got widescreen and Super Zoom options so you can watch everything on the screen with full clarity from virtually any distance in your home. Again, you will face any difficulties while installing this panel in your home, which is of course an edge over extra large models of 70 inches or more. Aside from this, the TV is technologically advanced due to the Full HD 1920x1080p screen resolution and Perfect Pixel HD Engine. These two image processing technologies together form the highest quality pictures. The TV has also got a special Ambilight feature that produces ambient light to boost the colors and light intensity of the on-screen images. Moreover, the Ambilight keeps changing its own color independently and automatically with the change in color of the on-screen content. Result is immersive and unrivalled picture display.

To display smooth and judder-free films and fast motion pictures the TV is engineered with HD Natural Motion and 120Hz refresh rate. The 120Hz refresh rate produces more than twice the sharpness of motion reproduction produced on conventional LCD. It results in 2 milliseconds response time (measured in Perceived Blur-Edge-Width), which is absolutely remarkable.

Talking about the audio, the TV produces lovely sound, which is a combined result of Incredible Surround, Virtual Dolby Digital and BBE high-def sound enhancement technology. The enhanced and powerful bass is also a fantastic point to note. Interestingly, you would not be able to see the two 15-watt speakers when listening to the beautiful and clear music. The 30-watt total output power is definitely loud considering the screen size. The digital panel has got 1 USB and 4 HDMI ports that help you view external content on the big LCD screen. The EasyLink feature allows you to share TV functionalities with the connected HD devices and vice versa. So, your TV is completely prepared for the HD future.

It’s truly a fantastic model both in terms of structure and functions. Once you get it, you would surely admire it. gives Philips 47PFL7603D/27 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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